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Purple Heart

This (outdated) page was used recognize all our FSB Hill 4-11 comrades who received the Purple Heart, plus those comrades in the 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry or one of its supporting units prior to or after the establishment of FSB Hill 4-11:

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Accetturo Joseph P. D Company, 3rd/1st Stepped on booby trap. 20-Aug-69 Spent a month plus in hospital.  Upon return was transferred to E Troop, 1st Cav.  Platoon leader, 3rd Platoon.  Excedrin Headache No. 36. Snoopy painted on front.
Alberti Allen R. B Company, 3rd/1st, 4th Platoon Ambush 18-Nov-69.  13-Jan-70 NVA Battalion tried to overrun Night Defensive Position 18-Nov-69 and 13-Jan-70  
Almony Roy F. HHC Medical Aidman attached to C Company, 3rd/1st Wounded near Minh Khanh. Aug-70 Survived.
Araujo William E. C Company, 3rd/1st No rememberance. Feb-68 Sent to rear and re-assigned to USAF weather team at Chu Lai.
Armstrong Bruce Ellis 1st Platoon, D Company, 3rd/1st Wounded by booby-trapped 105mm round while Delta Co. was returning to Hill 4-11 to go on Stand-Down the next day. 1-Apr-70 Died of wounds on 12-Apr-70.
Augustine Frank Francis 3rd Platoon, C Company, 26th Engineers SGT Augustine was killed in a mine explosion while sweeping the access road to LZ 411.  At least 1 other soldier was killed in the same explosion. 28-Sep-69 KIA
Baggs Terry L. D Company, 3rd/1st Our Company had just finished setting up a night prerimeter on China Beach when we were attacked by mortar fire. I received mortar shrapnel to the neck. 13-Jul-68 I was medi-vaced by chopper to a Chu Lai hospital where I received medical attention and later recovered from the wound.
Barnes Gary   A Company, 3rd/1st Gary was walking point in an area called the rice bowl, near the Horseshoe, where he hit a trip wire.  Terry Weeks and Gary were both wounded.   Gary lost both legs below the knees.
Barney Franklin H. B Company, 3rd/1st Wounded by booby trap while on patrol 28-May-70 Survived.
Bausinger Kenneth Edwin B Company, 3rd/1st WIA from small arms fire in assault on NVA position. 1969 Survived
Bearden David   1s Plt, D Company, 3rd/1st WIA by booby trap. 14-Nov-69 Returned to unit.
Benoit Garland Dave D Company, 3rd/1st KIA by small arms fire. 18-Mar-70  
Benson Edward J. C Company, 3rd/1st Charlie Company came off the Hill on March 6, 1971 and spotted three VC in black PJ's carrying rifles in broad daylight.  The VC led Charlie Company toward Quang Ngai and into a booby trap that everyone thought was a dud 105mm artillery round.  It was buried in a small hill next to a rice paddy and had a grenade underneath it. 6-Mar-71 The pointman tripped the booby trap killing 4 and wounding three.  Edward lost his right leg above the knee.
Bomaster Richard Lloyd Forward Observer attached to C Company, 3rd/1st Richard was the FO for Charlie Company, 3rd/1st.  On a sweep through an area northwest of Quang Ngai City on August 12, 1969, the APC that Richard was riding on was hit by an RPG.  Richard was struck in the left temple, left shoulder, left hand, and the left knee.  His radioman was blown out of the APC, and Richard tried to save his life without success.  The wound in his left temple rendered him unable to remember what happened that day.  He was unconcious for 16 days and woke up in the Valley Forge Army Hospital. 12-Aug-69 Richard contracted pneumonia while recovering and had chest surgery but recovered.  Between Japan and stateside, he spent 8 months in the hospital and cannot remember what happened that day.
Bowling Donald Ray B Company, 3rd/1st Wounded by mortar shrapnel on 11-Sep-68.  Wounded by RPG fragments on 15-Jan-69. 11-Sep-68 and 15-Jan-69 Survived
Brown Dempsey Gene B Company, 3rd/1st Recieved shrapnel wounds from a booby trapped 105MM or 81MM round during a routine patrol.  The pointman Jerry Manning was KIA, and the radioman Esmael Ramirez was wounded. 13-Jul-69 Survived.
