Delta Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry

This (outdated) FSB Hill 4-11 Roster for Delta Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry was used to list all known veterans who served with the unit during the Vietnam War, regardless of time and place.

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Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
Date Arrived
Date Departed
Home Town
Home State
Accetturo Joseph P.   1LT   3rd   25-Jul-69 I was in country one month when I stepped on a booby trap.  Awarded Purple Heart.  When I returned from the hospital, I was transferred to E Troop, 1/1 Cav.  Spent the next 10 months supporting Hill 4-11, and escorting convoys on Highway 1. 12-Sep-69 Johnston RI
Adams Gary L.   PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 30-Jul-69    
Adams John     SP4   1st   Nov-69   10-Nov-70    
Agredano Raul     SP4   3rd   Jul-70   18-Jul-70    
Allen David     PFC   Weapons   Mar-70   7-Mar-71    
Alsobrooks Louis W.   SGT   1st         Cleveland TX
Ambler Mark H.   PFC 11C10 4th       DEROS 18-Jul-69    
Amos Michael     SGT 31G40 HQ       DEROS 19-May-69    
Anderson Darrell     SP4   2nd   Oct-70   22-Oct-70    
Anderson David     SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 8-Jan-69    
Anderson Millard Ray   SP4       5-Feb-69 KIA 24-May-69   Wooster OH
Armstong Bruce Ellis   PFC 11B10     19-Jul-69 Died of Wounds 12-Apr-70   Chattanooga TN
Arnos Dale G.   SP4                
Askew Harworth W.   PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 27-Jul-69    
Avalos Jesse     SGT   3rd   Jul-69   19-Jul-70    
Ayala Luis     SGT             Boyamon PR
Azeka Malcolm     SP4       Aug-69   4-Aug-70    
Babcock Douglas W. Babs SP4 Pointman,3rd Platoon Nov-69 to Mar-70 3rd 1st 17Oct-69 Every day was an event. All the Brothers there were special. 29-Oct-70 Eaton Rapids MI
Baggett Leslie M.   SP4   Weapons   Nov-69   10-Nov-70    
Baggs Terry L.   PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 13-Jan-69    
Baird Joseph     1LT Platoon Leader 1st   Oct-68   Sep-69    
Baker, Jr. Harry E.   SP4 Rifleman     17-Oct-69 KIA 31-Mar-70   Plymouth MI
Baker Rick     SGT 91B20         DEROS 17-Oct-68    
Ballard James     SP4   HQ   Nov-69   10-Nov-70    
Ballinger George     SSG   HQ   Jun-69   4-Jun-70    
Barnes Richard     SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 8-Feb-69    
Barrett Daniel Ray Dan SGT   3rd   14-Sep-70   4-Sep-71 Evansville IN
Bartczak Joseph     SP4       Nov-69   10-Nov-70    
Batcher Larry Gene   PFC Rifleman     2-Sep-70 KIA 12-Oct-70   Naples FL
Baumgard Raymond     PFC       Oct-70     Denver CO
Baxter Larry     SGT       Jun-69   19-Jun-70    
Bearden David   Tex SGT Squad Leader 1st   Jul-69 WIA by booby trap on 14-Nov-69 3-Jul-70    
Bednar Michael Christopher   SP4 Rifleman 1st 1st 4-Jul-69   Jul-70 Oxnard CA
Beight Clifford     SP4   Weapons   Nov-69   10-Nov-70    
Belardi Mike       Rifleman 1st   Oct-68   Oct-69 Long Island NY
Bennett James     SGT   3rd   Jul-69   23-Jul-70    
Benoit Garland Dave   CPL 11B10, Rifleman     12-Nov-69 KIA 18-Mar-70   Lake Arthur LA
Berryman Raymond     PFC   1st         Pomona CA
Best Robert B.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 3-Jan-69    
Bieri Brian L.   SP4 11C20 4th       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Billings Roy     SP4                
Birkner Mark     SP4   Weapons   Nov-69   10-Nov-70    
Blickensderfer Ralph     SP4                
Blizzard Huey     SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 18-Jul-69    
Boivin Gerald     PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 12-Jan-69    
Booth Ron   Whitey             Aug-72    
Bordelon Steven     PFC   Weapons   Nov-69   10-Nov-70    
Bouma Gary     PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 24-Jul-69    
Bourcier Denis   Rocky SGT Squad Leader 3rd   9-Jan-70   26-Nov-70 Ludlow MA
Bowen Bernard     PFC   Weapons         Brooklyn NY
