Bravo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry

This (outdated) FSB Hill 4-11 Roster for Bravo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry was used to list all known veterans who served with the unit during the Vietnam War, regardless of time and place.

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Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
Date Arrived
Date Departed
Home Town
Home State
Alberti Allen R.   SGT Mortarman Weapons   21-Jul-69 WIA 13-Jan-70 13-Jan-70 Middlesex NJ
Alexander John B.   SGT 11C40 HQ       8-Feb-70    
Algiers Mark A.   PFC 11B10 3rd       9-Oct-70    
Allee Gregory L.   SP4 11B20 3rd       8-Jul-70    
Allen Gerard     1LT Platoon Leader & XO 3rd       14-Aug-70    
Atkinson Ronnie E.   SGT       70        
Barbiery Charles A.   SP4 11B20 3rd       6-Jul-70    
Barnett Larry Scott   SGT Artillery FO Team CP   Dec-69   Dec-70 Shelbyville KY
Barney Franklin H.   PFC 11B10 3rd     WIA 28-May-70 10-Jan-71    
Bartnik Walter   Butcher Bartnik PFC             Pontiac MI
Bausinger Kenneth Edwin Sergeant B SSG Platoon SGT 3rd   Jan-69 WIA 8-Mar-69 Mar-69 Williamsport PA
Bean Donald R.   SP4 11B20 CP       8-Aug-70    
Beaty Robert     SP4                
Belfield Gary Lee   SGT Squad Leader Weapons 2nd Oct-70   Jul-71 Festus MO
Belveal Sherwin     SGT Squad Leader     9-Jul-68   21-Nov-69 Houston TX
Bentley Johnnie B.   PFC 11B10 3rd       10-Jan-71    
Bermer Victor G.   PFC 11B10 1st       10-Nov-70    
Bible John Michael Sugar Bear SGT Squad Leader Weapons 4th Dec-67 Night ambushes, 68 Tet offensive,andlosing a good friend.  We lost ten all to booby traps the first few months.  I also remember moving to LZ Liz. 17-Apr-68 Oklahoma City OK
Birt Cary L.   PFC 11B10 1st       10-Nov-70 Morgan Utah
Bishop Scotty A.   PFC 11B10 1st       16-Nov-70 Tupelo MS
Bitner James A.   CPL 11B20 3rd       26-Mar-70    
Blazer Robert T.   SGT 11B40 3rd       27-Sep-70    
Bon Harry T.   PFC 11B10 2nd       16-Nov-69 Ontario CA
Bond Edward     SSG 11C40 Weapons       21-Aug-70    
Bonham Eldon Wayne   PFC M-79 Grenadier 3rd   19-Apr-69   10-Jul-69 Jonesville VA
Bormann Bradley     SP4             Anaheim CA
Boucher Anthony C.   PFC 11B10 2nd       23-Nov-69    
Bouldin Kenneth D.   SGT 11B40 3rd       5-Nov-70    
Bowling Donald Ray   SSG A/Platoon Leader Weapons   15-Jun-68   14-Jun-69 Hyden KY
Brittain Michael     SP4                
Brown David     SP4 11B20 HQ       6-Aug-70    
Brown Dempsey Gene Brownie SGT Rifleman 3rd 2nd 23-Oct-68 WIA 13-Jul-69 22-Oct-69 Alma GA
Burns Ken D.   PFC       Sep-70     Floydada TX
Butler Hugh O.   1LT XO         6-Jun-70    
Butler Juan K.   SP4 11B20 3rd       19-Dec-70    
Caldwell Roy E.   SGT 11B40 HQ       11-Jan-70    
Cammaressi Art   Cambo                  
Campbell George Allen   SP4 Rifleman     Dec-67 KIA 1-Feb-68   Columbus GA
