Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry

This (outdated) FSB Hill 4-11 Roster for Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry was used to list all known veterans who served with the unit during the Vietnam War, regardless of time and place.

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Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
Date Arrived
Date Departed
Home Town
Home State
Allen Reginald M.   SP4                
Almony Roy F. Doc SP4 Medical Aidman attached to 3rd Platoon, 1st Squad of C Company, 3rd/1st     Mar-70 WIA Aug-70 Jan-71 Baltimore MD
Ambrose George Louis Doc SP5 Medical Platoon SGT, Attached to 3rd Platoon and CP of Bravo Company from 30-Jan-70 to 14-Sep-70 Medical   Dec-69   Nov-70 Union City NJ
Anderson Robert     SP4                
Arroyo Manuel     SP5 Clinical Specialist/Medical Aidman           Pacioma CA
Bainbridge James K.   CPT Company Commander     Oct-68   Oct-69 Little Rock AK
Baker Kyle G.   SP4 Medical Aidman           Richmond VA
Baron Joseph     SP5 Medical Aidman           Chandler AZ
Barrett John Daniel   PFC Rifleman, Driver     6-Aug-70 KIA 12-Nov-70   Wichita Falls TX
Baskett Kenneth G. Ken CPT Company Commander     15-Jan-67   15-Feb-69 Kansas City MO
Batholomew Kenneth     SP4 Medical Aidman attached to D Company, 3rd Platoon     Apr-69   19-Apr-70    
Beattie Lyle Gene   SP4 Commo RTO     Oct-68 I made it home because of my friends like: Larry Bertagna (Hill 4-11 7/27/69 KIA) and Ray Kozik (LZ Cork 1/20/69 KIA).  They never did like so many others I can't remember.  That's why we need to keep records like this so no one ever forgets. 16-Nov-69 Avondale AZ
Benedict William     SP5                
Bennett Richard     SP5                
Benzing Ronald Wayne Ron CPT Chaplain     11-Nov-68 Chaplain when LTC Coverdale was wounded, LTC Pritchard was killed, LZ Cork was overrun, and LZ 411 was built. 10-Nov-69 Hamilton OH
Betourne Jerome M.   SSG       Sep-70     Mantend IL
Birchett John A.   SP4 Medical Aidman attached to D Company, 2nd Platoon     6-Dec-69 Awarded Bronze Star w/ "V" device 11-Feb-70.  First daughter was born on 2-Sep-70 while John was in country. 11-Nov-70 Bowling Green KY
Bittle Byron     SP4                
Blaszkowski John Michale SGT Ski SGT RTO     10-Jun-70   26-Jun-71 Jupiter FL
Boicourt Nelson A.   SSG Medical Platoon Sergeant           Indianapolis IN
Bowey       SGT                
Bradley Claude A.   SP4 91B20, Medical Aidman     Sep-70     Fisherville KY
Bridge Richard Wayne Golden Gate SP4 Communications Commo   4-Apr-69 Richard arrived on FSB 4-11 the day after SGT Lawrence Bertagna was killed in a recoiless rifle attack on the hill the night before. Apr-70 Los Angeles CA
Brown Banzet L.   PFC Medical Aidman              
Brown Merle     SP4                
Brumley William     1LT S2, Tactial Operations         21-Oct-70 Dallas TX
Buckley Patrick A.   PFC 19A10              
Butz Clair Bernard   SFC 54E40     1-Aug-69 Died from Accident 6-Jan-70   Ford City PA
Buys Marty W. Doc SP5 Medical Aidman attached to the D Company, 3rd Platoon     Jul-69   Dec-69    
Bye Ronald L.   PFC Truck Driver           Woodstock IL
Carlen Thomas F.   PV2 Medical Aidman           Chicago IL
Caudron John Armand Jiggs SP4 Aerial Observer/Intelligence     Apr 68 After Quang Ngai battle, August 68, was transferred to HHC, 11th LIB.  Flew 39 missions S-2 Air, Liasson team member to aid ARVN in setting up basecamps, and coordinated Infantry Unit activity at the Brigade TOC. Apr 69 Wrightwood CA
Clark Robert J.   SP5 91C20              
Coapman Robert     SP4 Truck Driver              
Coe James G.   CPT                
Collier John     SP5                
Coulter Anthony John Tony SP4 Medical Aidman attached to 3rd Platoon, 1st Squad of Delta Company           North Little Rock; AR