Brown Larry   C Company, 3rd/1st Brownie was wounded by shell fragments during a major firefight involving the 2nd Platoon. 3-Sep-70 He was medi-evaced to the 27th Surgical Hospital.
Buelow Ronald R. 2nd Platoon, C Company, 3rd/1st Wounded during an extraction from abandoned Marine FB Tripoli while on a Short Range Recon Patrol.  Wounded when an enemy hand grenade exploded during the extraction after coming under attack by an unknown ememy size.  The six man mission was to direct artillery fire on enemy troops moving in the villages below. 28-Feb-69 Evacuated to LZ Liz for treatment and returned to C Comapnay the following day.  Friend of Mark Callahan.  Last known address was in Minnesota.
Busbee Larry Michael D Company, 3rd/1st D Company was ambushed in the Horseshoe Valley in February 1969.  They had just finished "BATHING" in the Song Tra Khuc River and had only moved up the trail maybe two or three hundred hundred meters when they were ambushed.  Larry was wounded while walking behind the pointman.  Another grunt was wounded in the shoulder.  Both were Medivaced to the 312th in Chu Lai.  Larry's wounds healed, and he was sent back to the field about a month later.  The other grunt's wound turned out to be more serious because a bullet had riccoched off a bone and cut an artery to his heart.  He died on the operating table.  Larry remembers his face but not his name. Feb-69 : Larry was treated at the 312th Evac Hospital in Chu Lai and was sent back to the field about a month later.
Busick Larry Russell C Company, 3rd/1st PFC Busick was killed by an NVA machine gun as he crested a ridge on a trail west of Hill 4-11. 20-Sep-70 KIA
Cadriel Ruben M. A Company, 3rd/1st      
Caldera Faustino   E Company, 3rd/1st Shot in the chest with AK. (Submitter not really sure about what happened.) 7-Aug-71 Sent to the rear.
Caldwell Johnny Wayne D Company, 3rd/1st Johnny was on point and hit by two rounds of a five round burst of an AK-47.  First round went thru his right upper arm and second shot grazzed his right temple. 12-Oct-68 Johnny spent one month recovery at 312th EVAC Hospital in Chu Lai and returned to the field.
Callahan Charles   C Company, 3rd/1st Lucky Chuck was shot through the jaw with an AK during a major firefight involving the 2nd Platoon. 3-Sep-70 Lucky Chuck was medi-evaced to the 91st Evac Hospital and ultimately returned to the states.
Callahan Mark Dennis 2nd Platoon, C Company, 3rd/1st Wounded along with SP4 Ronald Buelow while under enemy attack on abandoned Marine FB Tripoli over looking the South China Sea.  This was a 6 man short range recon patrol set up to direct artillery fire on enemy troops operating in the area.  Both were hit when an enemy hand grenade exploded as they were being extracted by helicopter. 28-Feb-69 Both were choppered to LZ Liz, treated, and released the following day and rejoined C Company the following day to return to operations.
Campbell George Allen B Company, 3rd/1st George was killed during the 68 TET Offensive when an explosive device collapsed his bunker on the outpost overlooking LZ LIZ 1-Feb-68 KIA
Casey James Patrick A Company, 3rd/1st James was badly WIA in June of 1968 and evacuated out of country. Jun-68 He spent 18 months at Walter Reed getting pieced back together and was retired as a result of his wounds.  His RTO was also badly WIA in the same action and lost both legs above knees.
Cawley William M. C Company, 3rd/1st Hit by hand grenade explosion. 2-Feb-70 Survived.
Cole Robert Owen 1st Platoon, D Company, 3rd/1st Delta Company, while reconning a series of tunnels 10 miles west of LZ Bronco for the second day, was drawn into a NVA battalion sized ambush which lasted most of the day.  "Rocky" was killed in a crossfire while pinned down on high, open ground.  Doc Lambardo was lying next to Rocky when he was hit.  Rocky died quickly.  This was the worst incident ever for KIAs in the 11th LIB history - 5 KIAs: William Gould, Lt Claybough, Michael Wilkins, David Styles, and Robert "Rocky" Cole; WIA SFC James Smith, G. Gourley, J. Rivera, "Chapel" and many others. 29-Mar-69 Rocky was awarded the Bronze Star and Silver Star posthumously.  He is geatly missed and was memorialized with a Bronze plaque at his high school during a 35th reunion in 2002.  A synopsis of Rocky's Vietnam tour and death is cited on pages 177-179 in the book "Country Joe and Me" by Ron Cabral.