Bowens Tommy     PFC       16-Jul-70 KIA 22-Nov-70   Houston TX
Boyd Fred     PFC   3rd   Jan-70   11-Jan-71    
Boyer David A.   SP4   3rd   Jan-70   9-Jan-71    
Brandt Christopher     SGT   Weapons   Apr-70   22-Apr-70    
Brings Dan M.   PFC 11B10 HQ       DEROS 25-Jul-69    
Brown Billy D.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 8-Jan-69    
Brown Clarence A.   SP4 11C20 3rd       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Brown Harold     PFC   2nd   Nov-69   23-Nov-70    
Brown Harvey L.   SGT 11B40 2nd       DEROS 13-Jan-69    
Brown Lawrence     PFC       Sep-70     Winnsboro SC
Brown Mark     SP4   Weapons   Nov-70   10-Nov-70    
Bryan David Andrew   PFC       15-May-70 KIA 24-Nov-70   North Canton OH
Burke Gary Lee   PFC       16-Jan-68 Died 10-Apr-68   Faribault MN
Burnett George C.   SSG 11B40 2nd       DEROS 15-Jul-69    
Busbee Larry Michael Mike or Buzz SGT Rifleman 2nd or 3rd   15-Jan-68 WIA 10-Feb-69 15-Jan-69 Cayce SC
Byerly Garry     SP4   3rd   Oct-70   17-Oct-70    
Cain Robert     SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 7-Jan-69    
Calamia Jack     SGT Rifleman     20-Dec-68 KIA 20-Oct-69   New York NY
Caldwell Johnny Wayne Gabby SGT Squad Leader, 11B40 2nd & 3rd   Apr-68 Stepped over a booby trap that killed my radioman Dick De Graf.  Wounded twice myself in October 1968.  Left Vietnam 58 days early to return to College. Feb-69 Copeville TX
Call Steven L.   PFC       Oct-70     Milton WI
Campbell William     SSG   2nd   Jan-70   19-Jan-71    
Cannon William     SP4       Sep-69   1-Sep-70    
Cap Alan     SGT                
Carlson Frederick Joseph   PFC 11B10 2nd   19-Jul-68 KIA 26-Sep-68   New York NY
Carr Jack D.   SGT 11C40 4th       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Cereceres Roberto     SP4   1st   Nov-69   10-Nov-70    
Chance Meredith     SP4   HQ   Nov-70   10-Nov-70    
Chester Henry     SP4                
Chichester, Jr. Henry L.   PFC RTO CP   Jan-67 Photo in 12/19/69 issue of Southern Cross newspaper. Jan-67 Los Angeles CA
Clark Donald     SP4       Jun-69   8-Jun-70    
Clark James B.   SGT   2nd   Oct-69   22-Oct-70    
Claybaugh James Bradley   1LT 1542     1-Jan-69 KIA 29-Mar-69   Caldwell ID
Click Roy G.   SGT 11C40 4th       DEROS 9-Nov-68    
Cole Robert Owen Rocky SP4 Mortarman, RTO 1st   9-Sep-68 KIA 29-Mar-69   Sacramento CA
Collier James Michael   SP4 Rifleman 1st   23-Aug-70   22-Aug-71 Centralia PA
Collins Greg       Rifleman 1st   Oct-68   Oct-69 Long Island NY
Colon Jose Gilberto Joe SGT Squad Leader 2nd   Nov-69 WIA 13-Mar-70 Mar-70 San Francisco CA
Combs John Asher   SGT         KIA 7-Jun-68   Akron OH
Connolly Kevin Thomas   PFC Rifleman     14-Oct-68 KIA 20-Dec-68   St. Petersburg FL
Cook Jimmie     SP4                
Courchaine Louis     SSG Platoon SGT 1st   Aug-69 Awarded Soldier's Medal 19-Aug-70   GA
Coyne Paul     SP4 Rifleman 1st   Oct-68   Oct-68 Brooklyn NY
Crandall Wayne Stephens   PFC Rifleman     13-Oct-68 KIA 20-Dec-68   Farmingdale NY
Cranford Donnie L.   SP4   Weapons   Dec-69   1-Dec-70    
Crawford Ionnie     SGT 11B40 1st       25-Sep-68    
Cumbee Jimmy Dean   SP4 Rifleman     12-Oct-68 KIA 3-Jun-69   Twin City GA
Cummings Thomas     PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 15-Jan-69 Tampa FL
Curry David E.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 13-Jan-69    
Dauphinee George     SP4   1st   Nov-69   8-Nov-70    
Davis John C. JC SP4 Mortarman Weapons   20-May-70 While searching for a VC French 30 cal position near Hill 241, recieved the million dollar break when my M-60 charging lever broke my trigger finger as a result of a slip & fall. 16-Nov-70 Austin TX
Day James W.   SP4 Rifleman/Sniper 3rd 3rd 12-Sep-70 Transfered to Echo Company as a sniper. 13-Sep-71 Plymouth IN
Dean Ronald J.   SGT 11B40 3rd       DEROS 11-Oct-68    
De Graf Dick     SGT Rifleman     3-Jan-68 KIA 2-Jul-68   Seattle WA
Dejolie Jimmy     PFC   2nd   Jan-70   11-Jan-71    
Deutsch Bernard Francis   PFC Rifleman     10-Jun-69 KIA 19-Jul-69   Ionia IA
