Alpha Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry

This (outdated) FSB Hill 4-11 Roster for A Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry was used to list all known veterans who served with the unit during the Vietnam War, regardless of time and place.

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Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
Date Arrived
Date Departed
Home Town
Home State
Andersen Kenneth     SP4                
Ayres Donald W.   SP4 Rifleman and Squad Leader 1st   Aug-69   Aug-70 Lompoc CA
Barnes Gary   Barney SP4 Pointman 1st 1st Aug-70 I was walking point in an area we called the rice bowl I think, where I hit a trip wire.  Terry Weeks and myself were wounded.  I lost both legs below the knees.   Asheville NC
Bass Jimmie     PFC       Oct-70     Detroit MI
Baxter John F.   LT Platoon Leader 1st            
Bennici Amedeo     SP4           22-Oct-70    
Benson James E.   SP4                
Bittle Steven G.   SP4                
Blair William Earl   SP4       13-Jan-68 KIA 11-Jul-68   Akron OH
Bowles Jack E.   PFC   1st 1st 70 Injured in a prematurely detonated mechanical ambush on 11 SEP 1970, and medivac'ed to Japan. 70    
Box Dennis L.   SP4                
Bradley Harry     SGT                
Bristow Ron J. Bones PFC Sniper, Pointman, RTO 2nd 1st Jun-70 Aug-71   Cleburne TX
Brown Bobby James   SSG Squad Leader 2nd 1st & 3rd 13-Jan-68 KIA 30-Sep-68   Bessemer AL
Brown Gene     SGT                
Brown Michael A.   PFC                
Buckelew Buford Carl Buck SP4 Rifleman 3rd   Feb-71   Feb-72 Eva AL
Cadriel Ruben M.                    
Campbell Robert Lawrence Larry SGT Mortarman Weapons   10-May-70 Also served with HHC from Oct-70 to Jun-71 in the awards section. 11-Jun-71 Vineland NJ
Caputo Carl Vincent Hook SP4 Rifleman 3rd 1st Oct-68 The First Sapper Attack Oct-69 Brooklyn NY
Carriger James     SP4                
Cartwright John     SGT   1st         San Fernando CA
Childress William     SP4       70        
Chisholm Sherman Lewis Wahoo SP4 Rifleman/Mortarman Weapons 1st 25-Jul-68   22-Jul-69 Oklahoma City OK
Ciechanowski Dale   Ski SGT Rifleman, RTO, Grenadier     Jun-68 WIA in Quang Ngai Province and returned to duty/TD> Jun-69    
Collier Jackie R.   SGT Platoon Leader 1st   69   70 Cordele GA
Conchola Benito     SP4 Pointman     13-Oct-68 KIA 9-Feb-69   Bloomington TX
Cooke Douglas Rudolph   PFC 3rd     6-Dec-67 KIA 16-Mar-68   Newport News VA
Cullen John William   SP4                
Curry Chester H.   1LT       Oct-70     Morgantown WV
Dankert Michael     SGT                
Daron Terrance J.   SP4                
Davis George A.   SP4       Sep-70     Daphne AL
Dean George F   1LT             Jamaica NY
Delikat, Jr. Edward John   SP4 Rifleman Weapons   21-Sep-69 KIA 13-May-70   Bayonne NJ
DeLoach John     SP4                
Dishneau James R.                    
