by Stanley B. Dickhoff

As I sit here oceans away,
Hoping and praying 'most every day,
My world grows cold inspite of Hope,
Curse this world of Death and Dope.

Your love to me one day was real,
You caused my heart to burn with zeal.
But through the passing of many days,
My life's become cheap in many ways.

Oh yes, I know, you're still the same,
Wonderful and beautiful, but me, I'm lame.
You see, our worlds are so far apart,
And when I get home, where will I start?

You're full of love but I've seen so much hate.
I want to be home but it's always, "Just Wait."
I've mixed emotion you plainly can see.
When I finally do get there what will I be?

Me changed? I always said, "No."
But anything can happen here below.
All I count on now, Dear, is you.
If your love has changed, my life is through.

This poem was written by then Sergeant Stanley B. Dickhoff who was in Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry.  The poem was originally published in the Legionnaires' Ledger on Friday, April 30, 1971.  Dave Eckberg provided a copy of this publication for use on the FSB Hill 4-11 website.

Stan's poem was published on this website in early 2000.  He found the website on or about Thursday, October 5, 2000 through the efforts of his daughter Rachel.  Stan has been married to the subject of this poem for 28 years and has four children and a granddaughter.  Welcome home Stan!

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