Devney James Robert   PFC Rifleman     28-Jun-69 KIA 19-Jul-69   Eau Claire WI
Dewitt Robert     SP4   Weapons   Jul-69   8-Jul-69    
Dourisseau James R.   PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 20-Jul-69    
Drake Ronald     SP4 RTO 1st   Nov-69   10-Nov-70    
Drew Theodore Glenn   PFC Mortarman     08-Mar-70 KIA 12-May-70   Freedom ME
Dupas Leother     SP4   1st   Nov-69   10-Nov-70    
Durant Roy L.   PFC       Oct-70     Pembroke CA
Edgar Richard D.   PFC       Sep-70     Monroe LA
Elliott William Cromwell   SP4 Rifleman, Assistant M-60 Gunner 1st   12-Oct-68 WIA 20-Mar-69 12-Oct-69 Levittown NY
Elm Raymond     SGT 11B40 1st       16-Oct-68    
Enriquez Carlos     PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 14-Jan-69    
Ernstes Raymond     PFC       May-70   8-May-71    
Espinoza Juan     PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 7-Jun-69    
Evans Larky D.   1LT 1542 2nd   Oct-68   Sep-70 Coppell TX
Evans Larry     SGT 11B40 3rd       DEROS 10-Apr-68    
Felton Garland Paris   SFC Field First Sergeant HQ   25-Mar-70 KIA 12-Nov-70   Norfolk VA
Feola Richard J.   PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 21-Jul-69    
Finch Larry     SGT 11B40 3rd       DEROS 23-Jul-69    
Fitzgerald James E.   SGT       Oct-69   8-Oct-70    
Fitz-Gerald Michael     CPT Company Commander HQ   10-Jul-69 CO from early Nov-69 thru late Apr-70.      
Flores Daniel E.   SP4                
Fontenot Roger D.   PFC       Oct-70     Jennings LA
Forbes Abises     SGT 11B40 4th       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Foss Daniel Arthur   SGT 11C40 4th   9-Apr-68 KIA 10-Feb-69   East Hiram ME
Freed Rodney     SP4   2nd   Dec-69   14-Dec-70    
Friess John     SSG   Weapons   Jan-70   27-Jan-71    
Frisbie Ronald Franklin   SGT Squad Leader Weapons 1st 19-Dec-67 WIA in May 1968, sent to Japan, and then to Letterman Hospital in San Francisco, CA. May-68 Palo Alto CA
Garcia Federico     CPT 1542 HQ       DEROS 1-Dec-68    
Gatzke Joseph     SP4                
Gentry Kenneth Harold Hollywood SGT   2nd   1-Sep-69   1-Sep-70 Mir Loma CA
Gentry William     SP4   1st   Sep-69   1-Sep-70    
George Donnie     SGT 11C40 4th       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Gilbo Robert A.   SGT                
Gillespie Odell     SP4 11C20 4th       DEROS 10-Jan-69    
Ginger Allen     SGT 11B40 3rd       DEROS 19-Oct-68    
Glover Robert     SP4   1st   Dec-69   14-Dec-70    
Goeman Thomas Duane Bomber SP4 RTO 1st   Jan-70 Crossed river using Vietnam locals boats. Entire company took fire from both sides no WIA/KIA - only Company to do it. 14-Jan-71 Hopkins MN
Gomez, Jr. Elfego   Top 1SG       Sep-70   Sep-71 Colorado Springs CO
Gould, Jr. William C.   SP4 Mortarman     3-Sep-68 KIA 29-Mar-69   Boston MA
Gragg Guy     SP4   1st   Nov-69   22-Nov-70    
Grant Rayfus     PFC   2nd   Dec-69   17-Dec-70    
Grantham Don               WIA by Friendly Fire      
Gray Bobby D.   PFC       Oct-70     Brinkley AR
Gray, Jr. Nelson H.   SSG   Weapons         Trenton NJ
Grayson Mayford   Shotgun SP4   1st   Oct-69   22-Oct-70    
Grigory Clinton     SP4                
Griswold Jack     SGT 11B40 2nd       DEROS 19-Oct-68    
Grueter Arthur C.   1LT 1542 2nd       DEROS 1-Aug-69    
Hade Philip T.   SGT   2nd   Sep-70   30-Sep-70    
Hagberg Timothy L.   SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 16-Jan-69    
Haggard Jerry L.   1LT       Oct-70     Nevada MO
Hammock John     PFC       Oct-70     Gadsden AL
Haney Frederick     SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 8-Jan-69    
Hannan James C.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 13-Jan-69    
Hanson Mark R.   PFC       Sep-70     Kasson MN
Harpster Norman     SP4   3rd   Sep-69   15-Sep-70    
Harrison Freeman M.   2LT Platoon Leader 3rd       19-Dec-70    
Hartman Thomas A.   SP4 11C20 4th       DEROS 13-Apr-69    
Hayes Kenneth L.   SP4 11B20 HQ       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Hayes Tommy     SP4   3rd   Oct-69   22-Oct-70    
