Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry

This (outdated) FSB Hill 4-11 Roster for Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry was used to all known veterans who served with the unit during the Vietnam War, regardless of time and place.

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Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
Date Arrived
Date Departed
Home Town
Home State
Adams Charles Wesley   SP4       10-May-69 KIA 8-Aug-69   McLean NY
Aguillon Felipe Delgado AG or Aggie SP4 Rifleman & M60 Machine Gunner     4-Aug-70 MediVac to MHC USAH Camp Zama Japan on Apr-71 16-Apr-71 San Antonio TX
Aleman Roy     SP4                
Allen Eddie M.   PFC Rifleman       WIA 17-Oct-70      
Allen Joy G.   SSG Rifleman     69        
Allred Curtis     SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 14-Aug-69    
Aloman Roy G.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Alves John B.   SGT                
Amaro Manuel     PFC Rifleman     69        
Anderson Larry W.   SP4 11B20 HQ       DEROS 7-Jun-69    
Anderson Randy C.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Andrews Stephen C.   PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 9-Jan-70    
Applebaum Joseph A.   PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 9-Dec-69    
Araujo William E.   PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 14-Dec-69    
Avila Richard     SP4 Mortarman Weapons     Transferred to A Company on 6-Oct-70      
Bailey Dennis G. Beetle SGT M-60 Squad Leader and Company Clerk     Jul-70 Was transfered from 4th Infantry to Americal in Sept-70.  M60 squad leader then company clerk last 2 months. Jul-71 Piereton IN
Baker Johnny F.   PFC       Oct-70     Springfield MO
Baldonado Francisco     PVT 11B10 2nd       DEROS 24-Aug-69    
Ballard Billy     SP4                
Bare Stanley D.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 12-Oct-69    
Baron Stephen M.   1LT Platoon Leader 2nd & Weapons       28-Dec-70    
Bates James W.   PFC                
Bates Richard L.   SP4 11B20 3rd     DEROS 28-May-69      
Bauer Kenneth L.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 7-Jun-69    
Baumaier Steven L.   SGT Rifleman     69        
Baumann John C.   SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 13-Oct-69    
Beard James A.   PFC Rifleman              
Beavers Juaian L.   SP4 11B20 HQ       DEROS 2-Jan-70    
Becker David C.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Bell Timothy R.   PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 21-Nov-69    
Benge James O.   PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 9-Jan-70    
Benson Edward J. Ed SP4 M-60 Machine Gunner     Jul-70 WIA 6-Mar-71 Mar-71 Brooklyn NY
Bernard David M.   PFC Rifleman              
Berrett Brent S.   SP4 Rifleman           Ogden UT
Berry George W.   PV2 Rifleman              
Biby Kenneth J.   PFC 11B10 HQ       DEROS 14-Dec-69    
Bradley Wayne L.   PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 20-Dec-69    
Braithwaite Steven     PFC                
Breasen Thomas ?   PFC Rifleman     69        
Brewer Glenn R.   PV2       Sep-70     Amarillo TX
Brewster George Reiley   SSG Mortarman/Squad Leader Weapons 2nd 12-Jan-68   11-Jan-69 Atoka OK
Brinks Kenneth Lee   SSGT 11B40 1st   18-Nov-68 KIA 12-May-69 DEROS 16-Nov-69 Cadillac MI
Bronson Gary L.   PFC                
Brossard Christopher     SP4 Rifleman     69        
Broussard, Jr. Leo James   SP4 11B20, Rifleman 3rd   24-Jan-69 KIA 12-Sep-69 DEROS 22-Jan-70 New Orleans LA
Brown Bennie L.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 7-Jan-70    
Brown Charles     SP4 11B20 2nd   22-Jul-68 KIA 28-Feb-69 DEROS 27-May-69 Clarksdale MS
Brown Frank     PFC 11B10, Rifleman 1st 1st Feb-68   Feb-69 Dallas-Ft. Worth TX
Brown Larry J.   PFC Rifleman              
Brown Paul C.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Browne Robert D.   SGT                
Brownfield Wendell     PFC             Rosiclare IL
Brozek Gregory     CPT Company Commander CP     Replaced CPT Morgan      
Bryan, Jr. Preston E.   E-4 Rifleman 3rd   Jan-70   Nov-70 Century FL
Bucholtz Richard     SP4                
Buckheister Paul R.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 11-Dec-69    
