Chieu Hoi Leaflet Collection

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. and ARVN forces dropped leaflets over the local populations.  Although they were commonly called Chieu Hoi leaflets, they actually came in three or more types:  "Chieu Hoi," "Voluntary Informant Program," and "general propaganda information."  Generally, the Chieu Hoi leaflets were thrown out over areas of known or suspected VC or NVA concentrations, urging them to come over to our side, or to "Chieu Hoi."  Anyone who came over to our side was called a "Hoi Chanh."  The VIP leaflets were distributed over areas where the locals lived asking them to report enemy activities or to turn in munitions they found, so they could not be used against us.  The locals were given monetary rewards for their help.  The general "propaganda" leaflets just pointed out that we were the good guys and were there to help protect them.  These were also distributed over the general populace.

The following is a collection of Chieu Hoi leaflet memorabilia provided by Dave Eckberg:

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