Hayton Brent Allen Cap PFC Rifleman/M-60 Gunner 2nd   Sep-70 KIA 22-Nov-70 by a large booby trap.  Four others were also killed and four others were wounded.   San Antonio TX
Heidrich Alvin S.   SP4   1st   Mar-70   4-Mar-71    
Helgeson Thomas     SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Helphenstine Leo     SP4       Oct-70     Louisville KY
Hemmingway Bush     SGT   Weapons   0ct-69   22-Oct-70    
Herring James     SGT   2nd   Jan-70   1-Jan-71    
Herzig Kenneth     PFC   Weapons   Feb-70   20-Feb-71    
Hespe Darrell     PFC   1st   Dec-69 WIA by small arms fire on 18-Mar-70. Did not return to unit. Mar-70    
Hicks Harry     SGT Squad Leader     Feb-70   21-Feb-71    
Higgins John E.   SP4 11B20 4th       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Hindley Danny     SP4   2nd   Mar-70   20-Mar-71    
Hocutt John     SP4   1st   Jul-69   15-Jul-70    
Hodgkinson Terry Thomas   1LT Platoon Leader 1st   Mar-69   Mar-70 Novi MI
Hoekstra Henry     SSG   1st   Sep-69   4-Sep-70    
Hoff Gerald     SP4       Jun-69   29-Jun-70    
Hood Raymond     PFC       Apr-70   8-Apr-71    
Horn Jefferson F.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Horton Ronald Dean   SGT Squad Leader 3rd 2nd Mar-70 WIA 19-Jul-70 Prue OK
Hotaling Bruce   Moose PFC   1st   Nov-69   11-Nov-70    
House Kenneth     SGT       Jul-69   23-Jul-70    
House Terry     SP4   2nd   Dec-69   14-Dec-70    
Howenstine Ned     SGT   Weapons   Jul-69   17-Jul-70    
Hubert Robert A.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 26-Sep-68    
Hunter LaVar L. Lucky SGT Mortarman Weapons   Oct-70   9-Feb-71 Saint Anthony ID
Hunter Leonard     PFC   2nd   Jan-69   6-Jan-70    
Hust Steve     PFC       May-70   1-May71    
Irwin Carl H.   SP4 Pointman, Rifleman 3rd 1st   Ambushed by NVA in Horseshoe in Sept-69.   Louisville KY
Isom James     SP4   2nd   Dec-69   7-Dec-70    
Ivester James     SP4   2nd   Nov-69   22-Nov-70    
Jacks Elvis     PFC   Weapons   Apr-70   11-Apr-71    
Jackson George C.   SSG   1st         Troutdale OR
Jacobs Michael     PFC       May-70   1-May-71    
Jamoon Victor M.   SGT 11B40 2nd       DEROS 5-Oct-68    
Janes Ronnie Lee   SGT Rifleman 3rd 2nd Aug-69   Aug-69 Columbia KY
Jarvis Ronald Alan   PFC Rifleman     16-Oct-68 KIA 20-Dec-68   Ness City KS
Johnsen William Arthur   SP4       27-Mar-68   KIA 13-Jun-68 New York NY
Johnson Bruce     PFC       Oct-70     Minot ND
Jones Vancil     PFC       May-70   2-May-71    
Jordan Billy     SGT   2nd   Feb-70   10-Feb-71    
Jordan Winston     PFC             Elberton GA
Kakazu Sueo     PSG 11C4B HQ       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Kaltenbaugh Donald     2LT 1542 1st       DEROS 25-May-69    
Kapostasy Michael     SGT                
Kardos James Marion   PFC Rifleman     15-Aug-69 KIA 4-Sep-69   Charlottesville VA
Kayem Sam A.   PFC 91A10         DEROS 24-Apr-69    
Keller Michael J.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 14-Jan-69    
Kelly Cortez     SP4             Atlanta GA
Kelly Jimmy     SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 13-Jan-69    
Kerr Robert J.   SGT 11C40 4th       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Kettlewell John     1LT Platoon Leader 1st         Dayton OH
Kidd Albert     PFC   1st   Oct-69 WIA by booby trap on 14-Nov-69; WIA by small arms fire on 31-Dec-69. 4-0ct-70    
Klemme Delbert     SP4   2nd   Dec-69   14-Dec-70    
Klocke John A.   SGT                
Koontz Jerry     SP4 RTO 3rd   Jul-68   25-Jul-69    
Knutton Charles T.   PFC             Warwick RI
Laguna Arturo     SGT   2nd   Oct-69   25-Oct-70    
Lain Sammy     SP4       Jun-69   14-Jun-70    
Larry James O.   SGT                
Larson Mark Allan   PFC       14-Jul-70 KIA 22-Nov-70   Council Bluffs IA
Laughlin Joseph C.   SP4 11C20 HQ       DEROS 10-Jan-69    
Lawson Richard Arnold Rich SP4 Rifleman 3rd   Jul-71   Jul-72 New York NY
Leigey Earl E.   SGT   3rd   Sep-69   20-Sep-70    