Buckley Stanley D.   PFC                
Buelow Ronald R.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 27-May-69    
Bullock Howard A.   PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 20-Dec-69    
Bunker George K.   SP4 11B20 HQ       16-Aug-69    
Burnes, Jr. Charles L.   SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 6-Jun-69    
Burr Michael R.   SP4                
Busick Larry Russell   PFC Rifleman 2nd   31-Jul-70 KIA 20-Sep-70   Fraser MI
Bussard Donald L.   SP4                
Butcher Patrick J.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Butler Thomas A.   PFC Rifleman              
Butler William H.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Cain James Calwinn   PFC Rifleman     2-Aug-70 KIA 27-Aug-70, just 9 days after being assigned to the unit   Hamshire TX
Callahan Charles   Lucky Chuck PFC Grenadier 2nd           MA
Callahan Mark Dennis Cal SP4 Rifleman and Squad Leader 2nd 2nd 24-May-68 WIA 28-Feb-69 24-May-69 Bronx NY
Caputo Michael John   CPL 11B20 2nd   12-Jan-69 Died of Wounds 18-Mar-69 DEROS 11-Jan-70 Alhambra CA
Carnley Harold G.   SP4                
Carpenter Richard     PFC Rifleman              
Carpentier Pierre O.   SP4                
Casey James Patrick     Platoon Leader 3rd   68 WIA Jun-68 Jun-68    
Caudron John Armand Jiggs SP4 M-79 Grenadier     Apr 68   Apr 69 Wrightwood CA
Cawley William M.   SP4 Rifleman     69 WIA 2-Feb-70      
Chaisson Vincent   Cajun PFC Rifleman 2nd           LA
Chambers Ronald     PFC Rifleman              
Chapple James N.   PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 19-Dec-69    
Chase Rodney A.   SP4                
Clelland Dennis W.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Coapman Robert     SP4       Oct-70     Alburn NY
Coffey William Ray Folgers SP4 M-60 Machine Gunner 3rd 3rd Oct-70   Oct-71 Shelbyville IN
Cole Wendell     PFC             Okmulgee OK
Collins Lawrence D.   PFC 11B10 HQ       DEROS 7-Jan-70    
Collins David L.   SGT 11B40 3rd       DEROS 23-Jan-70    
Collins, Jr. Ross W.   PVT 11B10 3rd   29-Aug-68 KIA 29-Mar-69 DEROS 28-Aug-69 Alexandria VA
Compton Robert William   SGT 11B40, Rifleman, and Supply SGT     6-Dec-67 KIA 12-May-69 DEROS 20-Jun-69 Pacifica CA
Connors Ronald Alan Ronnie PFC   3rd Heavy Weapons 10-May-69 WIA 8-Aug-69 9-Apr-70 Brooklyn NY
Cortez Joel     PFC Rifleman, Assistant Gunner     6-Aug-69 WIA 7-Sep-69 Feb-71 Waipahu HI
Crady James L.   SP4 11C20 Weapons       DEROS 19-Jun-69    
Cromwell Grant N.   PFC                
Cruz Robert C.   PFC Rifleman 2nd     WIA 3-Sep-70      
Cumber Steven A.   PFC                
Curtis Scott W. Red PFC 11B10 2nd     Red was seriously injured in a fall from a helicopter going into a hot LZ on 9-Nov-70 and was medi-vaced back to the states and discharged.     FL
Dahlheimer Michael     PFC                
Damico David     SP4                
Daniels Bruce William   SGT 11B40 1st   29-Nov-68 KIA 29-Mar-69 DEROS 28-Nov-69 Fresno CA
Daniels James R.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 25-Oct-69    
Danley Floyd M.   SGT 11B40 3rd       DEROS 7-Jan-70    
Davidson Donald F.   SGT 11B40 2nd Platoon     WIA 12-Mar-69      
Davis Malone     PV2 Rifleman              
Dawes Brian L.   PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 4-Sep-69    
Decker Lloyd R.   PFC 11B10 Weapons       DEROS 8-Jan-70    
Defay John     SGT Mortarman Weapons 3rd Jan-69   Jan-70   NJ
Deischer Glenn A.   SGT                
De Jesus Marcellino     SSG                
Del Crenzo Eugene     SP4 11B20 HQ       DEROS 6-Jun-69    
Delk Howard Barlow Bar 1LT Platoon Leader 1st   8-Dec-70   9-Oct-71 Lovingston VA
De Loach Ozzie     SP4 11B20 HQ       DEROS 27-May-69    
DeLong John S.   SGT Squad Leader              
Diaz Gilbert     SGT 11C40 3rd       DEROS 17-Jun-69    
Dietzel Thomas C.   PFC       Sep-70     Medford NY
Dixon Albert     PVT 11B10 Weapons       DEROS 26-Apr-69    
Dixon Eugene T.   SGT 11B40 1st       DEROS 24-Jan-70    
Dixon Michael Ray   SP4 Rifleman 3rd   13-Oct-70   13-Oct-71 Hayward CA
Dohman Dale F.   SP4 Squad Leader 3rd 3rd Jan-67   Jan-68 St. Paul MN
Doland Terrance A.   1LT                