Colon Jose Gilberto D Company, 3rd/1st Jose was wounded by sniper fire during an assault on a POW camp in a combined operation of the 11th and 196th Brigades. 13-Mar-70 He received the million dollar wound and survived.
Combs John Asher D Company, 3rd/1st When D Company was ambushed on HWY 1 north of Mo Duc, John moved to the tree line to suppress enemy fire.  He was in a low area surrounded by mounds, and a grenade killed him. 7-Jun-68 John died while waiting for a "Dustoff."  The Command & Control Chopper (Charlie Charlie) for the Battalion was overhead at the time, but refused to land because of the heavy fire on the ground.
Connors Ronald Alan C Company, 3rd/1st APC was ambushed and hit by an RPG. 8-Aug-69 Evaced to field hospital in Duc Pho.
Cook     1st Plt, D Company, 3rd/1st Wounded by booby-trap. 14-Nov-69 Did not return to unit.
Cortez Joel   C Company, 3rd/1st While on patrol, Jack Perreira(spelling?)was the pointman and another soldier whose last name was Peterson was hit by a "command detonated mine".  I was a assistant machine gunner, someone yelled for volunteer to get the wounded so left my position and went forward to retrieve Perreria and Peterson.  While crawling to Perreria another "command detonated mine" was set off and I was slightly hit by shrapnel on my lower left backside.  I was still able to get to Perreria and help him back to a bomb crater where we were met by a guy named "Outlaw".  I asked him where was Peterson and he pointed to where Peterson was so I went back out to where he was located(Peterson had a shrapnel wound in his foot) and helped him back.  All three of us was MEDIVACed out. 7-Sep-69 Jack Perreria was flowned to Japan and then to the "States" Peterson and I was fixed up and sent back to the unit after which within two weeks I decided to enlist out of the field, I was a draftee.  I retired from the Army 31 January 1989 as a CW2.
Couch David Michael C Company, 3rd/1st David was wounded during a Chopper Airlift (CA) by schrapnel from some type of explosion: mine, mortar, or rocket.  His wounds prevented him from returning to unit. Jan-68 David spent three weeks in intensive care in Vietnam with massive leg and arm injuries with complications from an infection.  He was med-evac'ed to Okinawa for 9 months, then to Brook Army Hospital for 2 1/2 years of rehabilitation.
Crites Larry   E Company, 3rd/1st Was wounded on 14-Feb-70.  Recon was ambushed in morning of the 14th on Leech mountain and again in the afternoon on Hill 880.  Also wounded were LT Hunter, SGT Joe Kennedy, SP4 William Palmer, SP4 Ed Kischel. 14-Feb-70 All survived to finish tours, except SP4 Palmer was medevaced home.
Cruz Robert   C Company, 3rd/1st Bob and Greg, "Blue," Miller were wounded by a Chicom grenade during a major firefight involving the 2nd Platoon. 3-Sep-70 He was medi-vaced to the 27th Surgical Hospital.
Cumbee Jimmy Dean D Company, 3rd/1st Jimmy was hit by friendly artillery fire.  It looked like million dollar wound.  He was hit in head by schrapnel.  His buddies said Jimmy was smiling and ready to go home, but he died later at the hospital as the wound became more serious. 3-Jun-69 He died of wounds several hours later at Hospital.
Cummings Thomas Michael D Company, 3rd/1st Event #1:  PFC Cummings recieved a metal fragment wound to the right leg.  He was in a night defensive position which came under hostile mortar attack.  He was treated and (hospitalized in vietnam).  Event #2:  While on patrol the unit was attacked and Thomas Was hit with fragments from a grenade, once again recieving metal fragments in the leg. 13-Jun-68 and 16-Aug-68 Event #1:  Treated and sent back to the field.  Event #2:  Assigned to other duties to finish his tour.
Curry David Eugene D Company, 3rd/1st Attacked entering a village near "Charlie Brown." Received shrapnel in both legs, back, and a bullet in the right arm. 12-May-69 Medevac'ed on the "Charlie Charlie." Apparantly, there was a pretty good fight.
