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Viet Forces 'Take Over' Two Bridges

Copy of article provided by George V. Ellis

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Duc Pho, Vietnam--In response to the increased combat effectiveness of local ARVN and Popular Forces units, Americal Division soldiers of the 3d Bn, 1st Inf relinquished control of two important bridges on Highway 1 near the village of Sa Huynh to the Vietnamese forces.

The turn-over was accomplished in two brief ceremonies by the battalion commander, Lt. Col. George V. Ellis, Kent, Ohio and the Duc Pho District Chief Tu Ta (Maj.) Thuong.

"We feel that the Vietnamese are ready to take a larger share in the effort against the enemy here," said Capt. John R. Blanks Jr., Macon, Ga.,  "and the increased responsibility will be beneficial to their morale."

The two bridges, at the north and south entrances of the village, are important links over the waterways by the coastal village which keep commercial and military traffic flowing smoothly.

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