Dore Michael J.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Dorsey L. D.   SP4 11B20 HQ       10-Oct-69    
Driver Benny W.   SGT                
Duckett James M.   SP4         Transferred to E Company 26-Aug-70      
Dumais Gregory J.   PFC       Sep-70     Van Buren ME
Dunn James K.   PFC                
Dunton Kenneth H.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 21-Oct-69    
Duron, Jr. Julian     PFC             Galveston TX
Eades Clarence L.   PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 9-Jan-70    
Eckels Larry     SGT 11B40 1st 1st 10-Jan-68   10-Jan-69   AK
Edge Randy Spear Charlie15 SGT Rifleman 1st 1st 22-Dec-67   8-Dec-69 Toccoa GA
Egge William S.   PFC                
Elliott Herbert R.   1SG HQ         DEROS 11-Feb-70    
Ellison Wilbert Allen   PFC       4-Aug-68 KIA 25-Nov-68   Austin TX
Elsenrath John Joe   SGT 11B20 1st   23-Jan-69 KIA 29-Mar-69 DEROS 25-Jan-70 Wichita KS
England Jackie L.   PFC                
Espinsoa Eddie T.   PFC Mortarman Weapons     Transferred to A Company on 6-Oct-70      
Esposito Donald F.   SGT 11B40 1st       DEROS 16-Jan-70    
Ewart Joseph F.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Eyler Michael     SSG                
Farmer Willie H.   SP4 11B20 Weapons       DEROS 3-Jun-69    
Fernandez Claude     SP4 Rifleman     69        
Fields Clyde     SP4                
Fields Ronald Elwood   SSG Rifleman 2nd   25-Aug-70 KIA 30-Sep-70   Anderson SC
Fillio Henry L.   PFC Rifleman              
Fitzmorris Joseph W.   SP4                
Flournoy George S.   PFC Rifleman              
Forman Bobby E.   SGT Rifleman     69        
Forrest Edwin A. Ed SP4 Rifleman & Mortarman 3rd   Apr-69   Jan-70 Peekskill NY
Fraley James L.   SGT 11B40 2nd       DEROS 8-Dec-69    
Freyre Richard     PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 25-Aug-69    
Frost Robert M.   SP4 Mortarman Weapons     Transferred to E Company on 9-Oct-70      
Galabiz Thomas   Shakey SGT Platoon Leader 3rd   4-Mar-70 On June 13, 1970, we were in a fire fight. Three of my men were wounded; Marlin L. Taunton,Julin Duron and McDuffy. It was near the Song Tra Khuc river and Quang Ngai City. 9-Nov-70 Shelby MS
Galeano Jose M.   SP4 11B20 Weapons       DEROS 7-Oct-69    
Gangner Jack R.   PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 3-Jan-70    
Garcia Ernesto     SP4 11B20 HQ       DEROS 30-May-69    
Gardner Wilhimon     PFC Rifleman 3rd   9-May-69 KIA 26-Aug-69   New York NY
Garner, Jr. Hayward     PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 17-Aug-69    
Gaukel Phillip M.   SGT 11B40 Weapons       DEROS 11-Apr-69    
Gawne Jimmy L.   SP4                
Geiser Mark N.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Ghering Dale E.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 16-Oct-69    
Giannini Anthony   Tony 2LT Platoon Leader     Oct-69 Wounded during early January, 1970. After recovery was assigned as Division re-enlistment officer in Chu Lai. Oct-70 King of Prussia PA
Gibbs Kitchell Snow   PFC 11C10 Weapons   6-Jan-69 Died from vehicle crash on 18-May 69 DEROS 5-Jan-70 Charlotte MI
Gibson John P.   PFC                
Goertz Robert S.   SP4                
Gonsborowski Gerald C.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Gonzales Johnny     PV2 Rifleman              
Gonzales, Jr. Robert     SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 17-Aug-69    
Gordon       2LT Platoon Leader     Dec-69 Badly wounded by booby trap during night patrol. Jan-70 Brandon FL
Gordon Dennis A.   PFC Rifleman              
Granser Vern H.   SP4                
Grashio Samuel Edwin   1LT Platoon Leader 2nd   8-Aug-70 WIA 3-Sep-70 & 29-Sep-70 24-Jun-71 Spokane WA
Gray Murel T.   SP4                
Gray William L.   PFC 11B10 Weapons       DEROS 6-Jun-69    
Grayeski Robert A.   PFC Rifleman              
Grayson Robert C.   PFC Rifleman       WIA 18-Oct-70      
Greco Michel Jack   2LT Platoon Leader 3rd   30-May-69 KIA 9-Sep-69   Chicago IL
Green Louis C.   CPT Company Commander CP       24-Nov-70    
Griffith Joe Edd   SSGT       6-Dec-67 KIA 13-Apr-68   Robbins TN
Guzman Martin E.   SSG                
Hadjian Aram     PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 11-Jan-70    