Cournoyer Richard Russell Nooktra SP4       Jun-70   Jun-71 Pittville WI
Cox Jessie L.   SP4                
Crawhorn Ralph     SP4 Truck Driver           Nineveh IN
Culbertson Roger A.   LTC Battalion Commander         14-Sep-70    
Dalme Hideaki     PFC           17-Oct-70    
Dang Michael H.   CPT Battalion Surgeon       Oct-70 Jun-71    
DeBono Vincent C.   SP5 Medical Aidman     Oct-70 Court Martialed for refusing to go to the field.   Somerville NJ
Dickhoff Stanley B.   SGT                
Domondon Joseph M.   PFC 91A10              
Dowd Michael     SP4                
Drouillard Bruce     SP4           18-Oct-70    
Dufek Michael J.   PV2 91A10, Medical Aidman              
Durham Leonard     PFC Medical Aidman attached to Weapons Platoon, D Company     Mar-70   12-Mar-71    
Early Calvin   Catfish   Cook     70     Grove Hill AL
Eckberg David John   1LT Medical Service Corps Medical   17-Aug-70   17-Aug-71 San Antonio TX
Elliger Alfred     PFC Truck Driver           Columbia SC
Elliott Rodney E.   SP4 Medical Aidman attached to A Company           Visalia CA
Elms Jimmy       Medical Aidman attached to D Company, 1st Platoon     Mar-70   11-Mar-71    
Emmons       SFC 91B, Medical Platoon Sergeant Medical            
Fahel Elpidio Q. Skip CPT HHC Company Commander and S-4 (7 Jul 70 to 18 Sep 70)     20-Sep-69 WIA 12-Jan-70 20-Sep-70 Kansas City MO
Faulds Timothy R. Tim SP5 91B20, Medical Aidman attached to 2nd Plt. and CP, B Company     10-Apr-69   28-Mar-70 Fishkill NY
Fautheree Huey P.   MSG Operations NCO     Dec-68 WIA 23-Feb-69 and 1-Mar-69 Dec-69 Hampton VA
Felkamp Ronald Allen   PFC Drive, Motor Pool     16-Jul-70 KIA 21-Oct-70   Chicago IL
Forestal Kevin R.   SP5 Cook HQ   Jan-70 Was a cook at Howard Johnsons on 411.  Was there for the sapper attack. Dec-70 Hoffman Estates IL
Foxworth Arthur     SP6 Clinical Specialist           Lillington NC
Gardner Willie     SFC S-1, Battalion Personnel Services              
Garlen Thomas F.   PFC Medical Aidman              
Geiser Mark     SP4 Editor of "Always First" Bronco Tribune              
Gold         Battalion Surgeon       WIA during a rocket attack on LZ Bronco and lost one of his hands.      
Graham Robert     CPT S-3         5-Sep-70    
Green Roger D.   SP4       Oct-70     Seiling OK
Guidry Michael James   SP4 Medical Aidman attached to E Company Recon   23-Apr-71 KIA 21-Aug-71   Lafayette LA
Gunzleman Wilbur     SGM       69     Kenmore NY
Hahm Albert Raymond Doc SP5 Medical Aidman attached to 2nd Platoon, Charlie Company     15-Sep-69 Assigned to the 2nd Platoon, Charlie Company.  Worked the "Horseshoe", Pepper Ridge & Beyond.  Served as Aid Station Clerk in HHC after the field. 14-Sep-70 Hot Springs AR
Harding Howard     PFC Medical Aidman attached to 2nd Platoon, D Company     Feb-70   16-Feb-71 Mt. Vernon KY
Harding Owen G.   1LT LNO         1-Aug-70    
Harper Ron       Medical Aidman attached to Mortar/Recon Platoon.     Dec-67   Jul-68    
Hickok Craig W.   PFC Medical Aidman attached to E Company, Recon Platoon     Sep-70     Gloversville NY
Hill, II Frank Allen   CPT 1542     7-Jun-69 KIA 3-Aug-69   Warwick RI
Hoffman Robert     SP4                
Hollowell Wilbur     SP4           20-Oct-70    
Holman Philip E.   MAJ Battalion XO         15-Jun-70    
Hood Troy D.   SP4 Medical Aidman & Driver              
Hood Walter     PFC 91A10, Medical Aidman     Sep-70     Senoia GA
Hopson James F.   PFC Truck Driver           Oreana ID
Horridge Robert     SP5 Medical Aidman attached to 3rd Platoon, D Company     Dec-69   4-Dec-70    
Horton James     SP6                
Howerton Douglas E.   PFC Medical Aidman              
Hubler Steven W.   1LT       Oct-70     Ashland OR
