Echo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry

This (outdated) FSB Hill 4-11 Roster for Echo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry was used to list all known veterans who served with the unit during the Vietnam War, regardless of time and place.

Echo Company was composed of the Recon, 4.2 Mortars, and Snoopy69 platoons.  The Snoopy platoon was responsible for mine sweeping and demolition for FSB Hill 4-11, and also responsible for a jeep mounted Xeon searchlight.

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Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
Date Arrived
Date Departed
Home Town
Home State
Amos Mike     CPL   Recon 1st Mar-70   Mar-70    
Anderson John     SP4                
Armes Bobby Wayne   CPL 13E40, Intelligence Specialist Recon   7-Feb-69 KIA 3-Aug-69   Sophia WV
Badanjak Robert G.   SP4                
Ballard Mark     SGT Rifleman Recon   Aug-69   Aug-70 Detroit MI
Barber Roy K.   SP4                
Bauman Terry R.   SGT 11F40              
Berger Gregory L.   SP4                
Bohling Alfred C.   SGT 11F40              
Bogle Eric W. Beagle SSG Recon Team Recon   10-Oct-69   28-May-71 Boston MA
Booty Milton R.   SGT 11F40              
Bourcier Denis   Rocky SGT Sniper     9-Jan-70   26-Nov-70 Ludlow MA
Bradshaw Donald E.   SGT 11F40, Squad Leader Recon   May-70 It was my turn to take my sqaud out on road security on 3-Oct-70.  I had a lot of "new boots" that day.  That was the day we lost the "duster" to a land mind.  The two mine sweeps and I walked right over the thing Apr-71 Eugene OR
Bridger David C.   PFC 11E10              
Brotherton Gary L.   SP4                
Brumley Billy D.   1LT Platoon Leader Recon       21-Oct-70    
Cabe Danny     PFC   Recon 1st Mar-70   Mar-70    
Carroll Clyde Henry   1LT Company Commander CP   Dec-67 Deployed from Hawaii Dec 67 with 11th, assumed Company Commander within 10 days after arrival. I rotated back stateside for discharge June 10 1968. Jun-68 Farmington AR
Carter Willie     SP4       Sep-70     Lumberton NC
Casper Earl       SP4              
Coe James G.   CPT Company Commander         25-Oct-70    
Coffey Thomas H.   PFC         WIA 1-Mar-69      
Cole Michael Kenneth Iron Mike SP4 Mortarman 1st 1st 21-Dec-67 With the 4.2 Mortar in Nam. On gun Number One. 15-Dec-68 Vallejo CA
Cothron Larry H.   SP4                
Coyne Thomas G. Quarterboy SP4 Recon Recon   19-Jul-69   20-Sep-70 Hightstown NJ
Crites Larry   Chickenman SGT M60 Gunner Recon   Dec-69 Began second tour in 69.  Was considered the old guy at 21, wow!! Met and made new friends on 4-11 and after 32 years I still can see theirr faces.  Hooya! Nov-70    
Davis Randy Mayo   SSGT       11-Dec-69 KIA (Died of wounds on 13-May-70)   Bishopville SC
Dollarhide Larry     SP4 RTO Recon 1st 1-Nov-69   28-Oct-70 Chadwick MO
Endler Edward J.   PFC       Oct-70     Evanston IL
Fierros Daniel T.   Platoon SGT                
Franklin Elbert Ray Chickenman SGT 4.2 Mortar FDC Squad Leader CP   25-Aug-70 Firebase surrounded and could not get resupplied. Ended in a night assault on OP Legionnaire. 24-Aug-71 Pasadena TX
Gauthier Patrick     E-5 Company Clerk     Nov-68 WIA 19-May-69 by mortar attack on LZ Bronco Nov-69 Lafayette LA
Gordon Roger L.   SP4                
Hallum Larry Vernon   SP4   Recon   6-Jun-69   11-Dec-69 Bakersfield CA
Hanger Dennis Lee   SGT 11F40, RTO Recon   Nov-70 While with Recon, a large weapons cache of RPG, mortar, and 51 cal. machine-gun rounds was found. 12-Jun-71 Everett WA
Harbour Oscar A.   1SG       Oct-70     Eldorado AR
Harrison Freeman M.   1LT Platoon Leader 4.2 Mortar       3-Oct-70    
Haufe David L.   PFC       Oct-70     Marion WI
Henkle Geoffrey D.   PFC   Recon         Beaumont CA
Hicks James Larry   CPL Rifleman     16-Jul-69 KIA 1-Aug-69   Hilham TN
Hoffman Howard T.   SP4 RTO Recon 1st 1-Jul-69 Took an AK round in the shoulder when we were up on Nui Mat one morning. It was the proverbial "million dollar wound", it got me out of out of country, out of the war and out of the Army. 9-Oct-69 Costa Mesa CA
Jarvela Nicholas   Nick SGT 11F40 Recon   15-Dec-67 Ha Thanh Recon Patrols from Special Forces Camp. Sept-68 lost SFC McKenzie and PFC Miller (KIA), Willett and Toenneson (WIA). We looked for Charlie and found him. 15-Nov-68 Wakefield MI
Johnson Leon     SP4                
Kame Alfred     SP4                
Kibby James R. Super Straight Foul Dude CPL RTO Recon   Feb-70   Jan-71 Hilton NY
Kishell, Jr. Edmund B.   SGT                
Laun Herbert E.   2LT Platoon Leader 4.2 Mortars       22-Jan-71    
Lee Lansing     SSG 11F40 Recon   Sep-70   Jul-71 Richmond CA
