C Company, 26th Engineer Battalion (Combat)

This (outdated) FSB Hill 4-11 Roster for C Company, 26th Engineer Battalion (Combat) was used to list all known veterans in the unit who supported the 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry during the Vietnam War, regardless of time and place.

NOTE:   This page will not be updated. The administrator of the FSB Hill 4-11 Web site has taken the information on this page and loaded it into the Roster table of the new Member Database.

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Last Name First Name Middle Name Nickname Rank Specialty Platoon Squad Date Arrived Events Date Departed Home Town Home State
Augustine Frank Francis   SGT 12B40     1 Oct 68 KIA 28 Sep 69   Portsmouth RI
Cooney Phillip Bernard   SP4 12B20     30 Sep 68 KIA 28 Sep 69   Berwyn IL
Gibson Fredrick Strauss   SP4 Combat Demolitions     Jan-70   Jul-71 Ocala FL
Glisson Johnny William   SP4 12B30     29-Oct-68 KIA 28-Sep-69   Savannah GA
Hoyle Van Austin   SP4 Heavy Equipment Mechanic 1st 1st 15-Apr-69   10-May-70 Shelby NC
Morgan Larry Wayne           4-Aug-70   26-Nov-70 Eagle Springs NC
Wentink James D. Tink SP5 Combat Demolitions     20-Dec-67   6-Dec-68 Clifton NJ

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