Hall Philip J.   SGT 11B40 Weapons       DEROS 29-Jan-70    
Hanselka Kerry L. SGT Bugs SGT Mortarman Weapons   24-Aug-70 Fire Direction Control (FDC) for the 81MM mortars for Charlie Company 24-Aug-71 Victoria TX
Harris Joe     SP4                
Heaton Tommy Calvin   CPL 11B20 1st   23-Jan-69 KIA 17-Apr-69 DEROS 24-Jan-70 Toccoa GA
Helaire Olevia     SGT Rifleman     69        
Haile Henry R.   PFC Rifleman              
Hanson Michael J.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Hardy Tommy F.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Harris Daniel W.   SGT                
Harris Joe E.   PVT2 Rifleman     69        
Harvell Russ P.   PFC RTO 1st   15-Jan-68   Sep-68 College Station TX
Hebert Theodore     PFC       Oct-70     Mapleville RI
Helms, Sr. Willie T.   Platoon SGT   1st       DEROS 13-Nov-69    
Henderson Roscoe N.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Hendrickson Dean M.   SP4 RTO & Rifleman 3rd   26-Jul-69   23-Jul-70 Bancroft IA
Henschen Roger O.   SGT                
Hernandez Jose D.   SP4 Rifleman              
Hernandez Jose L.   SP4 Rifleman       Transferred to E Company on 22-Aug-70      
Hickman Safred     SP4 Company Clerk HQ            
Hickson Larry     SGT                
Hildebrandt Michael     PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 24-Nov-69    
Hill Timothy J.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 13-Aug-69    
Hillier John E.   1LT XO     69   15-Aug-70    
Hopkins James L.   SGT                
Hopson Paul Franklin SGT HOP SSG Platoon Sergeant 2nd   20-Oct-70 Helped to build Out Post Legionnaires close to Hill 411, Helped South Vietnamese Popular Forces learn to defend the region through manned ambush. SSG Hillard wpns plt taught mechanical ambush during the same period.  Rotation was close at stand down for inactivation of the 23rd Inf Div (-) the 196th LIB so I left a day beyond DEROS. 21-Oct-71 Lenox GA
Horne James C.   SP4       Sep-70     Marshville NC
Hudson Marion A.   PFC                
Hudson Phillip R.   SGT Squad Leader              
Hughes Dennis G. Pee Wee SP4 Rifleman, Tunnel Rat     Aug-69 WIA during a night patrol off FSB Hill 4-11 5-Feb-70 Anaconda MT
Hunter Cardell     1LT       69        
Ice Wesley Gene   PFC 11B10 1st   7-Jan-69 KIA 25-May-69 DEROS 9-Jan-70 Bridgeport WV
Ingersoll Michael Elliott Twitch PFC Rifleman 3rd   Apr-68   Jan-69 Addison ME
Irvin Ophrey Austin   SP4 11B20 2nd   26-Aug-68 KIA 25-May-69 DEROS 26-Aug-69 Chillicothe OH
Irving Andrew J.   SP4                
Iverson James B.   SP4                
Jackson Daryl Scott   1LT Platoon Leader 3rd   7-Jul-70   7-Jul-71 Redding CA
Jackson Michael     SGT Squad Leader 2nd            
Jackson William     PVT 11B10 2nd   26-Mar-68 KIA 15-Mar-69 DEROS 25-Mar-69 Bayonne NJ
Jaquish James Ivan   SP4 Mortarman & M-60 Machine Gunner 3rd   12-May-69 KIA 25-Sep-69   Traverse City MI
Jardine Leslie W.   SGT Rifleman     69        
Jared Joe E.   SSG Rifleman     69        
Jarvis Dennis L.   SP4       Sep-70     Orlando FL
Jefferson William     PFC Rifleman 2nd     WIA 3-Sep-70      
Jeffries Ronald L.   SP4 11B20 HQ       DEROS 6-Apr-69    
Jemison Ronald     SGT           16-Oct-70    
Jennings Raymond     SP4 Rifleman              
Jett George L.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 23-Oct-69    
Jimenez Luis A.   SP4                
Jimenez Marco A.   SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 30-May-69    
Johns Thomas H.   PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 17-Nov-69    
Johnson Clennie     PFC Rifleman              
Johnson Harold F.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 26-Aug-69    
Johnson John L.   PFC                
Johnson Michael C.   SGT Rifleman     69        
Johnson Roger     SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 20-Aug-69    
Johnston James L.   PFC Mortarman       WIA 2-Oct-70      
Johnston Ray W.   PFC                
Jones, Jr. Frank E.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 24-Aug-69    
Jugo Jr. Esteban     SP4 Rifleman              
Kane Francis J.   PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 22-Jan-70    
Karaman Fred     PFC 11B10 3rd   10-Jan-69 KIA 17-Apr-69 DEROS 9-Jan-70 Endicott NY