Elder Dale     SGT Rifleman 3rd   Sep-70   Sep-71 Middletown IN
Elmore Andrew L.   PFC       70        
Ernst Edward J. Ernie SP5   2nd 1st Oct-70   Jan-71 Inyokern CA
Farrington John W.   SP4                
Ferguson William E.   CPT Commanding Officer CP   70   71    
Fodness Daniel     SP4                
Forrester William     SP4                
Fox Noel Wayne   SGT Rifleman 2nd 2nd Jan-68 Pinkville, Task Force Barker, Buddha Mountain (East of Quang Ngai) Jan-69 Niceville FL
Fruhling Dale Ervin   CPL Rifleman     11-Jun-69 KIA 12-Aug-69   Kearney NE
Gail Don                     IL
Glenn Elmer W.   SP4                
Good Ray Lynn   PFC       12-Jan-69 KIA 5-Feb-69   Terre Hill PA
Gross Phillip L.   PFC       Oct-70     Snyder OK
Gutierrez-Camcho Angel   Angel PFC Rifleman 2nd 1st 18-Aug-70 Wounded by punji stick on 14-Dec-70 in a search and destroy OPs, close to 7 to 8 clicks northwest of FSB 411.  Spent most of the time walking point. 17-Aug-71 Yauco Puerto Rico
Haddow John W.   PFC       Sep-70     Blossburg PA
Hanna Dale R.   PFC       Oct-70     Denver CO
Hardman Michael K.   SP4                
Harrington Richard Douglas Doug PFC RTO and FO CP   5-Mar-70 Was RTO and later FO for Alpha Co and Delta CO sometimes. Also went out with snipers and patrols. 7-Jan-71 Columbus OH
Harris, Jr. William Keohu Pineapple SP4 Rifleman 1st 1st 6-Aug-69   4-Aug-70 Molokai HI
Haynie Glyn     SGT                
Holewa Thomas     SGT                
Hornbuckle Mark     PFC       Oct-70     Davenport IA
Howard John W. Jay SP4 Mortarman Weapons   70   71 Charlotte NC
Humphrey Richard David   SP4 Rifleman Weapons   15-Sep-69 KIA 13-May-70   East Riverdale MD
Jackowski William     CPT Company Commander CP       14-Oct-70    
Jackson Clinton J.   SP4                
Johnson Elton     SP4                
Johnson Gary Loren   SGT Platoon Sgt. 1st   28-Dec-67 Wounded 13-Feb during Task Force Barker while operating south of Chu Lai. 20-Dec-69 Redlands CA
Johnson John     SGT                
Jusino Santiajo   Sandy SP4 Rifleman, Squad Leader 2nd   24-Jul-69   21-Sep-70 Jersey City NJ
Katz Fred E. Kitty SP4 Rifleman 1st 1st Jan-70   Nov-70 Tekonsha MI
Kelley Danny Lee Kelley SGT Rifleman 3rd   28-Sep-69 Chuck Maschke and I were best friends with David Winder.  We carried an M-60 in the 3rd Platoon.  I didnt get wounded but I sure stayed out in the bush a long time. 27-Sep-70 Concord CA
Kelley Joseph Howard   SSG       5-Nov-69 KIA 1-Jul-69   Monkton MD
Kidd Rhea Marshall   SSG   Weapons   13-Jan-70 KIA 13-May-70   Munfordville KY
Kidwell Roger Gene   PFC       14-Dec-69 KIA 14-Jan-70   Front Royal VA
King Samuel   Tennessee                 TN
King, Jr. Otis   SP4                  
Klosky Joseph F.   SP4       Oct-70     Youngstown PA
Lanzer Jack F.   SP4                
Lemburger Edward Charles Cheese SP4   3rd   18-Jul-70 Originally assigned to 4th Division and transferred to Americal in Oct-70. 19-Jul-70   IA
Lenhardt Howard L.   SP4 Rifleman 2nd   Jan-70   Dec-70 Alton IL
Lenk Robert J.   SP4                
Leo Paul A.   SGT               PA
Lewis Bobbie     SGT   1st         Yasoo MS
Lichtneger Robert     1LT Platoon Leader 1st       4-Dec-70 Babylon NY
Limerick Bobby     SGT Rifleman     23-Sep-70 KIA 25-Aug-71   Elkhart TX
Mann Russell William   SGT Platoon SGT     22-Jan-68   15-Dec-69 Southington CT
Marsh Jerry R.   1LT Platoon Leader Weapons & 3rd       30-Jan-71    
Marshall Rodney W.   SP4       Sep-70     Altona IL
Martinez Efren A.   SP4                
Mathis Michel H.   SP4                
McCellan Larry     SP4                
McCoy Bobby Lee   SGT       31-Oct-68 KIA 2-Jul-69   Toledo OH
McCurry Gary W.   SGT Battalion RTO           Morganton NC