Davidson Donald F. C Company, 3rd/1st SGT Davidson was wounded by automatic weapon fire when C Company was ambused by an unknown NVA force while engaged in a Battalion Operation in the 11th Brigade's AO. 12-Mar-69 SGT Davidson was evacuated by "Dust Off" to LZ Bronco and eventaully out of country.  He survived his wounds.  Where abouts are unknown.
De Graf Dick   D Company, 3rd/1st KIA 7-2-68.  Dick stepped on booby trap hidden in small hedge row.  He was a radioman for Delta Company. 2-Jul-68 Died of wounds.
Elliott William Cromwell D Company, 3rd/1st William was wounded along with Paul Coyne on March 20,1969 somewhere near LZ Debbie and the coast of the South China Sea. 20-Mar-69 William stayed in the bush for 3 or 4 more days after he was wounded.  Then his wound got infected so bad he had to go back to Duc Pho and LZ Bronco for a week, and then he went back to the bush.
Fahel Elpidio Q. B Company, 3rd/1st B Company attacked in their night position in the Horseshoe. 13-Jan-70 Sharpnel wound to right hand. Remained in field.
Fields Ronald Elwood C Company, 3rd/1st SSG Ronnie Fields was killed by an NVA machine gun in an ambush in the highlands west of Hill 4-11. 30-Sep-70 KIA
Fowler     1st Platoon, D Company, 3rd/1st Wounded by booby-trap. 14-Nov-69 Did not return to unit.
Freeman Charles David B Company, 3rd/1st Stepped on booby trap 28-May-70 Survived--both legs broke, left arm broke, multiple wounds and temporarily blinded for several weeks. 5 days in country hospital, 31 days in Japanese hospital and stayed until discharge in San Antonio, Texas at Ft. Sam Houston hospital.
Frentzel Dan Alan B Company, 3rd/1st Involved in firefight.  Wounded from shrapnel from grenade. 19-Jul-69 Spent 11 days in hospital in Chu Lai.  Returned to unit on July 30.
Froehlich Gary   B Company, 3rd/1st Gary was at LZ LIZ.  On February 22, 1968, Gary was on a "Midnight Raid" and got hit, nothing bad but he had to go back to basecamp to get his wound taken care of.  After 4 days, he went back to LZ LIZ.  Then on March 4, 1968, LZ Liz was hit, and the enemy got on the LZ.  They ended up taking Gary's bunker out, and he was the only one in the bunker that survived that night. 22-Feb-68 and 4-March-68 After spending 1 year and 5 days in the hospital, Gary was lucky to walk out with just a brace and a cane.  He's still hanging in there but needs to use a wheelchair if there is a lot of walking to be done.  Gary Froehlich, U.S. Army (Retired), says "WELCOME HOME TO ALL MY BROTHERS."
Gauthier Patrick   E Company, 3rd/1st Wounded during a night mortar attack on LZ Bronco. 19-May-69 Yes, I survived and stayed on to finish my tour with a great group of guys.
Giannini Anthony   C Company, 3rd/1st Wounded by booby trap. Jan-70 After recovery he became the Americal re-enlistment officer in Chu Lai.
Goad Gary David B Company, 3rd Platoon, 3rd/1st Hit by shrapnel from command-detonated booby trap. Nov-68 Survived
Gordon     C Company, 3rd/1st Jan-70 Wounded by booby trap. Did not return to unit.
Grashio Samuel E. C Company, 3rd/1st 1st event:  LT Grashio was wounded by shell fragments during a major firefight involving the 2nd Platoon.  2nd event:  LT Grashio was shot in the heel, during an ambush in which SSG Ronnie Fields was killed, in the highlands west of Hill 4-11. 1st event:  3-Sep-70.  2nd event:  30-Sep-70 1st event:  He was medi-vaced to the 91st Evac Hospital and later returned to the unit.  2nd event:  He was medi-vaced to the 91st Evac Hospital and eventually returned and became Base Defense Commander at LZ Bronco in Duc Pho.
Gunderson James J. B Company, 3rd/1st Hostile, Helicopter NonCrew Air Loss Crash on Land Heavy, Ground Fire and Chopper Crash 15-Nov-69 KIA
Haar Marvin Lee B Company, 3rd/1st Marvin was wounded by a mine while walking point Northwest of Quang Ngai City.  His platoon suffered 80% casualties on this mission. 23-Aug-68 Five members of his platoon returned to LZ Liz on August 27th.  They had left LZ Liz on August 23rd with 25 grunts.  Marvin was hospitalized for seven months and recovered well from his wounds.