Lemons Robert     SGT       Oct-69   4-Oct-70    
Leon William M.   SGT 11B40 1st       DEROS 18-Jul-69    
Lewis Lee     SGT       Jul-69   7-Jul-70    
Lewkowicz Thomas     PFC   Weapons   May-70   4-May-71    
Lichtneger Robert     1LT Company Commander CP   Aug-70 Transferred from A Company 2 days after CPT Sheppard was wounded. Became the Battalion S-5 in early October 7-Oct-70 Babylon NY
Linzey Donald     SP4   3rd   Dec-69   14-Dec-70    
Litwinsky Thomas     PFC   HQ   Jan-70   10-Jan-71    
Lundblade Paul     SP4 Pointman 3rd         Langley SC
Lynch John Joseph Johnboy PVT 11B10, M-60 Machinegunner 3rd 1st 4-an-69 Grew up real fast. 25-Dec-69 Queens, NYC NY
Maffit Robert     SGT   2nd   Feb-70   28-Feb-71    
Malara Anthony     SGT 11B40 1st       DEROS 19-Oct-68    
Martin Joseph Louis Joe SGT RTO HQ   22-Dec-67   5-May-68 Kansas City MO
Mason Earl Thomas   SP4   2nd   Nov-69   Nov-70 Nicholasville KY
Mathews Leonard     SSG 11B40              
Matula Robert J.   PFC       Oct-70     Hallettsville TX
Maynard John A.   SP4 11C20 4th       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
McBroom Randy M.   SP4                
McCarroll Dennis     PV2       Oct-70     Chicago IL
McClure Dwayne Charles   SP4       16-Dec-67 KIA 12-Apr-68   Portland OR
McConnell Richard     SGT                
McFarlane Winston     SP4                
McLain Bradley J.   SGT 11B40 1st   Oct-69 WIA 14-Nov-69 while walking point on Hill 241 in the Horseshoe.  Wounded the second time while working the border of Cambodia. Sep-70 Elkhart IN
McLeod Denny L.   PFC       Sep-70     Ashland KY
McMahon John     PFC   Weapons   Mar-70   3-Mar-71    
McPherson William     SP4   Weapons   Dec-69   8-Dec-70    
McQueen Michael Francis   1LT Platoon Leader 1st   18-Oct-69 Became Battalion S-5 7-Jun-70 Tampa FL
Meany William     PFC   Weapons         Grand Rapids MI
Mellett John     SP4   Weapons   Dec-69   9-Dec-70    
Mendoza Peter Acosta   PFC       14-Jan-68 KIA 12-Apr-68   Union City CA
Micetic Michael W.   SGT   3rd   Oct-70   4-Oct-70    
Milke Ruben K.   SP4 11C20 3rd       DEROS 8-Jan-69    
Miller James Gregory   1LT 1542     18-Mar-69 KIA 4-Jun-69   Newark OH
Miller Tim     PFC   Weapons   Mar-70   7-Mar-71    
Milliner Robert     PFC       28-Mar-68 KIA 16-Aug-68   New York NY
Mills Claude S.   SP4 11C20 4th       DEROS 16-Oct-68    
Mills James     SP4       Jul-69   27-Jul-70    
Moffett Lester Percy   PFC RTO 3rd   Oct-68   23-Dec-68 Silsbee TX
Moffitt James C.   PSG 11B4B 2nd       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Molina Danny     SGT 11B40 3rd       DEROS 11-Oct-68    
Moore John     2LT             Liberty MO
Moran Patrick J.   SP4 RTO Weapons         Chicago IL
Morawski Chester     SGT   Weapons         Chicago IL
Morgan Silas     SP4       Jul-70   8-Jul-70    
Morris Frederick     SGT 11B40 1st       DEROS 9-Sep-68    
Mulcahy John Edwin Charle   SP4       6-Dec-67 KIA 24-Apr-68   Baltimore MD
Murphy David     SGT   1st   Jan-70   23-Jan-70    
Murphy Robert Phillip   SGT Weapons 4th   5-Jan-69   5-Jan-70 Cortland OH
Naasz Emil John   1LT Platoon Leader & XO 2nd   26-Nov-69 KIA 5-Sep-70   Wolf Point MT
Neiswonger Glenn     SP4   Weapons   Oct-69   22-Oct-70    
Nelson Richard     PFC                
Nelson Robert     PFC   3rd   Mar-70   18-Mar-71    
Nelson Terry     SP4   Weapons   Jul-69   15-Jul-70    
Nethken Norman E.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 26-Mar-69    
Neu William Allen   PFC Rifleman     26-Aug-70 KIA 12-Oct-70   Overland MO
Nichols Thomas     SGT   Weapons   Jan-70   10-Jan-71    
Nolan Tim                      
O'Farril Ramon     PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 5-Mar-69    
Odea Thomas Patrick   SP4 Rifleman     15-Dec-68 KIA 24-May-69   Decatur GA
Olson Lawrence     SP4   1st   Sep-69   8-Sep-70    
Olson William Craig   SGT Rifleman     20-Dec-68 KIA 15-Jan-69   Russell PA
Olyer Edward J.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 29-Sep-68    