Keel Samuel     PFC Rifleman     69        
Keller George M.   SP4       Sep-70     Statesville NC
Kelly William J.   1LT Platoon Leader 1st       DEROS 14-Nov-69    
Key Eddie L.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Kick John A.   PFC Rifleman     Oct-70     Grayslake IL
King Fredrick Ben   SGT       6-Dec-67 KIA 25-Nov-68   Hammond IN
Kitchen Stanley B.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 20-Jul-69    
Knapp Gary C.   PFC Armor Crewman       Transferred to E Troop, 1st Cavalry      
Knuckles Jimmy A.   SGT 11B40 2nd       DEROS 26-Nov-69    
Knutson Richard O.   SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 18-Aug-69    
Kochel Peter F.   1LT Platoon Leader 3rd       DEROS 3-Oct-69    
Koning Douglas Lee   SGT Squad Leader 3rd   5-Oct-69 KIA 2-Feb-70   Holland MI
Koppe David F.   1LT Platoon Leader Weapons       DEROS 29-Nov-69    
Krolczyk Raymond     SP4                
Krueger Michael T.   SGT 11B40 3rd       DEROS 27-May-69    
Kubo Harry F.   PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 11-Jan-70    
Kuhn Charles     SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 8-Apr-69    
Kurtz Robert H.   SP4 Grenadier 2nd     WIA 20-Oct-70, Evacuated to U.S.      
Kurz Sidney Allen   SGT       28-Jan-70 KIA (Died of wounds on 18-Oct-70   Milwaukee WI
Labarbera William J.   SGT 11B40 2nd       DEROS 8-Apr-69    
Ladd Albert A.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 29-Aug-69    
Lafond Robert M.   PFC                
Laird James Eugene   2LT       18-Feb-68 KIA 23-Mar-68   Texarkana TX
Larion Michael B.   SGT 11B40 2nd       DEROS 10-Dec-69    
Lash, Jr. Michael B.   PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 29-Dec-69    
Lau Ernest M.   SFC Platoon Sergeant Weapons       DEROS 17-Jun-69    
Lcowaye Jake     PFC Rifleman     69        
Lear John Harvey Baby Son SP4 11B20 1st 2nd Jun-68 WIA 12-May-69 15-May-69 Big Rapids MI
Le Blanc Francis Joseph   SP4 11B10     13-Jan-68 Died of Wounds 26-Aug-68   Waterbury CT
Lee James J.   SSG                
Leewayo Jake     SP4                
Leonard Paul A.   SGT 11B40 1st       DEROS 27-Jan-70    
Leschinsky Donald E.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 27-May-69    
Loffelmacher Rod     SP5 Mortarman Weapons     In-country transfer from G Company, 75 Inf. (Ranger)      
Lopes Lawrence D.   SP4                
Louszko, Jr. Henry     SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 28-Aug-69    
Love Robert W.   SP4                
Loving Troy W.   SP4 Rifleman              
Luke John Albert   SP4 Rifleman     01-Dec-70 KIA on 6-Mar-71 by 105mm booby trap.   Rapid Woods WI
Lyles David E.   SGT Squad Leader Weapons     WIA 15-Aug-70      
Maceo Rowell     PFC             Mullins SC
Mack Emerson     SP4                
Magyar David J.   SP4                
Mallett Robert G.   SP4                
Mann Merle     SP4 Mortarman Weapons   Oct-70   Oct-71 New Town ND
Marino Lawrence A.   SP4 11C20 Weapons       DEROS 11-Apr-69    
Marshall Larry E.   SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 28-May-69    
Martin Donnie J.   SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 18-Oct-69    
Matix Paul H.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Matos-Alicea Ramon     SP4 11B20 Weapons       DEROS 28-May-69    
Matthews Loren D.   SP4 Mortarman Weapons   Mar-71   Jul-71 Cookeville TN
Matz Robert W.   SP4 Rifleman              
Mazyck, Jr. Raymond John   PFC   2nd Platoon   7-Jun-68 KIA 17-Sep-68   New York NY
McCaul Michael Francis   SGT 11B40, Squad Leader HQ 1st 5-Jan-68 WIA 23-Feb-69, Bronze Star, Army Commendation, Purple Heart 17-May-69 Overland Park KS
McDaniel Milton     SP4                
McGee James L.   PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 29-Dec-70    
McGraw Doyce E.   SP4 Mortarman     69        
Menchaca Aurelio S. Menchaca SP4 Machine Gunner, RTO 3rd 3rd 15-Jan-69 Army Commendation 3-Mar-69, Bronze Star May-69, Purple Heart 12-May-69 12-May-69 Bakersfield CA
Mentz Mark D.   SP4                
Miller Charles R.   SP4       Sep-70     Waynesboro PA
Miller Greg   Blue   Pointman Weapons   70   71    
Miller James D.   SP4                