Hambly Robert Michael B Company, 3rd/1st Robert received multiple shrapnel wounds to left upper torso in the same firefight that claimed Don Kahre. 15-Sep-70 Robert was med-evaced to 27th Surgical Hospital, transferred to Camp Zama for about a month, returned stateside, and re-assigned to Fort Ord.   He was discharged in October 1971.
Heckler Glenn DuWayne A Company, 3rd/1st Shrapnel in back, arms and legs; 2nd time shot in side, bullet went straight through. 14-Jan-70 Recouped and sent back to field.
Hespe Darrel   1st Plt, D Company, 3rd/1st WIA by small arms fire when he and Garland Benoit(KIA) were ambushed by small number of NVA. 18-Mar-70 Did not return to unit.
Hency Richard Lee B Company, 3rd/1st Company caught in morning ambush in sight of Hill 411. 23-Jul-70 Shipped to Japan for 2 months, then on to Ft. Benning to finish the 2 year hitch. Results: scars
Hoffman Howard T. Recon Platoon, E Company, 3rd/1st Wounded in the right shoulder by an AK-47 round. 9-Oct-69 Medevac'd to Duc Pho,Chu Lai,Japan and eventually stateside at Letterman Army Hospital, Presidio, San Francisco. Was medically retired due to fused shoulder.
Horn Jefferson   D Company, 3rd/1st March 68, while walking point and after uncovering several pungi pits the last one got me. Fell in pungi pit with servere right leg injury. Earl Ainsworth pulled me out and was evac to Bronco and later to Cam Rahn Bay . And also was hit on June 13,68 out on the coast with mortor round, the round hit William Johnson direct and I was only 3 or 4 steps from him. I recieved leg,arm, back, head, and but wounds. I received a Purple Heart for each one of these injuries. 19-Mar-68 After the June 13, hit I was sent Bde. Hq and was asigned to the Bde Intelligence Group along with James Sheehan.
Horton Ronald Dean D Company, 3rd/1st Dean was wounded by a booby trap. 19-Jul-70 Survived.
Hughes Dennis G. C Company, 3rd/1st Wounded on a night patrol off Hill 4-11. 5-Feb-70 Survived.
Kagarise Roger Wayne A Company, 3rd/1st Shrapnel to the face. 18-Jun-68 Lost sight for a few hours, hospitalized for a few days, and then returned to duty.
Kahre Donald Lee B Company, 3rd/1st   15-Sep-70 KIA
Kensey     1st Plt, D Company, 3rd/1st Wounded by booby-trap. 14-Nov-69 Did not return to unit.
Kidd Albert   1st Plt, D Company, 3rd/1st 1st PH - WIA by booby trap.  2nd PH - WIA by small arms fire. 14-Nov-69 and 31-Dec-69  
King Gregory Leon HHC Medical Aidman Attached to A Company, 3rd/1st Night rocket attack LZ Bronco. Direct hit to medic quarters and aid station. 12-May-69 Fragment wounds left arm, left inner upper side of chest. Survived.
Koppen Gary   B Company, 3rd/1st Gary was wounded in both legs during the same firefight that killed Don Kahre and wounded Robert Michael Hambly. 15-Sep-70 Gary spent three weeks in the hospital at LZ Bronco.  After recovering, he was assigned as the driver for COL John Insani, who was the 11th Brigade Commander at LZ Bronco.
Kurtz Robert   C Company, 3rd/1st SP4 Kurtz was a grenadier walking behind the point man, PFC Larry Busick, when an NVA machine gun opened up, killing Larry. 20-Sep-70 Bob lost a couple of fingers to machine gun bullets and was medi-vaced to the 91st Evac hospital.
Larson Richard Skipper E Company, 3rd/1st, Recon Platoon Position over run at 0630 hours on 28 Jan '68.  Recieved two AK47 rounds to upper right chest. 28-Jan-68 Medivaced to 67th Evac Hospital.  Transferred to Madigan Army Hospital.  After a tour as Drill Sgt at Fort Lewis went back to Nam in Oct 70 with Bravo, 1/327th.  Wounded twice more.
