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Recon patrol nets 4 VC from the Southern Cross for December 4, 1970

Electronic copy of article provided by Leslie Hines

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By Kenneth Perry

FSB 4-11 (11th INF BDE IO) — An Eagle Flight made by ready members of a division recon platoon resulted in four VC killed and one captured southwest of Quang Ngai City recently.

The platoon, from the 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry, 11th Infantry Brigade, was inserted near a hamlet after gunships from the 174th Aviation Company had engaged an armed VC evading to the south.

Sergeant Patrick A. Pickett, Glendale, Ore., said that during their sweep of the contact area, his squad intercepted three VC carrying packs and weapons.

It was fortunate for Sergeant Milton Booty, Zachary, La., that the engagement was brief and decisive. Not more than 10 meters away from him, Booty said, lay one of the VC with a Chicom grenade clutched in his hand.

One VC was caught while trying to change clothes by Sergeant Donald E. Bradshaw.

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