Carmen Gregory J.   PFC             Unadilla NY
Carr Dennis P.   PFC 11B10 1st       23-Nov-70    
Carre, Jr. Edwin V.   A/SGT 11C20 HQ       9-Feb-70    
Chartier Steven H.   A/SGT 11B20 HQ       19-Apr-70    
Cherven Edward     SP4 11B20 3rd       5-Jan-71    
Choc Josef     CPT Company Commander CP   Oct-70     Wayne PA
Coe James G.   CPT Company Commander CP       25-Oct-70    
Coker David E.   PFC 11B10 1st       1-Dec-70    
Cole Deane M.   PFC 11B10 2nd       6-Aug-70    
Condoleon George     PFC 11B10 1st       21-Sep-70    
Cooksey Phillip N.   A/SGT 11B20 HQ       14-Jul-70    
Cornwell David Ray   SGT 11B40     Feb-70   Feb-71    
Covey Daniel L.   SSG 11C40 Weapons       17-Oct-70    
Cromwell David R.   SP4                
Cross Nolan S.   SP4 Rifleman 2nd   12-Aug-68 Sick Jan-69 to Apr-69 3-Aug-69 Ravenna OH
Daly Michael P.   PFC 11B10 2nd       24-Sep-70    
Davidson Charles H.   PFC 11B10 3rd       22-Sep-69    
Davis June     SP4 36K20 HQ       20-Jul-70    
Decost Charles     SP4                
Dickinson Glenn     SP4 RTO 2nd and CP   Nov-70   Nov-71 Sacramento CA
Dillion Charles W.   SP4                
Dingus Dannie   Thumping Dannie Dingus SP4             Kingsport TN
Dinkel Gerald J. Dink SGT Squad Leader 2nd 4th 22-OCT-68   25-Oct-69 Hays KS
Duca Larry C.   SP4 M-60 Gunner 2nd 4th Dec-67   Aug-68 Akron OH
Duell, Jr. Donald Edward Don SP4 Artillery FO Team HQ/CP   7-Feb-69   9-Feb-70 Hinckley OH
Dyer Ed     1LT Platoon Leader 2nd Platoon   1-Nov-68 B Company X0, Recon Platoon Leader, B Company Commander; WIA 29-May-69 by RPGs fired on CP with two platoons out in ambush. 29-May-69 El Paso TX
Edwards Danny E.   SSG 11B40 1st       29-Aug-70    
Elam Danny Wayne Hop Jr. SGT 11B40 2nd   15-Sep-70 Nothing in particular, just being there. 16-Sep-71 Abilene TX
Ellibee Billy L.   PFC 11B10 2nd       16-Nov-70    
Ergang Bryan L.   PFC 11B10 2nd       1-Dec-70    
Evans Thomas E.   PFC       Sep-70     Pittsburg TX
Fahel Elpidio Q. Skip CPT Company Commander (26-Oct-69 to 26-Feb-70) CP   20-Sep-69 WIA 12-Jan-70 21-Sep-70 Kansas City MO
Fehrenbach Terrance     PFC 11C10 Weapons       16-Nov-70    
Fierro Robert         2nd   70   71    
Flincham William C.   SP4 11B20 SD       1-Jul-70    
Fong Fred     PFC RTO 2nd         Boise ID
Foote Robert M.   SP4 11B20 3rd       20-Jul-70    
Fourqurean James E.   CPT       Sep-70     Tampa FL
Fox Michael J.   SP4 RTO & Mortarman Weapons   Sep-70   Sep-71 Janesville WI
Frank David A.   PFC RTO 3rd   Apr-69   Jul-69 Cayucos CA
Franklin Robert E.   SSG 11B40 1st       2-Nov-70    
Frederick Douglas Ray Fritz PFC Rifleman 3rd   18-Apr-69   7-Jul-69 Eaton CO
Freeman Charles D. Charlie Brown SP4 M-60 Machinegunner 2nd 2nd 5-Oct-69 WIA 28-May-70 by booby-trap 2-Jun-70 McAlester OK