Linehan Richard Joseph B Company, 3rd/1st Rick received shrapnel wounds during a firefight near Quang Ngai City. 15-Jan-69 He was Medi-Vac'ed to LZ Bronco and then to Chu Lai for recuperation.  He returned to his unit two weeks later.
Lopez Arturo   B Company, 3rd/1st Ground Casualty Other Explosive Device (Booby Trap) 28-May-70 KIA
Mankin Charles G. B Company, 3rd/1st Charles was wounded by a booby trap while on patrol. 28-May-70 He survived.
McCaul Michael Francis C Company, 3rd/1st   12-May-69  
McLain Bradley J. D Company, 3rd/1st First: Walking point on Hill 241 in the Horseshoe and hit a booby trap.  Second: Wounded by small arms fire in the back working the border of Cambodia 14-Nov-69 and 19-Mar-70 Fully recovered and was sent back out into field.
Michaescu Nick H. A Company, 3rd/1st I was the Weapons Platoon leader. David Winder was my medic on that unfortunate day. 13-May-70 Survived.
Miller Greg   C Company, 3rd/1st Blue Miller and Bob Cruz were wounded by a Chicom grenade during a major firefight involving the 2nd Platoon. 3-Sep-70 He was medi-evaced to 91st Evac Hospital and ultimately returned to the company and finished his tour.
Mitchell Clarence   HHC Medical Aidman attached to C Company, 3rd/1st Doc Mitchell was wounded by shell fragments while treating other casualties during a major firefight involving the 2nd Platoon. 3-Sep-70 He was medi-vaced to the 91st Evac Hospital.
Morton Bruce L. B Company, 3rd/1st Shrapnel wound. 15-Jan-69 Treated in the field by Petroski everyday for days.  While on LZ Cork 33 days after 1st wound, was hit again by friendly fire (Petroski's).  Both times were minor except for location.  Rather painful to sit.
Moskal Carl   B Battery, 6th Battalion, 11th Artillery Wounded by mortar attack on LZ Cork. 11-2-68 Survived.  Also awarded Bronze Star.
Naasz Emil John 2nd Platoon, D Company, 3rd/1st; Wounded by booby-trap 2-Sept-70 Died of wounds on 5-Sep-70.
Newell, Jr. Charles B. B Company, 3rd/1st One of my squad tripped a WP grenade booby trap. There were five of us hit. All were med-evac'ed out. Bobby Clampffer died later as a result of his wounds. 1-May-68 Left Vietnam, went to Japan, then to Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX. Never went back to Nam. Discharged 3 July 1968.
Nicholson Timothy J. HHC, 3rd/1st Tim was wounded by small arms fire. Aug-71 He survived and returned to field after three weeks.
Nolan Tim   D Company, 3rd/1st Got tricked instead of treated on Halloween Day. 31-Oct-68 Doing fine in Kansas City, MO.
Olson Richard Ralph B Company, 3rd/1st Killed by small arms fire during firefight. 8-Aug-69 KIA
Orr Brian Stanley 1st Platoon, D Company, 3rd/1st Shot by small arms fire during initial contact with NVA near Nghia Hanh. 12-May-70 KIA on 12-May-70.
Overman Russell Glenn A Company, 3rd/1st Wounded by a booby trap while on patrol. 5-Feb-70 Survived and living happily in North Carolina.
Petty Thomas E. 3rd Platoon, B Company, 3rd/1st   8-Jan-69, 10-Apr-69, and 20-Jul-69 Hospitalized, treated, and returned to duty.
Pickelman Russell Thomas D Company, 3rd/1st Ambushed in the middle of a rice field.  Russell went forward to help an M-60 gunner whose M-60 was jammed.  While helping to unjam the M-60, Russell received a fragmentation wound to his left hand. 2-Jun-68 Once the M-60 was unjammed, they recieved no more fire from an old village.  They searched the old village and recovered hidden rice.  Russell thinks SGT Buck Werner found the stash.
Raidford Michael Warren 3rd/1st WIA 11-Feb-70  
Roberts Jimmy Allen A Company, 3rd/1st Hit first by frag from Grenade and second by rifle fire on the same day. 23-Feb-68 Medevaced to USS Sanctuary and returned to duty 16-Mar-68.
Russac Randall J. 3rd/1st I was wounded by Shrapnal -- I don't remember when. Jan-67 I received the purple heart, and have the documentation to confirm.
