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Legionnaires rout enemy ambush from the Southern Cross for May 21, 1971

Electronic copy of article provided by Leslie Hines

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By SP4 Ralph Winter

FSB 4-11, (11th Inf. Bde. IO) — Legionnaire's of the 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry turned the tables on the enemy recently when they were ambushed while moving to their NDP (night defensive position).

Approximately four insurgents initiated the contact, but the 3rd Platoon of Alpha Company, led by Sergeant First Class Ruben M. Cadriel (Brownsville, Tex.) immediately established a curtain of fire and forced the enemy to withdraw.

"One of them had tossed a hand grenade," said Cadriel, "But fortunately he failed to remove the safety." While checking the area, Cadriel said pointman Private First Class Gary A. Casey, (Raymondyville, N.Y.) found an AK-47, a pair of sandals and fully loaded AK-47 magazine.

The next day, the Legionnaires of Alpha Company's "3rd Herd", led by Sergeant Robert Congaware (Greensburg, Pa.) discovered a cave containing an ammunition cache of over 1,000 M-16 and M-60 rounds and four grenades.

Near the cache, Private First Class Lynn "Pops" Sorrels (Dallas, Tex.) uncovered a booby-trap consisting of a can of petna with a pressure type firing device. The booby-trap was blown in place.

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The copy of this issue of the Southern Cross was a personal donation by Wayne G. Finkral, former CSM for the 1/52nd Inf. Bn., then later the 198th Infantry Bde.

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