Froehlich Gary     PFC 11B20 3rd   Dec-67 On Feb. 22 1968 was wounded on a Midnight Raid.  On March 4, 1968 was wounded at LZ Liz when VC got on the LZ...  Took out the bunker and was the only one that survived that night... 4-Mar-68 West Windsor NJ
Gallagher Paul Brian Roach SGT Mortarman & Special Weapons Weapons   7-Jan-69   7-Jan-70 Conifer CO
Gallardo Domingo     PFC 11B10 3rd       12-Oct-70    
Gawthorp Gregory C.   PFC 11B10 Weapons       22-Sep-70    
Glesener William     1LT 1542 3rd   Aug-68 LZ Liz, Thunder, Dragon, Charlie Brown & Cork. Aug-69 Salida CO
Goad Gary David   SGT Rifleman 3rd 3rd 20-Oct-68 Wounded 8-Nov-68. Returned to field in Jan-69. Came back to the rear in June/July of 1969 for the armor job. Oct-69 Meador WV
Gore John L.   PFC 11C10 Weapons       16-Nov-70 Hartford CT
Grabowski Edward John Gabby SP4 Rifleman and RTO 2nd   11-Oct-68 Outstanding Soldier of B Company and RTO for LTC George V. Ellis during week of July 21-27, 1969. 9-Oct-69 Rutland VT
Greene Robert K.   SGT 11B40 3rd       19-Apr-70    
Gross, Jr. Virgil F.   SP4 11B20 HQ       5-Jun-70    
Guertin Richard B.   SP4 11B20 2nd       3-Aug-70    
Gunderson James John   SGT Rifleman     17-Apr-69 KIA 15-Nov-69   Superior WI
Haar Marvin Lee Horrible PFC Rifleman 2nd 1st 25-Apr-68 The company suffered heavy casualties from mines and booby traps.  I was wounded by a bouncing betty northwest of Quang Ngai city on 23-Aug-68. 1-Sep-68 Elmore OH
Hafner Tim     SP4 RTO 2nd   6-Jul-70   5-Jul-71    
Hall David     PFC 11B10 2nd       5-Oct-70    
Hambly Robert Michael Mike PFC 11D10     Jul-70 WIA 15-Sep-70 Sep-70    
Hamm Bernard     SP4                
Harding Owen K.   1LT Platoon Leader Weapons       1-Aug-70    
Hardman George E.   SP4 11B20 2nd       16-Aug-70    
Harless Jerry W.   SGT 11B40 HQ       15-May-70    
Harlow David Hugh   SGT       20-Jul-69 KIA 31-Mar-70   Amory MS
Harner Joseph     PFC       Oct-70     Petersburg VA
Harris, Sr. Allen     PFC 11B10 3rd       6-Oct-70    
Hartman Robert Joel   SSG Platoon Sgt, 11B40 2nd   30-Apr-69   7-Apr-70 LaCrosse WI
Hayes Lyle Dennis   PFC       3-Oct-70 KIA 26-Nov-70   Pierz MN
Hazzard John A.   SP4 11B20 1st       25-Jul-70    
Hedgesbeth Lawrence     PVT 11B10 HQ       12-Mar-70    
Heilig, Jr. Robert Frank   CPL Rifleman     24-Apr-69 KIA 16-Oct-69   East St. Louis IL
Heinen Michael A.   SP4 11B20 and RTO 1st 1st Feb-68 Served on Fire Base Liz Nov-68 St. Cloud MN
Helmer Michael L.   SGT 11B40 2nd       9-Oct-70    
Hency Richard Lee   PFC RTO, Pointman, 11B10 1st   10-Sep-69 WIA Jul-70 23-Jul-70 Battle Creek MI
Henderson Robert     CPT Company Commander CP       14-Jan-71    
Hendricks David P.   CPT Commander              
Henry Bruce A.   PFC       Sep-70     Rixford PA
Hicks Loyd     SGT Squad Leader 1st            
Higgins James L.   SGT                
Hill Benny C.   SGT                
Hill Dennis N.   PFC 11B10 3rd       15-Aug-70    