Lee Michael             Mar-68   Feb-69    
LeLange John E.   PFC       Sep-70     Cleveland OH
Lipschitz Ronald A. Ron SP4 Supply     24-Sep-68 Injured on a Supply convoy. 12-Jan-69 Bronx NY
Lucast David     1LT XO         29-Sep-70    
Marotz Loy William   1LT Company Commander Recon   1-May-70   Nov-70 Lincoln NE
McCracken Robert D.                    
McFarlane Glen     SP4 RTO Recon 1st 2-Dec-69 Wounded by sniper fire near the Horseshoe on 2-Apr-70.  VC shot him with one round from an M-60.  Medivaced and returned to "the world" for recovery.  Glen says "I want to thank all the guys for helping me in my time of need." Apr-70 Sacramento CA
McKinney Dale H.   SGT 11F40 Recon   May-70   Feb-71 Gladbrook IA
Morton Bruce     SP4 Mortarman Weapons   16-May-69 Transfered in from Bravo Co. 1st Sgt said he was sorry that Recon was full and did I know anything about Mortars? Well, lets just say I never had to go to the field again. I was on Charlie Brown and then 4-11 until my time was up. 18-Oct-69 Louisville KY
Murray Patrick J.   SP4           22-Oct-70    
Neuhalfen Dale R.   PFC       Sep-70     Granville ND
Nichols Michael     PFC                
Noakes Donald B.   SP4           19-Oct-70    
Palmer, Sr. William J.   SP4 Rifleman Recon 1st Dec-69 WIA Feb-70 Orleans MI
Parker Leo O. SP4         25-Jul-70     Pawhuska OK
Parrish Joseph Andrew Joe SP4 RTO Recon 1st 9-Sep-69 I was right beside Bobby (Robert) Sheppard Jr. when he was hit. 9-Sep-70 Sunnyvale CA
Petrey Jimmy Calvin   SGT Rifleman 1st 4th Oct-70   Oct-71 Miles TX
Petty Thomas E. Tom 1LT Company Commander HQ   15-Dec-68 WIA 8-Jan-69, 10-Apr-69, and 20-Jul-69 15-Dec-69 Oklahoma City OK
Pickett Patrick A.   SGT 11F40              
Pritchard James W.   SP4   Snoop69   Jan-70   Dec-70    
Ramirez Ramon Gil Jack of all Traits SP4 4.2 Mortar 3rd 1st 1-Jun-68 Arrived on convoy trucks to LZ Dragon awarded CIB for for returning fire with our 4/2 mortars directed at the beach area 7-4-68.  Remained on the hill for several months until our unit got word we would be going on operation.  Left Dragon and started operations on LZs Chevy, Cork, Charlie Brown and returned to LZ Bronco for my last 30 days in country.  Did mostly bunker guard duty in the trenches facing the West side of Bronco, was there when Tet-Offensive started and the V/C let us know they where still around.  Saw our medical tent go up by a B40 Rocket. 20-Jun-69 San Pedro CA
Ratliff Norman Leon Rat SGT 11B40, M-60 Gunner Recon   11-Sep-70   11-Sep-71 Troy Mills IA
Richardson Robert     SP4 Rifleman Recon 1st 14-Jul-69   16-Sep-70 Darlington SD
Rocha Robert     SP4       Sep-70     Los Angeles CA
Rucker Tinsley     1LT       Sep-70     White Plains NY
Severud James     SP4                
Sheppard, Jr. Robert Lee   SP4 Rifleman     14-Jul-69 KIA 7-Oct-69   Millville NJ
Smith David H.   1LT             Mesa AZ
Smith Dove R.   SGT                
Smith Duran Edwin Smitty PFC Rifleman Recon 3rd 20-Feb-68 Came to Recon from Delta Co. Feb. 1968. Operated from LZ Liz home base of Recon. Patrolled Red Hills, Carenten beach area, Charlie Brown, and Ha Thanh. Wounded at Ha Thanh 16-Jul-68 by punji stake. Left unit 18-Dec-68 for 30 days leave and returned to Vietnam for second tour. 18-Dec-68 Newnan GA
Smith Gregory A.   1LT Platoon Leader Recon   Jan-69   2-Jan-70 Webster Groves MO
Smith Michael     SP4                
Spiewak Peter Robert Speedy SP4   2nd   22-Jan69   21-Jan-70 Pittsfield MA
Stoodley Thomas     SP4                
Strickland Anthony T.   SGT                
Sula Terry F.   SGT Comm/Supply     7-Jul-68   5-Jul-69 Broadview IL
Taylor Bobby L.   PFC                
Thieme Steve     SP4                
Thomas James Michael Jim SGT 4 Deuce Squad Leader and Battalion Demolitions Mortar   2-Aug-69 WIA 13-Jan-70 and 10-May-70 20-Sep-70 Olathe KS
Thomas John Gary John Gary SGT Squad Leader Recon 1st 3-Oct-69 WIA by booby-trap 3-Apr-70 Fitzgerald GA
Thomas Wayne R.   SGT       Oct-70     Pine Bluff AR
Thompson Robert     PFC       Sep-70     Erie PA
Vitters Alan G.   1LT Platoon Leader Recon       Dec-70   NY
Voelker Gary S.   SGT                
Wakeling Victor     1LT Company Commander         3-Oct-70    
Walker Jr. Robert Lamont   CPL       20-Sep-70 KIA 8-Jan-71   Vandergrift PA
Wilkins Alan Roy Winkel SP4 Mortarman 3rd 4th 20-Sep-69   21-Oct-70 Middleton MA
Wosick Dennis Stanley   SP4       8-Dec-68 KIA 6-Jun-69   Grand Forks ND
Yamada Paul H.   1LT                
Yelvington Charles D. Chuck SP4   Recon 2nd 0ct-69   16-Oct-70 Irvine TX
Zimmer John     PFC   Recon 1st Mar-70   Mar-70 Rochester NY

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