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5th Reunion - Denver, Colorado - July 15-16, 1988

Associates at the 1988 Reunion

Associates who attended the 1988 Reunion in Denver.
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Attendees at the 5th Reunion

Frank Gunderman
Delran, NJ
Ted Niess
Omaha, NE
Terry and Joyce Weeks
Burleson, TX
Charlie and Rose Wood
Broomfield, CO
John Secor
Mt. Holly, NJ
Rod and Donna Watkins
Council Bluffs, IA
Bill and Linda McNamara
Clay, NY
Denny and Karen Clelland
Galveston, IN
Eric Bogle
Weymouth, MA
Stephen Lutz
Portage, MI
Robert and Theresa Beckius
Portage, WI
Mickey Morgan
Clarksville, TN
George and Ida Mae Ellis
El Paso, TX
Roger and Linda Campbell
Rockton, IL
Mike and Joyce Bush
Pekin, IL
Otis King
Colorado Springs, CO
James Thomas
Olathe, KS

Memorial Service

Call to Order Charlie Wood
Posting of Colors Colorado Army National Guard
Pledge of Allegiance Charlie Wood
Innvocation LTC William Miles, Chaplin
Main Speaker Mike Fisher
Benediction LTC William Miles, Chaplin
Taps SGT Frank Whitcomb
Retirement of Colors Colorado Army National Guard

Vietnam Veterans come from every walk of life. They left families and jobs behind to serve our country. They faced death and disability in Vietnam, and for what? They did it because they treasure freedom above all else. They did it for you, me, and for all of us. Today we honor those men and women. We don't honor war itself. War is seldom the glorious pageantry we see on T.V. and in films. Think about these brave men and women on this day. They paid the price of peace and freedom we enjoy today.

Author Unknown

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