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Article about VC Playing Music on Loudspeakers

Copy of article provided by Carl Caputo

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GIs Cool To VC Hits


The antiwar ballad "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" is apparently No. 1 on the Viet Cong's psychological warfare hit parade.

Troopers of the Americal Division at a small fire support base 96 miles south of Da Nang reported they were serenaded Friday night and again Saturday by recorded songs from loudspeakers hidden in the jungle.

The GIs fired artillery and mortars to silence the loudspeakers.

The American infantrymen could follow the reasoning behind four of the Viet Cong's selections -- "Where Have All The Flowers Gone," "Why Are You Fighting Here?" "Come On Over To Our Side," and "Help Us Rid The Country of Troublemakers."

But they're pondering the significance of the fifth song, "North to Alaska."

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