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The Member Database is a collection of information about all known veterans, regardless of unit, time, and place, who served on FSB Hill 4-11 or in the area of operations for the 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry, 11th LIB, Americal Division at anytime during the Vietnam War. It contains the following database tables: Roster, Purple Hearts, Memorial, Member Contacts, Friends and Relatives, and Obituaries.

There are five categories of users who are permitted to access the Member Database:

To go to the Member Database or sign up for a username and group, click the following button:

Member Database

Most users requesting a username will be assigned to the Visitor or RegularUser groups. The SuperUser and Admins groups are for the officers and reunion hosts of the Hill 4-11 Association and others as determined by the administrator. The administrator will assign users to the appropriate group.

If you choose not to sign up for a username and password for the Member Database to manage your personal records, please use following forms, as appropriate, to update information about yourself or someone else:

Once received via an automated email process, the administrator will process these completed forms for you and enter the data in the appropriate table.

NOTE:  You can also use these forms to input the names/information of your comrades who have not yet been identified in the Member Database. Before you enter your or someone else's information, perform a search to see if the information has already been entered. If you have already been identified in any of the Member Database tables and want to have ownership of your records, please contact the administrator. If you know someone who is not in the Member Database, you can enter a record for them in the appropriate table. You become the owner of all the records you enter, only you, a SuperUser, or an administrator can update them. The administrator has full control of the Member Database and, if requested, will change the ownership of a record to the appropriate owner, as long as they have a registered username and password in the Member Database. For more information or support, contact the administrator.

Include your email address in the Roster table if you want others, such as your long lost buddies, to be able to contact you.

CAUTION:  Before entering your contact information (or someone else's) in the Member Contacts table, contact the administrator to find out if your contact information has already been entered. If it has, ownership will be transferred to you. Doing this will help minimize duplicate entries. Do not enter someone else's personal contact information without their permission. Neither the administrator of the database or the Hill 4-11 Association will not be responsible for personal contact information that are displayed from the Member Database.

The iDirectory at this Web site has been phased out. You will not be able to input or update information located there, but you can still view the records that were previously submitted.

If you previously included your personal contact information in the iDirectory, it has been ported to the Member Contacts table of the Member Database.

The original Roster, Purple Hearts, and Memorial pages posted on this Web site are still available for viewing purposes only.

NOTE:  These pages will not be updated.

Original Roster, Purple Hearts, and Memorial pages:

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