VC Serenade

by Dave Cross

I was the Phuong Huang or Phoenix advisor in Mo Duc district from early November of '68 'til late summer of '69 and remember that sometime during that period we at Mo duc were subjected to the same serenades from the VC, described by your men. The only difference was that by the time he got to us, the only song he had left was " North to Alaska". We mortared everwhere we thought he could be, called in artillery from Nui Dep and finally I took 3 of my PRU and went after him with hand to hand weapons. Never found him or his hidey hole and wandered around all night as pissed off as I'd ever been. I might even still go after Johnny Horton after all these years.....north to Alaska, we're goin' north the rush is on!!!! Peace

Dave Cross
Phoenix Program

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