McHenry Lester     PFC             Buchannon WV
McKee Robert     SP4                
McNamara William C.                   NY
Mead William C. Bill SP4 Rifleman 1st   11-Jun-69 I was on Hill 4-11 from the beginning, including the night the VC played music to us and The First Sapper Attack on Hill 4-11. 11-Jun-70    IA
Meehan     Top 1SG First Sergeant              
Meyer Robert     SP4                
Mihaescu Nick H. Casper SGT Mortarman, Platoon Leader Weapons 1st Sep-69 13-May-70 Sep-70 Phoneix AZ
Matson Willmer Arden   CPL       8-Oct-69 KIA 15-Mar-70   Loomis NE
Miller Gary                     IL
Miller Joseph D.   SP4       Sep-70     Phoenix AZ
Miller Marlin McClelland   1LT 1542     10-Nov-70 Died from Accidental Self-Destruction 20-Jun-71   Butler PA
Milstead David Allen   PFC Pointman, Tunnel Rat, and RTO 3rd   11-Mar-69   11-Mar-70 Fairhope AL
Morin Wilfred G.   SP4       Sep-70     Peterboro NH
Morris Gary William   SP4       1-Aug-69 KIA 14-Jan-70   Lancaster OH
Morris Rex G.   SP4                
Munson Allen Arthur   SP4 Rifleman Weapons   24-Sep-69 KIA 13-May-70   Commerce City CO
Neiss Theodore   Ted               Omaha NE
O'Bara Steven F.   PFC       Sep-70     West Rutland VT
Ochoa Alex     SP4 Rifleman     Nov-70   Nov-71 Oakland CA
Ofstedahl Jerry Wayne   SGT       30-Dec-68 KIA 13-Aug-69   Napa CA
Olivarez Frank     SP4                
Olson William James   SSGT       8-Jan-70 KIA 13-May-70   Chicago IL
Oswald David F.   SP4       Oct-70     Anaheim CA
Overman Russell Glenn   SP4 Mortarman/RTO Weapons 1st 18-Jan-70   16-Mar-71 Ahoskie NC
Palmer James Elwood Jim SGT Squad Leader     4-Feb-69   4-Feb-70 Lewiston ME
Palmgren James     LT               MI
Parent Rickie L.   PFC       Oct-70     Salina KS
Parker James     SGT                
Pedraza Jose M.   SP4                
Peters James T.   SGT                
Peterson David D.   SP4                
Place Paul Clarence   CPT Company Commander CP   15-Dec-67 Joined the 11th LIB in Hawaii (Aug 66) as Recon Plt Ldr 3/1.  Deployed with unit to RVN (Dec 67), LZ Liz, S-3 Air, LZ Bronco Bde Laision, A CO 3/1 Company Commander (Jul 68-Dec 68) LZ Dragon. 10-Dec-68 Clermont FL
Ponce Paul     SP4       23-Nov-68 KIA 15-Aug-69   Santa Clara CA
Porter, Jr. Marvin W.   SP4 Rifleman, RTO 1st 1st       Birmingham AL
Pressley Leslie Curtis Lima-Charlie SGT Rifleman and RTO 1st 1st 9-Jan-69   9-Jan-70 Liberty SC
Puza Ronald     PFC Rifleman     Oct-70   Oct-71 Southgate MI
Ramos Juan Manuel   PFC Rifleman     9-Jan-69 KIA 14-Jul-69   Uvalde TX
Ransier Vernon O.   SSG Platoon Leader, Mortarman Weapons            
Redmon Stanley Eugene   SP4 Unknown     12-Oct-70 KIA 15-Feb-71   Philadelphia PA
Reyna Oscar M.   SGT                
Reynolds Eldon Lee   PFC Rifleman     14-Jun-69 KIA 14-Jul-69   Weatherford OK
Rice Sam     SP4 Rifleman, Squad Leader 1st 1st Jun-69   17-Aug-70 Toulon IL
Roberts Jimmy Allan Rob SGT 11B20 2nd   Dec-67   14-Jun-68 Elkins WV
Robinson Walter C.     Rifleman     Oct-70   Oct-71   PA
Roney Chester   Chet SGT             Flint MI
Rowan Richie J.   SP4                
Rowland Harold     1LT XO         14-Aug-70    
Salter Michael E. Mike SP4 Mortarman Weapons   Sep-70 WIA 2-Apr-71 Sep-71 Jacksonville FL
Sanchez Amby     PFC   1st         San Francisco CA
Santiago Jose Augusto Drill SGT SSG Platoon Leader 3rd   Mar-69 Sapper Attack. The seranade from the VC. Set up first ambush at the bottom of the hill. Mar-70 Kissimmee FL
Schiller Michael     PFC       Sep-70     Houston Texas
Schmidt Victor F.   SGT                
Secor John   Top 1SG First Sergeant             NJ
Shelton James O.   SP4                
