E Troop, 1st Cavalry

This (outdated) FSB Hill 4-11 Roster for E Troop, 1st Cavalry was used to list all known veterans in the unit who supported the 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry during the Vietnam War, regardless of time and place.

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Last Name First Name Middle Name Nickname Rank Specialty Platoon Squad Date Arrived Events Date Departed Home Town Home State
Benoist, II William F.   SP4       23-Oct-69 KIA 2-Sep-70   Winnetka IL
Blankenship James A.   SP4   3rd   2-Sep-70   2-Sep-71 Riddle OR
Bryant Harold Gene Gene SP4 M-60 Gunner Track 20 2nd 2nd 18-Aug-68 I arrived in country just as most of the original guys were DEROSing home.  Rode on and created the " Happimess is a Warm Gun " track. 17-Aug-69 Plymouth MI
Capistran Richard W. Dick SP4 APC Driver/Gunner 1st   69 WIA 10-Nov-69 in an ambush during a morning mine sweep between LZ Charlie Brown and Lo Boy. 70 Woonsocket RI
Clark John Thomas   SP4 Tank Gunner 2nd   26-Oct-69 Gunner for Tank 25 in SGT Orum's platoon. Involved in action around Hill 4-11 in August and September. Wounded on September 2,1970. Tank took an RPG hit. Sent to Hawk Hill. 17-Oct-70 Philadelphia PA
Corbett Tom F.   SP4 APC Driver and Gunner 1st   5-Jun-69 WIA Jun-69 when an APC hit a mine on a sweap near Mo Duc.  On Hill 4-11 when sappers first hit. 5-Jun-70 Darby PA
Cowles Robert K.   SGT E 2nd   3-Mar-68   27-Feb-69 Springfield IL
Cronkwrite James L. Sparky SP4 11D10, M-113 Driver/Gunner 1st   5-Jun-69   7-Jul-70 Elmira NY
Crow Rodger Pinkney   SP4 11D20     20-Aug-69 KIA 30-Aug-70   Decatur AL
DiMatteo Guy Anthony   SP4 M-60 Machine Gunner HQ 4th 21-Dec-67 Quang Ngai Province/My Lai on Feb 9-12, 1968:  Ed Walters' track hit by 2 recoiless rifle rounds; barely got out of there. 6-Jan-69 Pittsburgh PA
Gillette Jack W.   SP4 Left Gunner on Platoon Leader Track 1st 1st 30-Jun-68 Spent 1st part of tour with 5th INF DIV. Wounded-in-Action on 6/9/69. Our LT was on his first day of combat. He was KIA on this date. Met him around 0930 he and he was gone at around 1350, when we charged an NVA Regiment size of troops. We took 2 rounds from a RPG or recoiless rifle. I would like to thank you grunts who came down the hill and helped us out of the track. 9-Jun-69 Huntington WV
Gonzales Sam S.   E-4 M-60 Sr. Gunner w/Platoon Leader 2nd E-20 Apr-69 Night perimeter security, east side and daily security for marine engineers who cleared land with bulldozers as far as the eye could see around FSB 4-11. Apr-70 Monrovia CA
LaFollette Michael H. Mike SP4 11D20 2nd & HQ   5-Jan-69   5-Jan-70 Lawrenceburg IN
Hamm Richard Raymond Dick SP4 11D20 3rd   Apr-68   May-69 Hastings MI
Keena Michael C.   SP4 11D20 1st   24-Oct-68   24-Oct-69 Brooklyn NY
Lees Paul Eric   CPL       3-Aug-69 KIA (Died of wounds on 5-Feb-70)   Cuyahoga Falls OH
Lord Kenneth P.   (LTC, Retired) Troop Commander 1204/31   Jun-70 Commanded E Troop from June-August 1970.  Participated in opening road to Minh Long.  Reassigned Bde S4. Participated Lam Son 719 as Bde S4.  Closed FSB Bronco. Jun-71 Williamsport TN
Mead, Jr. Sammy Louis   SP4 11B20     28-Aug-68 KIA 3-Jun-69   Pleasant Hope MO
Meynardie Larry Leon   SP4       Jun-69   11-Jun-70 Virginia Beach VA
Moutschka Steve Ray Blue PFC Rifleman Recon   1-Jan-69   Jan-70 Portland OR
Phillips Ralph Harold Pappy SP4 Machine Gunner 3rd   25-Mar-69   25-Aug-69 Shelby OH
Polzin Henry Clarence   CPL       10-May-69 KIA 31-Jul-69 when his APC hit a mine   New Ulm MN
Schulte Alvin Clayton   1LT   2nd   15-Nov-68 KIA 28-Mar-69   Louisville KY
Sheldon Ronald Joseph Thumper     1st   22-Jan-69   21-Jan-70 San Leandro CA
Simmons Jimmie D.       1st   Dec-67   Sep-68    
Stewart Neil M. Short Timer SGT 11D40 2nd   Oct-70 TC of E-23, FUJIMO or SHORT TIMERS INC. Wounded at Horseshoe Sept 2, 1970. Among the first sent to Hawk Hill. 10-Oct-70   CA
Tobiassen Eric     SP4 M60 Gunner     Dec-67 Pearl Harbor to Qui Nhon boat ride with the typhoon remnants in the Philippines.&nbps; "Road Running" Highway around the clock during TET 1968. Dec-68 Melrose MA
Vasil Henry   Hank SP4 11D20     Mar-69 WIA 10-Nov-69 in an ambush during a morning mine sweep between LZ Charlie Brown and Lo Boy.   Brook Park OH
Walburn Dan W. Stretch SGT Tank Commander 2nd Platoon   2-Feb-70   15-Jan-71 Midland MI
Watson Richard F.     Platoon Leader, XO     20-Jan-70 Involved in action around Hill 4-11 in August and September 1970. 15-Dec-71 Greenville SC
Woodham Larry                      
Wosick Dennis Stanley   SP4       8-Dec-68 KIA 6-Jun-69   Grand Forks ND

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