Miller Laurence E.   PFC Mortarman       Transferred to E Company on 9-Oct-70      
Miller Lawrence D.   SGT 11B40 HQ       DEROS 10-Mar-69    
Millis Wayne F.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Misomer Wesley     SP4                
Mitchell, Jr. John L.   PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 11-Jan-70    
Moore Larry G. Mouse PFC Rifleman     70   71 Mt. Vernon IL
Moore Sammie B.   PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 2-Nov-69    
Moreno Robert     PFC                
Morgan Gregory L.   CPT Company Commander CP       29-Jun-71    
Morris Richard Lee   SGT Mortarman Weapons 2nd 5-May-69 May 5th 1969 we were attacked by sappers and we were in a platoon size night lagger at the time. We had three KIA's that night, but repelled the attack. This night I will never forget. Irvin, Ice and Patrick will always be with me. 9-Apr-70 Chipley FL
Mottl, Jr. Elder D.   SP4 11B20 HQ       DEROS 5-Jun-69    
Munoz-Rivera Gilbert     PFC 11C10 Weapons       7-Jan-70    
Murphy Paul J.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 23-Aug-69    
Mylar Donald R.   PV1       Oct-70     Sanborn NY
Neiding Don     PFC 11B 2nd   70     Duluth MN
Neiman Gary L.   PFC Rifleman       WIA 9-Aug-70      
Nelson John W.   SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 29-Dec-69    
Niddleton John C.   SP4 11B20 HQ       DEROS 22-May-69    
Nieves-Roman Raul     SP5 Supply Clerk HQ            
Nettles Richard D.   SP4                
Northcott Billy     SP4                
Norton Willie     SP4 Rifleman              
Nush Peter G.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Okula Paul S.   SP4                
Olsen Michael G.   PFC                
O'Neal Charles M.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Osby Artie     PFC       Oct-70     Shreveport LA
Oster Thomas A.   SGT                
Osuna Juan     PFC Rifleman              
Otterness Ronald G.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Overcash Ralph     PFC             Chesnee SC
Owens Louis B.   PFC 11H10 Weapons       DEROS 28-Jan-70    
Oxearsider Jeffrey     SGT Squad Leader Weapons            
Pallas Richard D.   PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 10-Jan-70    
Parr David L.   1LT Platoon Leader HQ       DEROS 24-Oct-69    
Partin Roy     PFC Rifleman     69        
Paulson Peter J.   PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 9-Jan-70    
Payne Michael N.   SGT Rifleman     69        
Pederson Ronald     PFC                
Penton Lyle T.   1SG       Oct-70     Jasper IN
Perry George D.   PFC                
Perry Kenneth B.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Perry Kenneth Merle   CPL       20-Sep-69 KIA 5-Feb-70   Chicago IL
Peterson Brian A.   PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 2-Feb-70    
Petite Olevia     PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 14-Dec-69    
Phillips William     2LT Platoon Leader       WIA 19-Sep-70      
Plagman Lawrence     SGT         WIA 17-Oct-70      
Pritchett Dan R.   SSG Platoon Sergeant 2nd            
Pruitt David Monroe   SGT       13-Jan-68 KIA 11-Jun-68   Wellford SC
Pryear Johnnie Lee   PFC Unknown     08-Oct-70 KIA 6-Mar-71 by 105mm booby trap.   Mobile AL
Purcey Dean S.   PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 14-Dec-69    
Purtell Gerald R.   PFC                
Pyritz Edward D.   PV2                
Race Donald J.   PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 7-Jan-70    
Randon Ismael D.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Ranum James A.   SGT Rifleman     69        
Raychel James Daniel   PFC Rifleman 3rd   11-May-69 KIA 26-Aug-69   East Moline IL
Raymond Gerald T.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Redd John C.   SSG         WIA 23-Oct-70   North Hollywood CA
Reeve Ralph A.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Rendon Ismael     SP4                
Richards Kenneth H.   SP4 11B20 HQ       DEROS 8-Sep-69    
Ridnour Stephen H Rid SSG   Weapons   Dec-69   Oct-70 Seattle WA
Riggs Charles G.   SP4 11B20 Weapons       DEROS 6-Sep-69    
Riley Ernest     PFC                
Rivera-Ruiz Andres     CPL       15-Jan-68 KIA 25-Aug-68   Hartford CT
Robertson Henry     PFC Rifleman     69        