Hill Richard E.   SP4 11B20 1st       23-Jul-70    
Hoekstra Steven A.   PFC 11B10 3rd       1-Dec-70    
Hollerman James E.   PFC 11B10 2nd       10-Jan-71    
Hollingsworth Joseph Kelly   PFC   3rd   3-Jan-69 KIA 19-Apr-69   Gloster MS
Hollowell Timothy     PFC       Sep-70     Long Island NY
Holmes Joseph     CPL Rifleman     14-Jul-69 KIA 16-Oct-69   Atlanta GA
Hopper Duane P.   SGT 11C40 HQ       19-Apr-70    
Hosey Ronnie L.   SGT 11B40 3rd       21-Aug-70    
Hunt Ralph Wommack   PFC &nbps;     23-Feb-70 Died 1-Aug-70   San Gabriel CA
Inman Terry A.   PFC       Oct-70     Marshalltown IA
Irizarry Francisco     PFC 76Y30 HQ       16-Jan-71    
Jackson William L.   SGT 11B40 2nd       8-Oct-70    
Jacoeb David C.   SP4 11B20 SD       25-Jul-70    
Jarrett, Jr. Claude Burton   SGT 11B40, Squad Leader 2nd 3rd 68   68    
Jensen James Paul   CPL   3rd   12-Jan-69 KIA 19-Apr-69   Tremonton Utah
Johnson Daniel L.   SP4 11B20 Weapons       17-Mar-70    
Johnson Milton     SP4                
Johnston Gary     SGT                
Jones Kenneth A.   SP4 11B20 Weapons       8-Sep-70    
Jones Steve   Hillbilly SP4 Rifleman 2nd 1st 16-Aug-69   16-Feb-70 Berea KY
Kahre Donald Lee   SGT   2nd   19-Feb-70 KIA 15-Sep-70   Evansville IN
Kawaihalau William   Duke SSG   1st         Kapaa HI
Kitchens Larry N.   PVT 11B10 3rd       6-Aug-70    
Kline Arthur W.   A/SGT 11B20 HQ       8-Jul-70    
Knight Robert D.   PFC       Oct-70     Luekin TX
Koppen Gary     SP4         WIA 15-Sep-70      
Laduke Robert     PFC       Sep-70     Colonie NY
Laney Jerry Wayne   PFC Rifleman 2nd   1-Sep-68 KIA 15-Jan-69   Monroe NC
Laun Herbert E.   1LT Platoon Leader 3rd       22-Jan-71    
Lavigne, Jr. George M.   SSG 11B40 3rd       18-Nov-70    
Lawhorn Jerry D.   SGT 11B40 SD       11-Jan-70    
Lewis James M.   SP4 11B20 HQ       1-Jul-70    
Liberti Steven J.   SP4 11B20 1st       21-Dec-70    
Linehan Richard Joseph Rick SSG Platoon Leader Weapons   Oct-68 WIA 15-Jan-69 Oct-69 Toledo OH
Little Roy L.   SP4 11B20 HQ       1-Jul-70    
Logan Michael H.   SP4 11B20 1st       25-Jul-70    
Lopez, Jr. Arturo     SP4 11B20, Rifleman 3rd   11-Oct-69 KIA 28-May-70   El Paso TX
Lozano Joe     PFC 11B10 3rd       11-Oct-70    
Mageors Ronald G. Tex SGT 11B40     4-Jul-69 Rifleman and RTO during field tour July to November. Co. B saw extensive combat during the summer months of 69. Got lucky more than once during this time but the best luck was securing a rear job in Bn S-1 shop. Spent rest of my tour working in the Awards section. Had the privilege and honor of working on David Winder's Recommendation for the Medal of Honor. I am proud to have been a member of the Americal Division and especially the 11th. Brigade. Tex 3-Jul-70 Freeport TX
Magruder Lawson W.   1LT       Sep-70     Austin TX
Mangham Lenwood     SSG             Cayce SC