Salter Michael Earl A Company, 4th Platoon, 3rd/1st Enemy attack on night defensive position with small arms and Chicom grenades resulting in shrapnel wounds. 0130 Hrs, 2-Apr-71 He survived.
Sandusky Richard Louis B Company, 3rd/1st AK-47 gunshot wound to the right hand and fragments to the chest area during a firefight. 8-Aug-69 Spent 11 months in U.S. hospital for reconstruction and physical therapy.
Schulte Alvin Clayton E Troop, 2nd Platoon Head wound.  RPG round to the head while on a Navy LST at the hardstand 28-Mar-69 KIA 28-Mar-69
Sheehan James Raymond D Company, 3rd/1st Mar-68: Wounded while standing around talking about what to do with VC trapped in earthen bunker when he rolled out a grenade at our feet. Received minor shrapnel wound to arm. SSG more seriously hurt. 13-Jun-68: Wounded by shrapnel (shoulder) in early evening VC mortar attack on South China Sea beach (1 platoon member KIA). Med-Evaced out to field hospital. Mar-68 and Jun-68 Mar-68: Wound treated in field and continued operation with unit. 13-Jun-68: Med-Evaced out and operated on in a field hospital near Da Nang (possibly the 95th Evac.), spent month in hospital/rehab in Chu Lai and Cam Rahn Bay. Reassigned to 1llth LIB HQ afterwards.
Slater Donald Peter A Company, 3rd/1st I was wounded at bunker 27(?), infantry bunker at Bronco.  Shrapnel from RPG after dark. 18-Sep-69 Survived with minor injuries and was treated at the aid station by Doc King I believe.  Little foggy after all these years.
Smith Duran Edwin E Company, 3rd/1st Received punji stake to right foot while on patrol at Hill 55 3 clicks west of Ha Thanh Special Forces Camp A 104. 16-Jul-68 21 days at LZ Bronco until infection was gone. Returned to Ha Thanh 6-Aug and resumed patrols with Recon Platoon.
Smith Tommy Ingram D Company, 3rd/1st 3rd Platoon was caught in an ambush by a company size enemy force. 16-Sep-71 E-4 Smith, RTO, and LT J.C. Rice, who were wounded along with two others were evacuted and eventually sent stateside. All recovered.
Snyder Henry B. C Company, 3rd/1st C Company had just finished night manuevers in the Rice Bowl area west of LZ Bronco.  LZ Bronco was attacked by mortars on the same night.  The next day about 7:30 a.m. C Company was called to help out a sister company and walked into an ambush of 300 NVA.  This was the same force that attacked LZ Bronco the previous night.  C Company was reduced from 100 men to 14 who were not injured.  Hank was wounded early in the battle.  He received one round (AK-47) in the rear chest that exited through his abdomen.  He also received three pieces of shrapnel from what he believes was the last round he fired from his own M-79. 12-May-69 He was evacuated by COL George Ellis' helicopter after the regular Dustoff refused to land.  He was patched up at LZ Bronco,and sent to Chu Lai for surgery by noon that same day.  He was sent to Japan, and then to Ft Dix, NJ.  He served out the rest of he tour and was discharged 16-Jun-70.  He now lives and works in North Carolina.
Straub William J. C Company, 3rd/1st CPT Straub was the CO of Charlie Company at the time he was shot in both legs by automatic fire as he attempted to launch an attack against an unknown NVA force that had ambused the Company and had several members wounded and pinned down in open area.  CPT Straub was evacuated by "dustoff" to LZ Bronco and eventually to Japan where he is believed to have recovered from his wounds.  His where abouts is unknown.  He was a great CO. 15-Mar-69 Survived and was evacuated to Japan for extensive treatment and rehabilitation.
Supulski Leo   1st Platoon, D Company, 3rd/1st Wounded by small arms fire. 19-Mar-70  
Terry Frank   1st Platoon, D Company, 3rd/1st Wounded by booby-trap. 14-Nov-69 Returned to unit.
Teunissen Kenneth L. D Company, 3rd/1st WIA by sniper fire. 1-Mar-70 Awarded the Purple Heart.
Thomas John Gary Recon Platoon, E Company, 3rd/1st Occurred in the Horseshoe Triangle area of the Central Highlands above the Song Tra Khuc River in Quang Ngai Province.  The pointman tripped a booby trap wire attached to fragmentation grenade which hit John. 3-Apr-70 John was shipped to Japan for 2 months and then to Fort Benning, GA to recover from wounds. Results: high frequency hearing loss, scars, and PTSD.