Orr Brian Stanley   CPL       15-Dec-69 KIA (Died of wounds on 12-May-70)   Waitsfield VT
Osburn Jay G.   SP4                
Pace Donald     SP4   1st   Oct-69   1-Oct-70    
Painer Michael S.   PFC 11B10 HQ       DEROS 15-Jan-69    
Painter Frederick     SSG   HQ   Aug-69   2-Aug-70    
Parker Jerry D.   SGT   2nd   Oct-69   1-Oct-70    
Parker William     SGT                
Parks Willie J.   SP4                
Peirson Dwight Q.   PFC 11C10 4th       DEROS 13-Apr-69    
Pemble Jack     SP4 RTO 1st   Sep-69   22-Sep-70    
Pharr James B.   SP4 91B20 1st       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Picard Hermon W.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 29-Sep-68    
Pierce Dale A.   PFC 91A10 1st       DEROS 18-Apr-69    
Pickelman Russell Thomas Russ SGT Team Leader 2nd 2nd 16-Dec-67   Sep-68 Auburn MI
Pina Victoriano     SP4   Weapons   Jul-69   27-Jul-70    
Podesta Joseph A.   SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 31-Aug-68    
Poitros Johney R.   SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 30-Nov-68    
Polomo Marcelino T.   SP4       Oct-70     Hondo TX
Post Thomas Frank   CPL 13A20 HQ   18-Jan-68 KIA 3-Sep-68   West Islip NY
Pridgen Michael     SGT                
Pristas Joseph     SGT Squad Leader 1st   Dec-69   8-Dec-70    
Prochaska Donald J.     Rifleman 2nd 1st 23-Jul-68   24-Jul-69 David City NE
Pyle Elmer     SP4   3rd   Aug-69   31-Aug-70    
Raiford Michael Warren Alabama SGT Squad Leader   2nd Mar-69   11-Feb-70 Tallassee AL
Rainbolt Frank J.   SP4                
Rawlings William Robert Lobo SGT Squad Leader 1st 2nd Oct-68   Oct-69 Eunice NM
Reynolds Frank J.   SP4                
Rice James L.   SGT                
Richards Gerald     SGT   2nd   Jan-70   8-Jan-71    
Rinenour David K.   SP5 71H20 HQ       DEROS 1-Dec-68    
Robinson J. B. Redleg Robbie SP4   CP   2-Jan-71   Oct-71 Plano TX
Robinson Sonny     PFC       Aug-69   24-Aug-70    
Rodriguez Benjamin     SP4                
Rodriguez Louis     SFC Rifleman     27-Sep-68 KIA 20-Dec-68   Ambridge PA
Rodriguez Radamfs     PFC   2nd       DEROS 23-Mar-69    
Rojas, Jr. Ernesto     PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 23-Mar-69    
Roland Vincent     SGT       Oct-69   13-Oct-70    
Rose Jerry Gene   PFC Rifleman     19-Jun-69 KIA 13-Jul-69   Cleveland OH
Rozow John     SP4       18-Dec-68 KIA 12-May-69   South Bend IN
Russell Victor J.   1LT Platoon Leader 2nd   Jul-69   Jul-70    
Ryan Frank   Blondie SGT RTO 1st 1st 20-Sep-68 Carried radio for CPT John Walker. 10-Sep-69 Brockton MA
Sable Edward D.   SP4                
Sager Andrew J.   SGT                
Salazar Manuel     PFC   1st   Dec-69   17-Dec-70    
Salo Pekka     PFC 11C10 4th       DEROS 22-Mar-69    
Salvatore Thomas Anthony   PFC Rifleman     4-Aug-69 KIA 6-Sep-69   Waimea HI
Sanchez Aloysius J.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Sanders Mark C.   SGT                
Santee Henry Edward   SP4 11B10     21-Sep-70 KIA 24-Dec-70   Hattiesburg MS
Sarti Albert     SGT 11B40 3rd       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Satkunas Stephen     SP4   HQ       DEROS 12-Jan-69    
Saunders Isaiah     SP4   2nd   Nov-68   5-Nov-69    
Scales Truman     SP4                
Schoonmaker Robert Wyatt Schoonie PFC Rifleman     23-Jan-69   26-Aug-70 Baltimore MD
Schroeder Michael     SP4                
Schwartz George     PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 13-Jul-69    
Scipioni Lonnie     SP4   1st         Hibbing MN
Scott Edwin L.     SGT 11B40 3rd     DEROS 17-Jun-69    
Sedlmeyer Robert R.   SP4 Rifleman 2nd   15-Aug-68   15-Aug-69 Redford Township MI
Seekamp Robert Lee Roy   PFC Rifleman     13-Jun-69 KIA 19-Jul-69   Kendall WI
Sell John         Weapons            
Shackelford Jimmie     1LT XO         1-Aug-70    
Shaheen Charles Albert Chuck SGT Rifleman 3rd 1st 25-Oct-68   18-Oct-69 Altoona PA
Shea Robert B.   PFC 11C10 HQ       DEROS 10-Apr-69    