Hunter Bobby Dorel   SSG Operations (TOC) Headquarters   11-Sep-69   11-Sep-70 Onton KY
Hunter Cardell     1LT S-3 (Air)         16-Aug-70    
Hurley Robert E.   SP4                
Isansy Walter S.   PFC       Sep-70     Philadelphia PA
Isbell Lional M.   CW3 PBO     8-Dec-67 Was with the unit when it was activated at Schofield Barracks HI and deployed with the unit to RVN in 67. 5-Dec-68 Sweetwater TN
Jay Harvey Leon   PFC       26-Feb-70 Suicide on 25-Mar-70   Panama City FL
Johnson James H.   SP4 91A20, Medical Aidman attached to C Company, 3rd/1st         DEROS 8-Oct-69    
Johnson Robert     SGT                
Kasserman Gary     SP5 COMMO, Radio Repair     Sep-68   11-Sep-69 Milwaukie OR
Kayser Russell William   CPL 36K20     9-Jun-69 Died from Accident 6-Jan-70   Salem SD
Keairns Gregory Paul Greg SP4 Communications     19-Dec-67 Sailed on USS Weigel to Vietnam.  Stationed at LZ Dragon and operated a radio relay station.  Awarded the Bronze Star. 19-Jan-68 Ashland KY
Kelly Bernard                      
King Greg Leon Doc SP5 Medical Aidman attached to A Company (1st & 2nd Platoons, CP)     Oct-68 LZ Cork sapper attack and overun.  WIA 12-May-69 in rocket attack on LZ Bronco. 28-Sep-69 Vincennes IN
Knuboff Steven     SP4 Medical Aidman attached to A Company (CP and Mortar Platoon)     13-Sep-69 Replaced by David Winder as CP medic 2 or 3 days before his death. 13-Sep-70 Sacramento CA
Kowalski Robert I.   1LT Commo         7-Oct-70    
Kuckenbrod Gary     PFC Medical Aidman           Johnstown PA
Kuelbs John T.   CPT S-1         13-Jun-70    
Kugler Kenyon K.   CPT Battalion Surgeon         Oct-71    
Land Gary D.   PFC Medical Aidman     Sep-70     McMinnville OR
Landry Clifford J.   LTC Battalion Commander           Alexandria VA
Lavelle Philip L.   1LT Svc Plt Ldr         13-Jun-70    
Lichtneger Robert W.   CPT Civil Affairs Officer           Babylon NY
Linville Bruce E.   SP4                
Lombardo Robert   Doc SP5 Medical Aidman attached to D Co., CP & Weapons Platoon     Sep-68   Aug-69 New Haven CT
Luke John B.   LTC Battalion Commander     Sep-70   Aug-71    
Lutz Stephen D.   SP4 91B20, Medical Specialist attached to B Company, 3rd Platoon     Mar-71 Medic for the 3rd Platoon of Bravo Company for six months until the Division stood-down on Oct-71. Finished tour at 3rd Field Hospital in Saigon. Jan-72    
Mackie Mark     PFC Medical Aidman attached to B Company     Mar-70   Jan-71 Philadelphia PA
Marrin James A.   PFC Medical Aidman              
Martell Fernand     SP4           16-Oct-70    
Marthers Stephen B.   SP4                
May, III William R.   SP4                
McClure Robert     SP4                
McElwain Bobby J.   SP4 Medical Aidman attached to A Co.       Awarded Silver Star for Actions on 13-May-70      
McKinney Floyd E.   SGT       Sep-70     San Antonio TX
McQueen Michael F.   1LT S-5     7-Jun-70 Transferred from D Company 18-Oct-70 Tampa FL
Mitchell Clarence   Doc SP4 91A10, Medical Aidman attached to 2nd Platoon, C Company       WIA 3-Sep-70      
Moody Harold     SP4                
Moody Ronald W.   SP4                
Moreno Angel Jose   PFC 63B10     9-Aug-70 Wounded on 21-Oct-70 when truck in convoy hit a mine. He died the next day.   Roma TX
Morganti Joseph A.   PFC 91A10, Medical Aidman attached to A Co.              
Morris George M.   1LT S-4 HQ   2-Dec-67   20-Jun-68 Dallas TX
Morrison James     SP5                
Mosser Vergil     SGT           16-Oct-70    
Newgard Robert J.   SP4                
Nichols Michael A.   SP4 Medical Aidman              
Nicholson Timothy J. Tim SP5 Medical Aidman     Oct-70 & Dec-71   Oct-71 & Oct-72 Long Beach CA
Norton George K.   CPT Chaplain           Augusta GA
Nugent Bruce       Medical Aidman attached to A Co.              