Mankin Charles G.   SP4 11B20, Rifleman 3rd   Sep-69 WIA 28-May-70 Jun-70 Arlington VA
Mann Ronald E.   SGT RTO 2nd   16-Sep-70   15-Sep-71 Fairfield IL
Manning Jerry     PFC Rifleman     8-Jun-69 KIA 13-Jul-69   Houston TX
McCombie Albert J.   PFC 11B10 1st       21-Dec-70    
McGaw, Jr. King     PVT 11B10 HQ       11-Jun-70    
McIntyre John R.   SGT 11B40 2nd       6-Oct-70    
McKinney, Jr. Dwight A.   PFC 11B10 2nd   7-Jan-70 KIA 24-May-70 (Drowned crossing the Song Tra Khuc River)   Saginaw MI
Miller Michael D.   SP4 11B20 1st       25-Jul-70    
Mines James G.   PFC                
Moore Alexander     SP4 11B20 1st       7-Sep-70    
Moore Cornnell     PFC 11C10 HQ       23-Apr-70    
Moreno Anthony     PFC 11B10 Weapons       20-Sep-70    
Morrison Robert L.   1SG 11D50 HQ       27-Mar-70    
Morton Bruce     SP4 RTO Weapons   17-Oct-68 Minor shrapnel wound on 01/15/1969, rather embarassing place, tender to sit down. Petroski took care of it for 33 days when I was wounded again on LZ Cork by friendly fire, Petroski's. 15-May-69 Louisville KY
Moses Jesse Lee   SP4       2-Jul-70 KIA 4-Aug-70   Wilmington DE
Moya Eloy O.   SP4 11C20 Weapons       8-Oct-70    
Mushtare Robert J. Mushy SP4 RTO CP   4-Apr-69   28-Apr-70 Carthage NY
Nadeau Gilbert J.   PV2       Oct-70     Cohoes NY
Neff Arnold D.   SP4 11B20 3rd       26-Jul-70    
Newbold, Jr. Linwood R.   PFC 11B10 Weapons       23-Sep-70    
Norman Martin   Bud the Shadow Norman PFC             Columbus IN
North, Jr. John F.   SSG 11B40 SD       25-Mar-70    
Nowak Henry C. Hank SP4 Rifleman     4-Nov-70 Got my first M-16 that didn't jamb after three rounds when Cpt Henderson rotated back to the world three months into my tour in the bush. DEROS two weeks early when Americal stood-down at end of tour. 15-Oct-71 Reseda CA
O'Connor, III Leon P.   PFC 11B10 TDY       3-Aug-70    
Olson Richard Ralph   SP4       9-Feb-69 KIA 8-Aug-69   Minneapolis MN
Pace Roger E.   PFC 11B10         10-Jan-71    
Page Roger E.   SP4                
Pardee Richard     SGT                
Parker Carl E.   PFC 11B10 SD       22-Jul-70    
Parsons Roland Edward Punji SGT 11B40 3rd   15-Jan-69   15-Jan-70 Charleston WV
Payne James W.   2LT Platoon Leader 1st       2-Nov-70    
Pearson Robert   Bob SP5 81mm Mortar FDC, Medical Aidman Weapons   Oct-68 It was me that fixed up Morton's butt from the scrapnel every a.m. on LZ Cork, not Ski. Jun-69 Little Silver NJ
Pemberton Dennis     SGT   1st         Apache Junction AZ
Pennywell Walter     SP4       Sep-70     Fresno CA
Perman Jack L.   PFC 11B10 2nd       10-Jan-71    
Perry John R.   SP4 11B20 1st       31-Aug-70    
Petitt Andy B.   SP4 11B20 1st       25-Jul-70    
Pettigrew Benford     SP4 11B20 HQ       12-May-70    