Robertson Larry E.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 28-Aug-69    
Robinson Larry     PFC                
Rodriguez Dannie Lee   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 17-Nov-69    
Rodriguez Joe Ignacio   2LT 1542     8-Jun-69 KIA 14-Jul-69   San Jose CA
Rollinson Dwight E.   SP4                
Rorie Michael A.   PFC Rifleman 2nd     WIA 7-Sep-70      
Rothenberger Bruce     SP4 Mortarman Weapons   Sep-70     Pottstown PA
Rowell Maceo     SP4 Rifleman              
Rowland Louis N.   1LT Platoon Leader 2nd   Jun-71   Nov-71 Forest City AK
Russell Kenneth L.   SP4 11B20 HQ       DEROS 20-Aug-69    
Ryder Eli     PFC Rifleman       WIA 12-Oct-70      
Salvato Harry E.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Samuel Alphonso     SGT                
Savoy Lionel J.   PV2 Rifleman              
Scarborough Malcolm D.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Schmidt James     SP4                
Schmidt James A.   SGT                
Schoonveld Richard Jay   PFC Rifleman     17-May-69 KIA 14-Jul-69   Evergreen Park IL
Schott Michael R.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Serrano-Burgos Fidel     SSG Rifleman     69        
Shank Harlan D.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Silva Julio H.   SSG Mortars Weapons Platoon   10-Oct-70 We moved the Unit from D. I Duc Pho to Chu Lai.  Also remember the last move of the Americal, I believed we stood down and returned to the States. 10-Oct-71   PR
Simpson Timothy D. Snake SP4 11B20, Rifleman 3rd   28-Dec-68   Aug-70 Ashland KY
Skotarzak Thomas     SP4                
Smith Charles R.   SGT 11B40 HQ       DEROS 15-Jun-69    
Smith David   Captain Fly SP4 Rifleman 2nd         St. Paul MN
Smith Hugh M.   SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 13-Oct-69    
Smith Karl A.   SGT Rifleman     69        
Smith Perry     PFC M-60 Gunner Weapons 2nd 69   70    
Snyder, Jr. Henry B.   PFC 11B10 3rd 3rd 16-Dec-69 WIA 12-May-69 17-May-69 Havertown PA
Sobers Winston D.   SP4 11B20 3rd     WIA 22-Feb-69 DEROS 22-May-69    
Solis Leo L.   SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 10-Oct-69    
Soto-Ramirez Herminio     SP4                
Sparks Randall R.   SP4                
Speedy Edwin L.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 7-Jun-69    
Spikes Leverne     PV2                
Spray Samuel J.   SP4 Rifleman     Oct-70   Oct-71 Medora IN
Srubas Mark A.   PFC Rifleman       WIA 23-Sep-70      
Stacey Herschel D.   SP5 16E20              
Stachura Robert     PFC Rifleman 2nd     WIA 16-Aug-70   Eichlay CA
Stephens William F. Big Bill SP4 11B CP   7-Jan-70 Wounded when truck hit a land mine on 12-Nov-70 Dec-70 Tulsa OK
Stevenson James Ralph   PFC       18-Mar-69 KIA 12-May-69   Tupelo MS
Stewart Raymond M.   PFC Rifleman              
Stewart Roosevelt D.   SGT                
Stokes Donnie Monroe   SGT       17-Jan-68 KIA 3-Dec-68   Dade City FL
Straub William J.   CPT Company Commander       WIA 15-Mar-69 DEROS 15-Oct-69    
Stuart Edward Harold   PFC       15-Jan-68 KIA 10-Feb-68   Eugene OR
Stuckey Dennis S.   PFC Mortarman/Rifleman 1st 1st 20-Feb-71   1-Jul-71 Philadelphia PA
Stukelis Vytautas I.   SGT                
Stukes Isaiah Truman   PFC 11B10 3rd   22-Jan-69 KIA 12-May-69 DEROS 21-Jan-69    
Sullivan, Jr. David L.   2LT       69        
Swenson William     PFC Rifleman              
Swigart Clyde D.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 12-Dec-69    
Taunton Marlin L.   SP4 M-60 Machine Gunner 3rd 4th 28-Dec-69 WIA in the heart on 13-Jun-70 near the Song Tra Khuc River and Quang Ngai.  McDuffy and Duron were also wounded at the same time. 4-Jul-70 Niceville FL
Tettleton David DeWayne   SP4       11-Jun-69 KIA 12-Jan-70 (Died of wounds from 11-Jan-70)   Eureka Springs AK
Tharp Kenneth W.   SP4                
Thomas Freddie E.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Thomas Larry D.   SP4 Rifleman              
Thompson Dennis R.   SP4                
Tidwell David W.   SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 17-Nov-69    
Timanus Boyd Rodmond Tim PFC Rifleman 2nd 1st 12-Feb-69 WIA 25-May-69 25-May-69 Cutler Ridge FL
