Delta Battery, 6th Battalion, 11th Artillery

This (outdated) FSB Hill 4-11 Roster for Delta Battery, 6th Battalion, 11th Artillery was used to list all known veterans in the unit who supported the 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry during the Vietnam War, regardless of time and place.

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Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
Date Arrived
Date Departed
Home Town
Home State
Allen John G.   CPT Battery Commander     Mar-70   Aug-70 Springfield MO
Barty Floyd Wayne   LT Field Artillery Forward Observer     Aug-69 Served 2.5 months as FO.  Injured and transferred to LZ Bronco.  After recovery, returned to serve over 7 months as an FO and then the remainder of tour as LNO off of LZ LIZ. Aug-70 Matteson IL
Becker Scott           Gun 2 70   71 Chicago IL
Beckstrom Scott     SP4 105 MM Artillery     Jun-70   Oct-71 Chicago IL
Bohn Louis H.   1LT Battery XO and LNO     Sep-69   Jul-70 Cincinnati OH
Bomaster Richard Lloyd Rick 1LT Forward Observer attached to A Co.     Jan-69 WIA 8-Aug-69 8-Aug-69 Iron River MI
Brady Pat           Gun 4 70   71    
Byrous       SSG     Gun 3 70   71    
Brown       LT Forward Observer              
Bykowski Greg John   SP4 Assistant Gunner   Gun 5 6-Nov-69   17-Dec-70 Milwaukee WI
Clancy         Cook     70   71 Philadelphia PA
Claverie Larry     PFC Artillery RTO attached to D Company, 3rd/1st     Dec-69   7-Dec-70    
Copt Terry R.   SGT Gunner   Gun 2 6-Nov-69   17-Dec-70 Wauwatosa WI
Corder Paul     SGT     Gun 5 69   70    
Corsi Robert M. Bobber PFC Assistant Gunner   Gun 4 31-Oct-68   28-Oct-69 Quinnesec MI
Cunningham Steve Louis Snoopy SP4 Gun 6, RTO, FDC   Gun 6 6-Nov-69 LZ Turkey - VC runs runway untouched. Sapper attack May 1970. Night time direct hit on moving vehicle below OP-1. 14-Dec-70 Madison WI
Dafforn Charles     2LT Forward Observer attached to C Co.         14-Dec-70    
Decker             Gun 3 70   71    
Deckard Virgil Lynn Clap E-5 Gunner   Gun 3 19-Oct-69   12-Oct-70 Louisville KY
Devault Dean   Krampoda 1LT Forward Observer attached to B Co.     69   70    
Driver John     SGT     Gun 2 69   70   CA
Dugger Roy           Gun 2 69 Came from another unit. 70    
Dunn       SGT Section Chief   Gun 1 69   70    
Emery James C. Jim SGT Crew Chief   Gun 4 31-Oct-68   21-Sep-69 San Jose CA
Field Roger D.   SP4       69   70   WI
Filous Frank           Gun 2 69   70 Parma OH
Furman Douglas Lee Duke SP4 FDC, Field Artillery Oper/Fire Dir Assistant & Intelligence Specialist     26-Feb-70   21-Apr-71 Williamsburg IA
Gantz Ray Allen   SP4 13E, Artillery Fire Direction & Control     18-Dec-69   7-Feb-71 York PA
Gibson Larry J. SP4         69   70   FL
Gordon Dennis Bernard Flash SP4 Artillery/RTO     Jul-70   6-Jul-71 Marshall MI
Griffin       CPL     Gun 5 69   70    
Grizlac       SGT Section Chief   Gun 4 70   71    
Haddix       CPL     Gun 5 70   71   WV
Hager Winston           Gun 2 69 Came from a Quad-50 Unit from another location and ended up going back. 70 Washington DC
Hall             Gun 3          
Higgins Warren     CPT Artillery LNO         10-Oct-70    
Hough Gordon L.   1LT Artillery LNO         23-Sep-70    
Johnson, Jr. Donald     1LT Forward Observer attached to A Co.         12-Aug-70    
Juarez Mateo     SGT RTO & FO attached to D Company     1-Jun-70 KIA 22-Nov-70   Joliet IL
Jurado Benito   PFC         69   70   TX
Kahny, Jr. Russell     CPL M-60 Machine Gunner and Gunner   Gun 5 69   70    
Karlin       SGT Section Chief   Gun 6 70   71   WI
Klaas Donald           Gun 2 70   71   OH
Monday Joseph Anthony Joe CPT Battery Commander, Field Artillery     Oct-69 Commanded D-6/11th on FSB 4-11 from Oct-69 to Apr-70. Apr-70 West Bend WI
Monroe             Gun 5 70   71    
Moore Joe Tobin                    
Nall Roy E.   SP4       69   70   KY
Newsome Larry           Gun 2 69   70   MS
Newton Joseph R.   SP4       69   70   KY
O'Conner Patrick     CPT Battery Commander     71   71    
Patti John           Gun 2 69   70 Detroit MI
Phinney Patrick Steven Pat SP5 Artillery Liaison Headquarters   11-Nov-69 Saw duty at Kam Duc during Cav's incursion into Cambodia.   Attached to 4th ARVN Regiment (MACV).  Also spent time at Ngia Hahn with MACV team house as Arty FO RTO. 1-Dec-70 Brooklyn MD
Piekarski Peter R.   1LT Forward Observer attached to D Co.         21-Sep-70    
Pike       SSG Chief Firing Battery     69   70    
Radcliffe John     SGT     Gun 2 70   71 Saginaw MI
Radford       1SG       69   70    
Rich       SSG Section Chief   Gun 2 69   70    
Ridgley Daniel Johnson Pockets SGT Section Chief   Gun 2 10-Oct-69 Sapper attack on 16-May-70 22-Aug-70 Baltimore MD
Rose Ray     2LT Forward Observer attached to A Co.     Sep-70   Sep-71 Hasbrouck Heights NJ
Ruiz Arturo     SP4       1-Jan-70   23-Dec-71 Santa Ana CA
Sagan Lawrence S.   1LT Forward Observer attached to A Co.         20-Jun-71    
Smith Frederick M.   2LT Forward Observer attached to B Co.         6-Jul-71    
Smith Jeffrey     SP4 Artillery RTO attached to D Company, 3rd/1st     Jul-69   10-Jul-70    
St. Laurent             Gun 1 70   71    
Stallsmith       SGT Section Chief   Gun 5 69   70    
Tier, IV Charles A.   2LT Forward Observer attached to D Company, 3rd/1st         6-Jul-71    
Toler James D.   1LT Forward Observer attached to C Company and Battalion FDO     17-Nov-70   13-Oct-71 Owensboro KY
Tucker James R.   1LT Forward Observer attached to C Company, 3rd/1st              
Wallis James     1LT Artillery FO attached to D Company     Mar-70   24-Mar-71    
Weber Edward Leo   SP4 Helicopter Mail Carrier     29-Jul-70   12-Oct-71 Coulterville IL
Wherry             Gun 6 70   71    
Yeakley Gene     SP4       Jul-69   Jul-70    

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