Petty Thomas E. Tom LT Platoon Leader 3rd Platoon 1-Jan-69 to 19-Jul-69, Company Commander 7-Jul-69 to 1-Aug-69, also Company Commander for E Company 1-Aug-69 to 12-Dec-69 3rd & CP   29-Dec-68 WIA 8-Jan-69, 10-Mar-69, and 20-Jul-69 12-Dec-69 Oklahoma City OK
Pike James H.   PFC       Sep-70     Centreville AL
Pizzuto Frank     SP4                
Plumley James William Little Jim SP4 11C 3rd 2nd 15-Oct-70   21-Sep-71 Greer SC
Pope Rhoderick H.   SFC 11B4H CP       29-Oct-70    
Porterfield Leslie     SP4 11B20 2nd       6-Aug-70    
Powell Nathan     PFC 11B10 2nd       25-Nov-70    
Price Jeffrey A.   PFC 11B10 Weapons       8-Oct-70    
Pruitt Paul David Sweeney PFC 11B10 1st 2nd 16-Jul-69   15-Oct-69 Blackwell MO
Quaye Raymond L.   PFC 11B10 1st       10-Sep-70    
Ragin John F.   SP4                
Raiser Donald R.   PFC 11B10 2nd       31-Aug-70    
Raney Joe C.   SGT Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant 1st   Jan-69   11-Aug-69 Marysville WA
Redd William L.   PFC       Oct-70     Rockwell City IA
Redmond Charles     PFC 11B10 2nd       24-Sep-70    
Reska Craig Thomas   PFC       22-Sep-70 KIA 12-Nov-70 when truck he was riding in hit a mine.   Novi MI
Reynolds Larry F.   PFC 11B10 1st       11-Oct-70    
Riley Kenneth H.   SP4 11B20 2nd       6-Aug-70    
Riley Richard M. Roto SP4 RTO     Aug-70   Aug-71 Houston TX
Ripley Richard David Rip PFC RTO for Artillery FO     1-Jan-70   1-Jan-71 Howard City MI
Roane McKinley J.   SP4                
Roel Moises   Moe, Tex-Mex SGT Squad Leader, Acting Platoon SGT 1st 2nd 8-Aug-70   4-Aug-71 San Antonio TX
Rose Thomas Elden   SP4 Rifleman     26-Oct-68 KIA 19-Jul-69   Findlay OH
Rudenski Henry   Recondo Rudenski PFC                
Russo Ronald Salvatore   SGT         KIA 27-Jan-68   New York NY
Rutherford Mike M   SGT Rifleman     Aug-70 Early out for school. Feb-71 Waynesville MO
Sapp Victor     PFC 11B10 3rd       1-Oct-70    
Sarosy James N.   SGT 11B40     Oct-68 WIA Jan-69 Oct-69 Valley Stream NY
Scrum Randall W.   SGT       70        
Searle William J.   PFC 11B10 2nd       21-Dec-70    
Schultz Richard H.   SP4 11B20 1st       6-Aug-70    
Shiel Gary L.   PFC 11B10 1st       5-Oct-70    
Shields Roger D.   PFC 11B10 3rd       5-Oct-70    
Simms William H.   PFC       Sep-70     Decatur IL
Simpson Peter G.   SP4 11B20 1st       13-Jan-71    
Slanovich George J.   PFC 11B10 2nd       10-Sep-70    
Smith Gregory A.   1LT Platoon Leader 1st   Jan-69   2-Jan-70 Webster Groves MO
Smith James M.   PFC 11B10 2nd       17-Dec-69    
Spriggs Steven L.   SP4 11B20 1st       8-Aug-70    
Squires John W.   PFC 11B10 1st       11-Jan-71    
Squires Stuart J.   PFC 11B10 2nd       9-Oct-70    
Stasiak Jerry R.   PFC 11B10 2nd       16-Dec-70    
Stephans Robert K.   SP4 11C20 Weapons       9-Oct-70    
Stevens William R.   SP4 11B20         12-Jul-70    
Stevenson Patrick L.   SP4                
Sykes Michael   Blood Red Sykes SP4             Adams TN
