Issue 2 January 27, 2001

Washington, D.C.
Article by Dick Hill

Our fifteenth reunion was an unqualified success. Sixty Hill 4-11 veterans attended. Spouses, children, and guests brought the total attendance to 112. Due to the necessity of advanced commitment, the hospitality and banquet rooms were a little too small for our group. That is a problem we don't mind having.
Most people arrived on Thursday and gathered in the hospitality room to renew old friendships. Co-hosts Les and Mickey Stottle were on hand at the registration table to greet arriving members.
Friday morning we gathered in the hotel lobby. We boarded the "Metro" to the Pentagon for a guided tour of our military's historic headquarters building. After our tour we were on our own to explore Washington. Many visited the Smithsonian Museums, the Washington Monument, or the Capital Building.
Friday evening everyone who could fit squeezed into the hospitality room to watch a slide presentation by Dave Eckberg. We saw a side of Vietnam that many of us were not exposed to: friendly civilians in peaceful villages. Others took a guided moonlight tour of the city and its many illuminated statues and monuments.
Saturday morning we headed into the city again to continue to take in the sights. At 1500 hours, we gathered near the Vietnam Memorial for a memorial service conducted by our former battalion chaplain, Ron Benzing. Chaplain Benzing traveled from his current assignment in Germany to attend our reunion. At the conclusion of the service we visited the wall to search for the names of our friends who are forever memorialized in the black granite.
Saturday evening we gathered back at the Hyatt Arlington for our banquet and business meeting, followed by dancing and visiting with old friends as the weekend's activities came to a close. We were honored to have former Americal Division commander Major General and Mrs. Lloyd B. Ramsey join us for our Saturday evening activities.
Sunday morning it was time for one last visit to the hospitality room to gather up pictures and say goodbye with a promise to meet again in San Antonio.

50/50 Raffle

The winner of our 50/50 raffle was Hill 4-11 member Glenn Szucs from Woodhaven, Michigan. Congratulations Glenn. Ticket sales were a little disappointing at 722. Glenn received $361.00. Tickets for the 2002 raffle will be mailed near the end of 2001.

Membership Cards

At the July reunion several members expressed a desire to have a membership card that would indicate when their paid membership expired. Membership cards are now available and will be sent out on receipt of dues payments. The first membership card was issued to Bob Mushtare. He was visiting treasurer Dick Hill when the cards were picked up at the printer.

Scholarship Fund

The balance in the scholarship fund reported at the reunion business meeting was incorrect. The amount reported was what had been donated since the 1998 reunion. Due to an oversight, it did not include the carryover after the two scholarships were awarded. Including contributions received at the July reunion, the balance of the scholarship fund is $1,850.00. Information on scholarship applications will be in a future newsletter. When making out that check for your dues, why not make it an even $30 (or more) and include a donation to the Hill 4-11 scholarship fund.

Hill 4-11 History
Revised Edition of The Hill 4-11 History Now Available

The second edition of the Hill 4-11 history includes the names of those who were killed in action. If you would like to purchase a complete new copy of the history, the cost is $15.00. We were able to hold the same cost if we order at least 25 copies. If you would like to order only the updated pages, the cost is $8.00. The update includes pages numbered 1 through 78. The update does not include the covers and pages roman numerated I through IX. New pages will be perforated to be assembled into your existing cover.

San Antonio 2002

We are headed to the great state of Texas for our next reunion. Things are supposed to be bigger and better in the Lone Star state, so let's make this our biggest reunion ever. This will be a wonderful opportunity for our Southwestern members to attend and renew old friendships. Mark you calendar and start making plans to attend July 19, 20, and 21, 2002. Ed and Beck Dyer will be our hosts for the 16th reunion.

Lexington Herald-Leader, Monday, October 23, 2000


Glenda Burton Ramsey, 83, died peacefully, Friday, October 20, 2000 surrounded by her family at her home in Salem, VA where she had moved in mid-September after having lived in McLean, VA for the past thirty years.  Born June 20, 1917, she was a native of Sommerset, KY.  She was a graduate of the University of Kentucky, and taught school for two years before marrying Lloyd Brinkley Ramsey in 1941.  As the wife of an Army officer, she created homes for her family in NC, GA, KS, Japan, MO, PA and VA and raised the children without her husband during WWII and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.  She is survived by husband, Major General Lloyd B. Ramsey, Salem; two daughters, a son and their spouses, LLoyd Ann and Kyle Wallace, Bowling Green, KY, Larry Ramsey and Pamela Cadmus, Terry's Fork, VA, Judi and David Derr, Salem, VA; five grandchildren, Keith R. Wallace, KY, Dr. Brian D. Wallace, IN, Jessamine R. Derr, VA, Abigail B. Derr, SC, and Mackenzie L. Derr, VA; two great grandchildren, Franklyn K. Wallace, and Matthew C. Wallace; a sister, Mrs. Starling (Edna Mason) Gregory, Lexington; and a brother, Morris Burton, Franfort.  The family will receive friends at John M. Oakey & Son Funeral Home, Salem, 7-9 p.m. today.  Mrs. Ramsey will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery.  Please send donations to the American Heart Assoc., 4505 Starkey Rd., Roanoake, VA, 24018 or Good Smaritan Hospice, 3825 Electric Rd., S.W., Suite A, Roanoake, VA 24018.

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The above photo of Major General Lloyd B. and Mrs. Ramsey was taken during the Hill 4-11 Association's banquet celebration on July 22, 2000 by Michelle Kuelbs.
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