Tinkle Phillip C.     Rifleman     Jul-70   Jul-71    
Tolbert Charles W.   PFC 11B10 HQ            
Toledo Thomas Ambrose   SP4 Rifleman     23-Jul-70 KIA 6-Mar-71 by 105mm booby trap.   Jemez Pueblo NM
Toth Bertalan James   SFC   2nd Platoon   12-Jan-69 KIA 12-May-69   San Francisco CA
Toth Gary F.   SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 5-Oct-69    
Troup Michael     SGT             Torrance CA
Tyson Columbus C.   SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 7-Jun-69    
Underwood Burton A.   PFC Rifleman, RTO Weapons   Nov-69 WIA 29-Mar-70 29-Mar-70 Scituate RI
Valentin William     PFC Rifleman     69        
Vandenbos Gregory     PFC Rifleman     69        
Vandenbush William     SP4 11B20 1st       DEROS 18-Aug-69    
Vandiver Cecil H.   1LT       Sep-70     Harrodsburg KY
VanSant Joseph Thomas Joe SP4 M-79     Jan-70   Nov-70 Jasper GA
Vasquez Alberto Rios   SP4 11B20 3rd   16-Oct-68 KIA 12-May-69   Orange Grove TX
Veil Robert J.   SP4 11B20 HQ       DEROS 5-Sep-69    
Wade Ronald L.   SGT                
Wagner Edward Joseph   SP4 Rifleman 1st   Oct-70   Oct-71 St. Paul MN
Waits Larry E.   SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 3-Jun-69    
Waldow Charles H.   PFC                
Walter Charles R.   PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 1-Jan-70    
Walters Alvin D.   SP4 Rifleman              
Waltore Alvin D.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Ward William F.   PFC 11C10 Weapons       DEROS 6-Jan-70    
Warlow William W.   SGT                
Warren Kenneth E. John Wayne PFC Rifleman 2nd            
Washington David     PFC 11B10 3rd       DEROS 7-Jan-70    
Watson, Jr. James E.   PFC                
Weaver Larry     1LT Platoon Leader 1st       31-Aug-70    
Webb MacArthur     SP4 11B20 3rd       DEROS 8-Dec-69    
Wehr Donald Gene   SGT       12-May,69 KIA 1-Nov-69   Barnesville OH
Werner Charles H.   PFC                
Whitaker Gary D.   PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 4-Jan-70    
White Glenn H.   1SG         WIA 11-Feb-69      
White Hal L.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
White Johnny B.   PFC 11B10 1st       DEROS 1-Jun-69    
White Ralph Joe   SP4 Rifleman and RTO     Aug-70 WIA 10-Nov-70 Brownsville TX
White Timothy C.   PV2                
White William J.   SSG 11B40 3rd       DEROS 11-Feb-70    
Whitford Donald W.   PFC       Oct-70     Renton WA
Wiechmann Daniel     SP4                
Wilkens Duane W.   PFC       Sep-70     Tripoli IA
Wilkerson Linnell     PFC Mortarman Weapons            
Williams Cleveland     SP4 11B20 2nd       DEROS 5-Jun-69    
Williams James D.   PFC Rifleman              
Williams Louis G. Louie PFC 11B10 3rd     WIA 12-May-69 DEROS 14-Dec-69    
Williams Mark C.   PFC Rifleman     69        
Williams Michael G.   PFC                
Wilson Dale E. Tiny PFC 11B10 2nd   18-Jul-70 WIA 3-Sept-70 18-Jul-71 Reno NV
Wilson Leroy A.   SGT Rifleman     69        
Winchester Ricky     PFC Rifleman       WIA 3-Sep-70, transferred to A Company      
Winebarger Kent     SGT                
Winslow Reginald     PFC       Oct-70     Belvidere NC
Winter Ralph J.   PFC Rifleman              
Wischmann Daniel     SGT Rifleman     69        
Wolfe Ronald L.   PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 5-Jan-70    
Womack Randall L.   PFC 11C10 Weapons       DEROS 5-Jan-70    
Wood James R. L.T. 1LT Platoon Leader (Jan-70 to Sep-70) 3rd   Jan-70   Mar-71 Brunswick ME
Wood Lewis P.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Woods Edward John   SP4       13-Jan-68 KIA 25-Aug-68   New York NY
Woodward John M.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Yawn Robert James Bob SP4 Rifleman 3rd 1st Feb-70 WIA May-70 Jan-71 Jessup GA
Young James M.   PFC 11B10 2nd       DEROS 27-Jan-70    
Young Lynn D.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Young Stephen W.   PV2 Rifleman              
Zaniboni Edward     SP4                
Ziler John S.   SP4 Rifleman     69        
Zorn Howard Jacob LT Zulu 1LT Platoon Leader 2nd   Jan-70 Conducted combat operations many of the platoon size variety; good, bad times many of us can identify with. May-71 Fort Lauderdale FL

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