Tarantino Lou Gabriel   SGT Squad Leader     26-May-70   15-Apr-71 Dallas TX
Tate Christopher     SP4 11B20 1st       6-Oct-70    
Taylor Cecil     SP4       Sep-70     Ingram KY
Taylor Edward C.   PFC 11B10 3rd       6-Oct-70    
Taylor Edward J.   SP4 11B20 1st       21-Sep-70    
Teeac Jacob G.   SGT 11C40 HQ       17-Apr-70    
Terhaar Gary W.   SP4 11B20 SD       23-Jun-70    
Thompson Willie Clyde   PFC Rifleman 1st 3rd 22-Apr-69 WIA 4-Aug-69 6-Aug-69 Sylvania GA
Tomasini Sandor M.   1LT Platoon Leader 2nd       1-Jan-71    
Turk Steven C.   SGT       70        
Turner Michael A.   SP4       Sep-70     Morenci MI
Turner Raymond John   SGT Squad Leader 1st   Feb-70   Aug-70 Acosta PA
Turpin Robert   Turpin the Terror SP4             Norfolk VA
Usalis Anthony W.   SP4                
Vaden Don     SGT 11C40 Weapons       16-Nov-70    
Vigalone Frank J.   PFC 11B10 Weapons       23-Nov-70    
Villegas Mark A.   2LT Platoon Leader 3rd       30-Jan-71    
Vitale James K.   PFC 11B10 2nd       8-Sep-70    
Wabis James E.   SP4       Sep-70     Ludington MI
Wagner Philip J.   SGT 11B40, Rifleman 2nd 2nd 17-Oct-68   17-Oct-69 West Orange NJ
Walters Mitchell     PFC 11B10 1st       23-Nov-70    
Waterman Gary L.   PFC 11B10 1st       8-Oct-70    
Waiting George E.   PFC 11B10 2nd       1-Sep-70    
Wehr Marvin Francis   SP4 Rifleman 2nd   21-Aug-68 KIA 15-Jan-69   Sigourney IA
West Mark A.   SP4       Sep-70     Chillicothe OH
Westerkamp Desmond     SP4 11B20 1st       31-Aug-70    
Whaley David E.   SP4 11B20 2nd       30-Jul-70    
White Gregory K.   1LT Platoon Leader 2nd       12-Sep-70    
White Larry D.   SP4 11B20 HQ       8-Jul-70    
Whitt Larry J.   SP4 11B20 3rd       17-Aug-70    
Wicker, Jr. Walter Guy   CPL Rifleman     18-Aug-69 KIA 14-Oct-69   Siler City NC
Wilcox Thomas Dewey   CPL 11B10 1st 1st 15-Jan-68 KIA 4-Jun-68   Marion IA
Wilkens Jerry W.   PFC 11C10 Weapons       16-Nov-70    
Williams Charles J.   PFC 11B10 3rd       23-Nov-70    
Williams Charles O. Hubcap SGT Rifleman     Aug-71   Oct-71 Indianapolis IN
Williams Cornelius     PFC 11B10 1st       31-Aug-70    
Williams Troy L.   SP4 11B20 2nd       17-Aug-70    
Wilson David M.   SP4 11B20 3rd       17-Aug-70    
Woidt Bruce D.   SGT 11B40 HQ       8-Feb-70    
Woldt Bruce D.   SP4                
Wood Jack J.   PFC 11B10 2nd       17-Aug-70    
Worpell Mark S.   PFC       Oct-70     Detroit MI
Yarder Patrick L.   SGT 11B40 1st       7-Oct-70    
Yiehl Ban A.   SP4 11B20 1st       17-Aug-70    
York Gary             Oct-68   Oct-69    
Young Benny D.   SP4 11B20 CP       8-Jul-70    
Young Jimmy Randle   PFC         KIA 19-Mar-68   Oil Trough AK
Zasimowicz Aleksander     PFC RTO           New Brunswick NJ
Zittergruen Louis Lloyd   PFC 11B10 2nd   12-Jan-70 KIA 17-Jul-70   Monona IA

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