Glenn Dickinson

Bravo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry
Vietnam 70-71

Born February 1, 1950 - Died November 13, 1996

Glenn can be found on the Social Security Death Index.  His Social Security Number is 553-78-2665.

Photograph Provided by Glenn's Daughter and Lou Tarantino

I served with Spc.4 Glenn Dickinson from Nov.1970 - Nov.1971.  We were in Bravo Co. 2nd platoon and also in CP platoon.  We were both RTO's and the best of friends.  After our tour in Vietnam Glenn returned home to Sacramento, CA and I returned to Boise, ID.  We remained friends and managed to keep in close contact.  Over the last 30 years we and our families went on many fishing and camping trips.  Glenn died of a heart attack Nov.13, 1996.  We miss him.  Would you please add his name to the roster and The reflections area of this wonderful Website.

Thank You,

Fred Fong

You can also watch an animated slideshow of Glenn's Vietnam pictures that were taken between November 1970 and November 1971. The pictures in this slideshow were provided to Lou Tarantino by Glenn's daughter.

If you have additional details about Glenn's death or would like to submit a remembrance, including pictures, please email the webmaster.

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