Singleton Thomas David Slingy Dingy SGT 11C40, Squad Leader/Mortarman Weapons   29-Oct-70 WIA 2-Apr-71 a number of clicks away from FSB 411. Ambushed with grenades by VC at around 0200 hrs. as we were setting up in a night defensive position. Eight WIAs as I remember, no KIAs by the grace of God. Out of the six of us that we "dusted off", five others were sent back to "The World" [USA]. and I was treated at the hospital at Chu Lai, recovered there and at Duc Pho and returned to the field. 27-Oct-71 San Pedro CA
Sito Richard Anthony   SP4 Rifleman 2nd   21-Jan-68 KIA 16-Nov-68. Brass dropped platoon into NVA camp by mistake.   Kew Gardens NY
Slater Donald Peter Irish SP4 M16/M79 Weapons   Mar-69 Wounded 18-Sep-69 at Bunker 27 on LZ Bronco by RPG round 30-Mar-70 Milford CT
Smith Donald H.   SP4                
Snyder John     SP4                
Staiti Thomas     SP4                
Stegall Edward W.   SP4                
Stephenson Gary Lucky   CPL Rifleman     9-Jun-69 KIA 12-Aug-69   Barrington RI
Stockstill Kermit P.   PFC       Sep-70     Jackson Center OH
Stokes Nathaniel     SGT Mortarman Weapons            
Strasser Donald K.   PFC       Oct-70     Louisville KY
Suda Barry K.   SP4                
Suto Albert     PFC       Oct-70     Cherry Hill NJ
Swafford Dale             Jul-69 WIA Jan-70 Jan-70    
Swafford Phillip     SP4                
Swindle Robert Ray   SSG Squad Leader/Rifleman 1st 3rd 2-Jan-69   5-Jan-70 Sulfur Springs TX
Tate Frank                      
Thomas David     SP4                
Toschi Jack L.   SP4                
Travers Lawrence P.   SP4                
Trifiro Michael Francis Trip 1LT Platoon Leader 3rd   2-Oct-69   12-Sep-70 Akron OH
Tristan Albert Flores   SP4       24-Sep-69 KIA 6-Jul-70   Dallas TX
Tufts Robert Bruce   CPL       1-Jan-69 KIA 14-Jun-69   Morristown NJ
Tupy Stephen M.   SGT                
Turner Don       Mortarman Weapons   70   71    
Tutwiler Charles R.   SP4                
Tyson Robert K.   CPT Commanding Officer              
Vega Andres     SGT             Caguas PR
Venable Barry     SGT Platoon SGT     Jan-68   Jan-69 Lubbock TX
Verdun Michael E.   1LT Platoon Leader 2nd       4-Dec-70    
Vitters Alan G.   CPT Commanding Officer CP       Dec-70   NY
Walters David W.   SGT                
Watkins Rod   Hotrod SP4 RTO & Mortarman Weapons   May-70   Jan-71 Council Bluffs IA
Watson Ronald                      
Watters James Lee Jim SGT 11Bravo, Field 1SG Recon, CP   Mar-70 WIA 6-Sep-70. Spent next 16 months in Valley Forge Army Hospital, Phoenixville, PA. Sep-70   PA
Weaden Sidney     SP4                
Weeks Michael J.   SGT Mortarman Weapons            
Weeks Terry                     TX
Wentker Kenneth R.   SP4                
Wenzel David John   LT Platoon Leader Weapons   1-Oct-70 WIA Jan-71 Jan-71 Scranton PA
Wheeler Robert John Bobby SGT Mortarman Weapons   14-Sep-70   12-Sep-71 Chattanooga TN
Whipperman Phillip                     CT
White Charles     SP4                
Wiedrick Thomas     SP4                
Wilkinson Frank Edward Slick E-4 11B20 2nd 1st 15-Aug-69   15-Aug-70 Edwardsville IL
Winchester Rick     SGT       3-Aug-70   21-Sep-71 Cincinnati OH
Winn Jack L.   PFC 11B10, Rifleman     70   71 El Paso TX
Woelfel David     SGT           22-Oct-70    
Wolf George O.   SP4                
Wood Charles Edward Woody SGT Mortarman, Field 1SG, & Supply SGT Weapons & CP   16-June-70   7-May-71 Goldsboro NC
Wood Darrell     SP4                
Woolums Terry L.   SP4 Rifleman     69 WIA 70 Decatur IL
Wray Van Thomas   SP4       18-Aug-69 KIA (Died of wounds on 13-May-70)   Stoneville NC
Wrobel William S.   SP4                
Zoucha Clint     SGT Rifleman     70   71 Omaha NE

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