Turner Raymond John B Company, 3rd/1st   1970 Survived.
Turpin Robert Thomas B Company, 3rd/1st Wounded by booby trap on Hill 241.  Three Grunts were wounded that day including the Company Commander. 14-Jun-71 Everyone survived that day!
Underwood Burton A. C Company, 3rd/1st On Easter Sunday, Burton was unloading a resupply bird when his unit came under fire.  The pilot took off but the chopper was shot down.  Burton was shot twice in the right knee.  He was first sent to the 91st Evac, then to Camp Zama, Japan, and then home. 29-Mar-70 Two gunshot wounds to the right knee, a broken right leg, a couple of stops, and then back to the world
Vasil Henry (Hank)   E Troop, 1st Cavalry During a morning mine sweep between Charlie Brown/Gilligans Island/The Hard Stand and Lo Boy on the I Corp - II Corp border, Hank took a direct hit on his gunshield by an RPG when his unit was ambushed. 10-Nov-69 Hank spent almost 2 years in Walter Reed Hospial.  He would like to hear from anyone who was there to fill in the blanks for him because he doesn't remember what happened. You can email Hank at GTHawk@worldnet.att.net.
Vasquez Alberto Rios C Company, 3rd/1st Small Arms Fire 12-May-69 KIA
Werner Arthur   D Company, 3rd/1st Booby-trap exploded along old railroad tracks north of LZ Dragon.  Received wounds to the left arm. 2-Jul-68 SGT Werner and SGT Lansburg med-evaced out.
Wheeler Gary   1st Plt, D Company, 3rd/1st WIA by small arms fire. 12-May-70 Did not return to unit.
White Ralph Joe C Company, 3rd/1st While out in the bush a firefight broke out and Ralph stepped on a landmine. He was medevaced out to Chu Lai after the fight was over. He was on the chopper with one enemy KIA. After Chu-Lai, he was sent to Camp Zama, Japan for recovery. He doesn't remember dates or names of places.   Survived.
Wilcox Thomas Dewey B Company, 3rd/1st Another squad member tripped a booby-trapped grenade on the sand dunes along the South China Sea east of LZ Liz. 4-Jun-68 Thomas was killed instantly by a small fragment through his forehead.
Williams Louis G. C Company, 3rd/1st In the Rice Bowl area west of Bronco, Louis G. Williams was wounded when Company C was ambushed by a battalion of NVA. 12-May-69 He was evacuated to Bronco, then to Chu Lai, and eventually to an Army hospital in Colorado.  After a serious infection had developed, his left leg was amputated below the knee.  He lived in Long Beach California after a medical discharge.  His current whereabouts are unknown.
Wilson Dale E. C Company, 3rd/1st Dale, "Tiny," broke his right collar bone and separated his right shoulder during a major firefight involving the 2nd Platoon. 3-Sep-70 He was medi-vaced to the 27th Surgical Hospital and then transferred to the 6th Convalescent Center.  He returned to C Company on 23-Sep-70.
Yawn Robert James C Company, 3rd/1st I was with the 2nd Platoon.  We had worked down a hill to meet the rest of Charlie Company.  We had set up a perimeter that afternoon.  After getting resupplied and getting mail, we dug in and were attacked by motar fire from the hills in front of us.  I was hit in the left arm, right leg, middle finger on the right hand, and the lower back.  I was dusted-off to the 21st Evac at LZ Bronco, and the next morning I was flown to Chu Lai to the 91st Evac Hospital.  This was in May 1970.  LT Wood was our Platoon Leader.  I was also in the fire-fight when Chuck got shot through the jaw. May-70 After my wounds healed, I was sent back to the field.
Yontz Stephen Leo 3rd Platoon, D Company, 3rd/1st Shot by small arms fire while attempting to aid Brian Orr (also KIA). 12-May-70 KIA on 12-May-70.
Zoglman Andy John 3rd/1st Hit by two hand grenades. 27-May-68 Transferred to Japan and on to Fort Riley, KS for 3 months.
Zeich William   1st Platoon, D Company, 3rd/1st 12-May-70 Wounded by small arms fire. Returned to field.

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