Sheehan James Raymond Jim SP4 11B20, Rifleman, RTO 3rd   10-Jan-68 WIA Mar-68. Wounded 13-Jun-68 in mortar attack on South China Sea beach, MedEvac'd to field hospital (then to Da Nang and Cam Ranh Bay), returned to Delta company about 5 weeks later. 7-Jan-69 Bloomfield Hills MI
Sheppard Harry G.   CPT 1193, FO, Platoon Leader, & Company Commander 3rd Platoon in 68   Mar-68 and Jan-70 WIA Aug-70 Sep-68 and Aug-70    
Sherer Robert     SGT       Jul-69   5-Jul-70    
Sherrill Michael     SGT   3rd   Feb-70   3-Feb-71    
Shumaker Scott     PFC       Apr-70   28-Apr-71    
Simo Joseph Peter   SP4 Gunner on 81mm Mortar Weapons 1st 8-Jan-68 WIA 10-Jul-68 by schrapnel from booby trap. SGT William Trujillo was KIA. Also WIA Oct-68. 7-Jan-69 Brooklyn NY
Simon Richard     PFC   3rd   Sep-68   10-Sep-70    
Singletary James     SGT   Weapons   Jan-70   4-Jan-70    
Singleton Kevin L.   PVT 11B10 HQ       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Skonronski Albert     PFC 11C20         DEROS 5-Apr-69    
Smallwood William     PFC 11B10 4th       DEROS 68    
Smith David     PFC   2nd   Dec-70   14-Dec-70    
Smith Duran Edwin Smith PFC Rifleman 2nd 3rd 15-Jan-68 I arrived on Jan. 15 and served with Delta Co. until Feb. 20 68 when I transferred to Recon Plt. They returned from Pinkville about half strength and was requesting volunteers. I was in SGT. Harvey's squad with Curtis Wright, John Mulkahy, Johnny Walker and Ramon Ruiz? Our bunker overlooked the helipad built by the engineers. 20-Feb-68 Newnan GA
Smith Russell     PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Smith Terry L.   PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 24-Jul-69    
Smith Winston Craig Smitty SGT Squad Leader, RTO, Sniper, & Rifleman 2nd   19-Oct-70   19-Oct-71 Lancaster OH
Soliz Arthur     PFC   Weapons   Jan-67   Jan-68    
Springer Michael L.   PFC       Sep-70     Columbus Ohio
Spry Michael P.     SGT 11B40 2nd     DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Stearns Lawrence Paul Larry SP4 Rifleman, Demolitions 3rd 4th 26-Aug-70   26-Aug-71 Minneapolis MN
Steele Harold     1SG Company First Sergeant HQ   Dec-69   28-Dec-70    
Steele Reginald     PFC 36K20 HQ       DEROS 25-Jun-69    
Stephens St. Clair     SP4   Weapons   Mar-70   1-Mar-71    
Sterens Wayne     SP4       Oct-70     Avilla IN
Sterling Richard     PFC 11B10         DEROS 4-Aug-69    
Stewert Morris     SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 11-Jan-69    
Still John N.   PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 24-Jul-69    
Stinson Robert L.   SP4                
Stoner Jimmy M.   PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 13-Jul-69    
Styles David Ira   SP4 Medical Aidman attached to D Co.     15-Oct-68 KIA 29-Mar-69   Philomath OR
Supulski Leo     SGT Squad Leader 1st   Jun-69   7-Jun-70    
Suttles Glen Oliver Ollie SP4 11B20 3rd   3-Mar-70   4-71 Chesterfield IL
Swain David R.   SP4                
Swoish Larry E.   SP4                
Sykes Eric Christopher   PFC Rifleman 2nd 2nd 21-Sep-68   14-Sep-69 Dayton OH
Taormina Robert Joseph   SGT Squad Leader 1st   6-Oct-68 Wounded by a grenade explosion on 20-Dec-68.  A squad patrol was sent out from the 1st Platoon in the morning and was ambushed.  The pointman Wayne Crandell was KIA by enemy fire, and Darrell Stowe was also wounded by the grenade blast. 5-Oct-69 West New York NJ
Taylor James     SSG Platoon Sergeant Weapons   Jun-69   6-Jun-70    
Taylor Omer L.   PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 24-Jul-69    
Taylor Richard     1LT 1542 HQ       DEROS 5-Jun-69    
Taylor Russell W.   PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 12-Jan-69    
Tedrow William     PFC   3rd   Jan-70   11-Jan-71    
Tenorio Diego     PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 24-Jul-69    
Terry Frank     SP4 Rifleman/M-79 Gunner 1st   7-Sep-69 WIA by booby-trap on 14-Nov-69 6-Sep-70   MS
Teunissen Kenneth L.   SP4   2nd   Dec-69   17-Dec-70    
Thomas Gantt     SP4   2nd   Jan-69   16-Jun-69    
Thomas Michael L.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 10-Jan-69    