Ottoboni Michael Lyn   SP4 Motor Pool     3-Jul-69 Worked in motor poll and on Hill 4-11. Also worked on the 10KW generators for the hill. Spent 17 months in country. 2-Jan-71 San Francisco CA
Peedin Gary J.   SP4 91A20, Medical Aidman attached to C Company, 3rd/1st         DEROS 2-Sep-69    
Pena David S.   1LT Battalion Communications Officer     Dec-67 With the Battalion at Schofield Barracks before deployment in 1967 to RVN. Was Battalion Communications Officer and for a short time Platoon Leader with Charlie Company. Jun-68 Whittier CA
Perez-Rodriquez Juan     SP4 Medical Aidman attached to 1st Platoon, C Company, 3rd/1st     Sep-69   Sep-70    
Perley Glenn     CPT HHC Company Commander         26-Mar-71    
Perry Kenneth B.   SP4                
Peters Paul Henry Pete SP4 Communications     Oct-68   Sep-70    
Pettit Ronald Morley Ron 1LT S-5     1-Nov-68   May-69 Columbus OH
Phelps Roland     PFC                
Pittman Larry L.   SP4             Fullerton CA
Powell Nathan     SP4             Pearl River LA
Pritchard, Jr. Walter Leo   LTC Battalion Commander     29-Jun-68 KIA 12-Apr-69   Pawtucket RI
Rainbolt Thomas R.   SGT Driver           Shreveport LA
Randall James W.   1LT Medical Operations Assistant         23-Feb-71    
Rangel Manuel     SP4                
Rivera Oscar     PV1           17-Oct-70    
Rivera Reinaldo     SP4           25-Oct-70    
Rodriguez Luis     SGT                
Russac Randall     SP6                
Russell Christopher     PFC 91A10, Medical Aidman           Van Nuys CA
Saffold Albert W.   CPT S-3         6-Jun-70    
Santos Ayala     SP4                
Scofield Lawrence     PFC 91A10, Medical Aidman              
Sedovic John Curtiss JC SP4 Ran The MARS Station on Montezuma HQ   Dec-67   Nov-68 St. Louis MO
Shasko John     SSG                
Shultz Raymond     SP4             Burbank CA
Shugart, III James W.   MAJ XO         18-Dec-70 Fort Worth TX
Slighter Verne     MAJ Chaplain         26-Oct-70    
Smith Christopher     SSG                
Smith David     SP4                
Smith David H.   1LT S-5         15-Jun-70    
Smith Gregory A.   1LT S-3 (Air)     Jan 69   2 Jan 70 Webster Groves MO
Stone Donald A.   SFC Battalion Mess SGT           Spokane WA
Stottle Leslie James Les LTC Battalion Commander & Division G-3     10-Sep-69   23-Oct-70 Fort Campbell KY
Struemke David L.   SP5 Mechanic           River Falls WI
Tate Franklin D.   SP4 91A20, Medical Aidman attached to C Company, 3rd/1st              
Taylor Earl W.   PFC Medical Aidman             Trinidad
Tomford William     CW2 Motor Maint. Officer         3-Jan-71    
Toombs Bernard L.   CW2 PBO         10-Dec-70    
Trifiro Michael F.   1LT LNO         12-Sep-70    
Trumble Donald F.   PFC Medical Aidman              
Verdicchia       SSG 91B, Medical Platoon Sergeant Medical   70        
Verdun Michael E.   1LT Svc Platoon Leader         4-Dec-70    
Villanueva Gilbert     SP4                
Waterman Harold H.   PFC Mail Clerk     Jun-70 On Hill 4-11 Jul-71 Dickeyville WI
White Gregory K.   1LT S-1 & S-2         12-Sep-70    
Williams Mark O.   1LT LNO & S-3 (Air)         15-Aug-70    
Winder David Francis   PFC 91A10, Medical Aidman attached to A Co.     22-Nov-69 KIA 13-May-70, Awarded Medal of Honor   Mansfield OH
Whipple Michael     SP5                
Wilson Robert Eugene Bob SGT S-2 Operations     22-Dec-67 Our boat trip (USSN Weigel) from Hawaii will always be in the back of my mind, and the docking at Quin Nhon with all the weapons fire during the night until the long convoy to Duc Pho at sunrise. 5-Dec-68 Kannapolis NC
Wise James Joseph   SP4 Medical Aidman attached to C Company, 3rd/1st       KIA 31-May-69   Detroit MI
Wojszynski Daniel J.   PFC 91A10, Medical Aidman              
Wood James R. L.T. 1LT XO (Sep-70 to Mar-71)     Jan-70   Mar-71 Brunswick ME
Zanzie Jerrold   Doc Dow PFC 91A10, Medical Aidman attached to C Company, 2nd Platoon         27-Aug-71    

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