Thomason Charles     SP4   2nd   Aug-69   24-Aug-70    
Thomasson Robert A. Red SGT Mortarman, RTO, Squad Leader Weapons   Jul-70   Sep-71 Livermore KY
Thompson Bobby     SP4   3rd   Nov-69   24-Nov-70    
Thompson Gary     SGT                
Tilley Jack M.   PSG 11C4B 4th       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Tivis Johnny Earl   CPL       31-Aug-70 KIA 30-Jan-71   Rosemond CA
Todd William T.   SP4                
Tolsdorf Gerald     SP4       Sep-69   9-Sep-70    
Toonkel Benjamin Richard   SP4 11B20 1st   27-Mar-68 KIA 6-Sep-68    New York NY
Torkelson Ronald     SGT 11B40 2nd       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Traylor Willie I.   PVT 11B10 3rd       DEROS 29-Nov-68    
Trimarche Charles     SP4   3rd   Nov-69   8-Nov-70    
Trujillo William Owen   SGT Mortarman Weapons   6-Dec-67 KIA 10-Jul-68   North Vernon IN
Trusty Michael Jefferson   PFC Rifleman     27-Jul-69 KIA 6-Sep-69   Taylors SC
Turner Kenneth     SP4   3rd   Nov-69   8-Nov-70    
Turner Lawrence E.   SP4             Bates City MO
Tuttle Alfred Joseph   SP4       22-Oct-70 KIA 11-Sep-71   Union Village VT
Urell Michael G.   PFC 11C10 4th       DEROS 22-Jun-69    
Vance Roy     SP4   3rd   Jul-69   27-Jul-70    
Van Duzer Ronald Lee   CPL Rifleman     18-Mar-69 KIA 23-Jun-69   Wadsworth OH
Vaughn Clayton Denver Clay SGT Rifleman/Squad Leader 2nd   13-Sep-70   13-Sep-71 Franklin NC
Vazquez-Nieves Ramon Luis   SP4 Rifleman     3-Sep-68 KIA 28-May-69   Puerto Nuevo PR
Vega Nelson C.   SP4 11C20 4th       DEROS 4-Nov-68    
Verry/TD> Frederick Alfred   SP4       26-Mar-69 KIA 4-Jun-69   Jamestown NY
Wagner Gerald R.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 13-Jan-69    
Wakeling Victor K.   1LT Platoon Leader Weapons       3-Oct-70    
Walker Johnny C.   PFC 11C10 1st       DEROS 5-Dec-68    
Walker William L.   SP4                
Wallace Claude     SP4   2nd   Sep-69   7-Sep-70    
Wampler Elwood P.   PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 12-Jul-69    
Warner James A.   PFC 11C10 4th       DEROS 24-Jul-69    
Washington Douglas Mac   SGT       6-Dec-67 Died of Wounds 6-Jun-68   Waterproof LA
Watkins John T.   PFC 11C10 3rd       DEROS 7-Apr-69    
Watson Leonard     PFC   Weapons   Apr-70   29-Apr-71    
Webb Larry     SP4                
Weidle Robert James   PFC 11D10     20-Jul-70 KIA 2-Sep-70   Cornwells Heights PA
Wheelan John L.   SGT 11B40 2nd       DEROS 11-Jun-69    
Wheeler Arland     1SG 11C50 HQ       DEROS 1-Aug-69    
Wheeler Gary     PFC   1st   Dec-69 WIA from small arms fire on 12-May-70. Did not return to unit. May-70    
Whitcomb Roger     1LT 1542 3rd       DEROS 15-May-69    
White Howard     SP4   Weapons   Dec-70   10-Dec-70    
Whiting Michael     SP4   2nd   Jun-69   9-Jun-70    
Wilkins Michael Lee   SP4 Rifleman     25-Aug-68 KIA 29-Mar-69   Portland OR
Williams Donald     SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 10-Jan-69    
Williams Woodrow A.   SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 6-Jan-69    
Wilson William Robert   1LT 1542     11-Dec-68 KIA 25-Mar-69   Alma AR
Winne Danny     SP4       Jul-69   8-Jul-70    
Wobig Alfred William WO SGT Platoon Leader Weapons   Jul-68   11-Apr-69 Granada Hills CA
Wold William C.   PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 23-Jul-69    
Woznuk Raymond     SP4       Aug-69   17-Aug-70    
Wright Curtis Ronald   SP4       6-Dec-67 KIA 24-Apr-68   Columbia SC
Wright John C.   PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 10-Jan-69    
Yontz Stephen Leo   SGT       22-Sep-69 KIA 12-May-70   Horseheads NY
Young Barry E.   SSG 11B40 3rd       DEROS 27-May-69    
Young Gary Michael   SGT Squad Leader, Platoon SGT, Platoon Leader 1st 1st Jan-70   Dec-70 Pawhuska OK
Young Walter     SP4   2nd   Aug-69   31-Aug-70    
Ziech William     SGT   1st   Mar-70   13-Mar-71    
Zwart Arvin     SGT   3rd   Jan-70   9-Jan-71    

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